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Scouting/scouting knowledge

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Hadn't played since FM2015, but decided to get FM2021 recently on sale. Bought the full game but decided to try the Touch version for now, because I've read it cuts out press conferences which I never liked anyway and some other unnecessary extras..

Liking it so far, but only annoyance seems to be no visible scouting knowledge shown for scouts and no overall scouting knowledge. Therefore I'm not sure how I should go about setting scouting assignments, and how effective they will be. I can't even seem able to view my other scouts stats, only the head scout (is there a way?).

Any advice with this? Thanks.

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To clarify, what exactly does scouting assignments do on FM touch? Does it just bring to your attention existing players, or actually find new lesser known players? And how to go about setting scouting assignments when there's no existing scouting knowledge shown.

I notice there's no attribute masking setting for Touch so all players have fully known stats, which is a bit disappointing as I thought they could have made that optional.

I've looked for how scouting works for Touch but haven't found much info, thanks. 

EDIT: Just noticed attibute masking is available for a quid in DLC lol, anything for money eh. Does that work fine?


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To add to the above question. I've been browsing national teams U21 teams looking for bargains, and obviously not many to be had who aren't signed up by big clubs already. But what's most annoying is that the club can show as a lower league side, you then click on the player and it shows "on loan from *big team*". I've looked to add a column showing parent club or transfer status on loan, something to indicate that isn't their parent club, but can't see anything useful. There must be a way to highlight this somehow surely?

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