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[FM21] "The Rise of a Prince of the Slovaks"


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37 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Wow I missed some crazy updates. Did I just see EIGHT goals in a game for Boris? What...?! :eek:

Also very well done on the cup win and qualifying for Europe :thup: magnificent achievements with this tiny club. 

Yes! You did indeed see 8 goals in a game from Boris!

Trnava is his favorite club to score against the prior season he had scored 6 against them in a match!

The finances are the problem more than anything. I had to trim the squads (First Team and U-19's) down to 25 players each this off season to help with the financial aspect. Unless I get a real good European Run this might end up being a Youth Save....(not that is such a bad thing)

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24 minutes ago, Hootieleece said:

Yes! You did indeed see 8 goals in a game from Boris!

Trnava is his favorite club to score against the prior season he had scored 6 against them in a match!

The finances are the problem more than anything. I had to trim the squads (First Team and U-19's) down to 25 players each this off season to help with the financial aspect. Unless I get a real good European Run this might end up being a Youth Save....(not that is such a bad thing)

Hmmm not sure how the finances are in the Conference league, but hopefully will help out your situation.

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FC Kosice


June 2023: "Offseason Musings"

Manager's Thoughts

The Slovakian FA Cup win and the Third Place finish in the Slovak Super League are great achievements for the club and a vindication of my leadership. Even with the success I have had on the pitch the financial picture is far from good, with that in mind I decided to trim the size of the team (Both First Team and U-19's) to 25 Players. Any U-19s that were 18 or older and NOT going to make the jump to first team were either bought out or transferred out. On the first team front I let a few players contracts run out and I sold at a discount several other that were not in my plans. This was all part of implementing the "Athletic Bilbao" approach at the club.



The board was happy with the situation financially, but I was not due to the fact we are still in debt and the finances only got better because of the European Prize Money last season. That isn't really a sustainable Business Plan if you ask me. Even if continued success on the pitch makes it possible.


Our League is now 27th in the World....


I don't get it. We went to Europe won a round and came in third in our league are going back to Europe and we lost ranking?


Since we won the Slovak FA Cup, we are required to play in the Czech-Slovakian Super Cup! This is unfortunate for the players who lose a week of their Vacation due to the fixture.

This is match against the holders of the Czech FA Cup and this year it is a team of similar stature to Slovan Bratislava. We have a chance, but we will have to play our best.


The staff shakeup continues I ended up promoting this guy from scout to Chief Scout.


As much as it would hurt to lose him tactically if someone pays the $400k the team would probably benefit more.....


Bayern made an interesting move....


The Season Starts July 22nd!


And of course we were the biggest overachievers again....but more importantly Boris and Erik were the League leaders!


As preseason starts the board re-emphasize their objectives for the season.

All of which are very do able if we do half as well this season as last!


Fans are attracted to the winning....but not enough the Stadium is about 30% of capacity!


and Boris Gall had the best season of a FC Kosice Player ever!


This TV Deal is why we can't have nice things.....


Not a bad start to the season especially when I will be rotating due to European Football!


Our DLF-S signed a longterm team friendly deal that will pay him if the team has success. This will allow Boris to keep his partner in crime up top of our formation for some time to come!


These were End of Season deals that kept important staff members in their jobs!


a few teams came calling and this was the most appealing team, but I am committed to my vision for FC Kosice and Slovak Football.


and the Vertical Tiki-Taka Master resigns after listening to taunts of Liverpool fans....

Management Report



We are still in debt even after the new and improved Sponsorship money came in....good thing I am cutting payroll costs!

Thanks for Reading!



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36 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Hmmm not sure how the finances are in the Conference league, but hopefully will help out your situation.

Finances in the Conference League are the same as Europa League at least in Game. If you make the Group Stage you make about $3M.

Last Season I made $250k for playing in two rounds of playins plus gate receipts!


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20 minutes ago, Hootieleece said:

Finances in the Conference League are the same as Europa League at least in Game. If you make the Group Stage you make about $3M.

Last Season I made $250k for playing in two rounds of playins plus gate receipts!


3 million is not too shabby at all!

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Once you get to the Europa Group stage money is never an issue as the prize money just adds up, hopefully not too many seasons away from that!

But, the struggle with balancing the books even whilst in a great successful period for the club feels real. Not been fully able to do what you want to do and having to "trim the fat" rather than let them just sit there is probably what many managers have to do with pressure from the board to make money.

And oh Boris we love you!

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2 hours ago, theBlackPrince said:

Once you get to the Europa Group stage money is never an issue as the prize money just adds up, hopefully not too many seasons away from that!

But, the struggle with balancing the books even whilst in a great successful period for the club feels real. Not been fully able to do what you want to do and having to "trim the fat" rather than let them just sit there is probably what many managers have to do with pressure from the board to make money.

And oh Boris we love you!

I know it is realistic...but it is not really fun right now.

I just turned down 100k for an 18 Y. O. that just broke into the First Team....Slovan Bratislava wanted him....I accepted the bid, but then canceled it because I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I try to not sell to teams in division....and I consider SB our Archrivals!

The 100k would have shattered the record transfer fee for the club! I was worried the board would accept also he claimed to be "unsettled" if he didn't talk to them....Boris calmed him down when I canceled the transfer.



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FC Kosice


July 2023: "Opening Act"


Manager's Thoughts

After finishing my roster management exercises I was fairly happy with the team, I knew there were some holes, but if we played half as well as last season we would be safe from relegation. The way the team played over it opening three games means that everybody continues to underestimate us including me! The key of course is our new Captain Boris Gall. He is an old friend of mine from the FC VSS Kosice Academy, but left for exile at Lokomotiva Kosice.  I must admit that I didn't see him as a Goal Scorer at all at first and was sort of keeping him on the team out of sentiment when I first started managing.  The future looks bright again, but we have a busy month in September.


Preseason Schedule





The bookies and the media had a hard time guaging our team, but they both consider us longshots.

But how can we be considered longshots if we have two candidates for top goalscorer in the Slovakian Super League!


The only match of major Interest during the Preseason was the Czech-Slovak Super Cup


Viktoria Plzen was favored, but we would give a good account of ourselves. For Slovakian Honor!



The match was an even affair with lots of fouls on both sides...VP took the lead and Boris Gall tied it soon after....After halftime a VP got sent off with a red Card. That gave us the advantage but we weren't able to take advantage and it went to penalties....which we are not good at and lost.


The Analysts show that it was an even match, but overall we should have lost....


It was not to be, but we will be back someday....to be the first Slovak Winner!



I am keepng an eye on the transfer market....as you can see i have let more players go than brought and have made a small profit for the club.

The biggest move is Phil Foden to PSG....never thought Man City wouls sell Foden...but with Pep gone.

Regular Season Schedule




Before the first match of the regular season was played a drawing was held to see who we would begin the defense of the Slovak FA Cup against. 

We start against an amateur side of Semi-Professionals....


The first match of the season at the Cermel....Michalovce were the guests.....a match we should win.


Michalovce came prepared to play and battled hard tieing it late....but Boris led the line and won the game with a Hat-trick!


The Analysts are happy with our play....


The marketing department is happy to say that we sold 1500+ season tickets.



The media were looking for anything to hype up the match against our Irish opponents....


This was an open game with neither side playing defense....Patrik Kosuda playing MR had a great game with a goal and two assists.


European Nights are massive for the bottom line!


and yes we are playing well....15 matches in a row across all competitions!

With the next match just two days later I rotated the team and let the bench and squad players a chance for game time. Most of the Key players would be available on the Bench.


Zlate Moravce was favored due to being at home....


The Benchwarmers  beat Zlate Moravce with help from the Starters and a red card in the second half after a rousing Speech by yours truly!


As one can see the team played much better after halftime!


Live TV for the next European Night...from Ireland!

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall




Boris and Marek were the best of the players in all 4 competitive matches.

I choose Boris because of 7 goals!

Management Report



The Board now isn't happy about what I got for deadwood....and even after all this roster juggling we are barely in the Black!

Thanks for Reading!


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FC Kosice


August 2023:"On dreams we will depend..."

Manager's Thoughts

The impossible almost happened....we were within 5 minutes of laying the foundation for greatness. We will try to qualify for Europe again, Probably through the Tournament. I am aiming for a top 7 finish to assure us of a chance. Since we are no longer in Europe I will try and play my strongest XI in every league match. The early rounds of the Slovak FA Cup will be where the squad is rotated. The outlook is pretty good. The only real problem is the injury to Krcmarevic the big Serb was a presence that we have missed and we have no one truly like him in the squad. Milan Farkas could go far and is thought to have great potential, but even he doesn't quite match the presence in the midfield.






The month started off with a trip to Ireland...


but before we could leave we lost our depth playmaker....


and our match against Nitra will be on Live TV!


We played in Ireland and did enough to get the win....I stopped at the Jameson's Distillery before leaving.....


Gotta love that sweet Prize Money!


The analysts were unimpressed with our play....and I don't blame them, but a win is a win!

After the trip to Ireland we came home to a match against Ruzomberak, who had started well like us.



Ruzomberak was favored and the rotated squad didn't have enough to look better than lackluster in the game....I blame it on Jet Lag!


Again the analysts were less than impressed with our play.

then the injury bug bit our Key player:Krcmarevic!


it happened in training and will get the best care!

While I was awaiting word from the Hospital, Slovan Bratislava made another attemt to buy Milan Farkas from us.


I rejected it and upped his selling price, but I was intrigued as to why they were so insistent....


He has comparable traits to some players you may have heard of.....


If he turns into Casemiro, Weston Mckennie, or Tonali, I wouldn't mind.....


We then headed to Iceland for our next fixture....


The Icelandic team battled hard to get a draw, but I was confident of the second leg at the Cermel!


The analysts thought we played well, but we did allow two late goals!

After the trip to Iceland we stopped in the Capital to play Slovan Bratislava....


SB wasn't at their best but the Champions were at home.....and I had a bad record against their new coach!

It was billed as the "Game of the Week"


Boris had a Boris game!


The game was an upset and made the sportscasts across Slovakia!


I said they were good, but Boris was just better!


The Analysts were rather happy about the stats created in the match!

The next match in our European Adventure was next Breidelbiak would be visiting Kosice.

We were favored as the hosts and again I played a rotated  team....because the Staters had just played two matches in a row.


and it was a romp.....


as shown by the stats!



another $105k of that sweet Prize money!

and as a reward we would get to play:


Fiorentina our Senior Affiliate!

If we somehow get past Fiorentina the Group Stage awaits....that would be dreamland.

But before we travelled to Italy, the team had business in Nitra first....


Nitra beat us, I think we were looking ahead to Fiorntina and thought Nitra was a formality.....

We lost  0-2!


But losing our Playmaker would hurt. It meant more minutes for the visibly aging Pacinda!

Pacinda had a great season last year, but he has declined physically over the off season and I now generally use him as 2nd half sub to unlock tight defenses.


According to the analysts we didn't play that badly, we just needed a bit of luck!

We then headed to Italy....


We know were in for a tough time, but I back my team in any one game!

If we can get an away goal and keep it close....who knows!


Game Day! I'm managing against Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard!


The came out in 4-2-3-1 Wide and I zonally marked their playmakers....and Boris and Rapavy found openings in their defense....2-0 we were in rapture. At halftime I encouraged the boys and we played well in the second half as well. Fiorentina kicked it into another gear and we held on for dear life and won a famous victory!


Of course the analysts aren't as impressed and say we got lucky!

90 minutes from dreamland!

In between our matches with Fiorentina we had to play Relegation Candidate Dubnica in the Slovakian League.


We were favored and playing well so I played a rotated squad against them even though we were the visitors.


and the team came through with flying colors and gave our starters important rest before the biggest game in our short history!


Even the analysts really couldn't complain!

The 2nd Leg against Fiorentina was at the Cermel..


The biggest crowd ever was expected and the local hotels should be happy because 1,000 Italian tourists were coming....

Unfortunately the match was an Anti-Climax. Stevie G and Fiorentina had learned lessons from the first match and came out with 4-1-2-3 DM Wide or 4-3-3 and wanted to deny us control of the middle of the park. 

The team had several chances at goal and Boris hit the post early and that summed up the night. We battled but really didn't play well but the being said it took a defensive breakdown on Corner Coverage and a Wonder Goal from 25 yards to beat us in the 89th minute! Heartbreaking....5 minutes from Glory and Dreamland!

So we lost 2-3 over two legs.


It was an ugly night for all the excitement....



and we secured some more loot!



almost 6k fans!


almost double our best ever gates receipts!

All I can say is we will be back!

League Table


Player of the Month

Marcelo Ilko


Young Marcelo is the backup DLF-S and has gotten some game time as I rotated the team due to the European Adventures!

2 goals and 2 assists in 4 appearances is pretty good I think.

Analysts Report


Shooting has been better but the defense looks good!


Management Report



The $323k from our European Adventures shows why they are important to the Club!

We did spend $70k crisscrossing Europe!

Thanks for Reading!












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32 minutes ago, SixPointer said:

So unlucky in the Second leg! On the cusp of a giant killing. Can still be very proud of your  boys!

Would have been funny...when I loaned a couple of their players a few days later! They are our Senior Affiliate. 

Boris missed one of the few I have ever seen him miss...all we needed was one goal...:ackter:

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FC Kosice


September 2023: "putting the blocks in place"

Manager's Thoughts

After the loss against Fiorentina it meant concentrating on the League and Cup. This allowed me to play the best XI barring injury against our opponents and helped cover our lack of depth and quality. That isn't saying we don't have a good team, but individually these players are often outmatched by their opponents. I tend to think of the team and its cohesion as most important that is why I spend so much time playing the same formation and on Team Bonding and Community Relations.

It us all defined by the word team.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

That is the basis of my philosophy and I am trying to build a team centric culture.

The run we have been on in September shows that the players have short memories and that is a good thing....and maybe next time....!








The first match after the heartbreak was against Zilina. The Cermel would play host.


The visitors were favored even though we were the home team. I thought we had a good chance against them because home underdogs do well against teams that aren't much better than there are....


It was the perfect match to forget about the heartbreak....We looked the  better team and they looked out of sorts.  Early goals by Rapavy and Jonec and the game settled into could we breakdown their bus again....it wasn't to be, but a 2-0 win is always good.


The analysts were much more sanguine about the match than I was....


I decided due to injuries that I would get a Midfielder from Fiorentina's U-21's to help with team depth.


eventhough he was injured he would soon be of use...


A week later we took on Dun Streda


1rst vs. 3rd isn't the match of the week?


a hard fought match that saw both team go down to ten men! As each was more intent on fouling each other than scoring!


not much to analyze except fouls!

The First Round of the Slovak FA Cup saw us travel to minnows Sabinov

I decided to use my 3-4-3 formation and my Benchwarmers.


We were big favorites and it would be proved....


The young Strikers went on a rampage especially Adam Varga making his debut with 2 goals and 2 assists!


The analysts were excited, but they need to remember that the opponent is probably worse than our U-19's!

On Deadline day I was busy selling on of the last non-Slovaks out of the club.



The young player has the potential to be very good, but I sold for a pittance any way since he was still on a youth contract.


As you can see Slovan Bratislava is intent on defending their crown and some of our rivals got large transfer fees for their players.....maybe one day that will happen to us!

The match that came after the Transfer window ended was against our "Bogey Team" AS Trencin!


In fact we have yet to beat them in 5 tries....our trip to Trencin was fraught with peril.....


and another CM goes down....at least it happened during the match....


We won the match because of Boris being Boris....another day another hat-trick!


again according to the analysts we were lucky to win....maybe the Football gods were giving us a make up call!

After the Trencin match we found out who we would play in the Second Round of the Slovak FA Cup...


another nemesis Liptovsky Mikulas!

Their 2 Liga side, but always have played us tough...including the last three meetings.

The final match of the month was a visit to Kosice by Trnava.


They were 10th in the table and played 5-2-2-1 formation. They were preseason Continental competition qualification challengers and us the relegation candidates. How the tables had turned!

We hoped to pile onto their misery.


Boris scored early and our defense smothered them and Martin Gambos finished the scoring late, but it could have been more!


a analytics report to warm an analysts heart!

League Table


Player of the Month

Adam Varga


This player is progressing and might  become a worthy successor to Boris Gall, but he is a very different player a Target Man!

Analyst Report


Defense is coming together and we keep scoring! It is not a fluke.

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!








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FC Kosice


October 2023: "Mind on the Money and Money on the Mind...."

Manager's Thoughts

The team is playing well. My friend Boris just loves scoring and is doing his best to make up for the miss against Fiorentina. I think I have done the right thing by the organization by bringing up the U-19 players to replace the squad players for lower wages. Several are showing real promise. Even if the Big Boys aren't scouting us yet. This season looks like we have a chance at the title, but the road is long and I am sure their will be bumps ahead.





The month of October started off with a trip to Sered. A lower table team that should be beatable, but only if we play our best.


The hosts were favored and played 4-3-3 which has given us problems in the past.


We started off slowly allowing an early goal and Boris replied. Then halftime came and each team upped its fouling and forgot about scoring.


The media are recognizing our good form....I hope the team doesn't start paying attention and I can keep it "One game at a time"!


After the match I was asked about possession: " Of course I want possession. It is hard to score without the ball!"


The Analysts like to tell me how lucky we are.....

During the International Break week the team worked on Set Pieces and using our 3-2-4-1 Formation for use in our upcoming Slovak FA Cup match.

but the injury bug continues to hit our midfield....


Three of the Four injured players are capable of playing DM in the 3-1-4-2!


The young Target Man continues to grow as a player....

The International Break came to an end and Zlate Moravce came to town....


The were a team we should beat but we must be at our best.


The First half was even, but we finally broke their defense when Martin Gambos scored. That forced them to play more open that gave Boris Gall space behind there defense and two direct balls to him led to goals on the Counter!



Boris is "Chasing Paper"!


This is a rare time that the analysts are happy with our play....


Mostly because xG says we should have won.

Shortly after the Moravce win, We headed to Tatran to play Liptovsky Mikulas in the Second Round of the Slovak FA Cup.


With another League match in just three days, I gave most of the starters the day off. Also to break things up tactically I decided to go with the 3-2-4-1.


Boris scored early and the team settled down and produced a polished performance.


The Analysts aren't happy again....

and as a reward we got rivals Dun Streda in the next round!


This means the cup defense really begins!

The final match of the month was against Michalovce.


They were currently at the bottom of the table and I hoped to pile on their misery....


I started the game with Boris on the bench, but sent him in off the bench in the 2nd half and he just took over the game! Scoring two goals to ensure victory!


The streak is definitely noticeable now.....


The match made the Sportscasts in Slovakia...and we have a 20 game AWAY unbeaten streak....and that sets up a showdown with League Leaders Ruzomberak!


The xG said we edged it, but it was just Boris!


and we got their manager fired!


I sent one of my coaches to the press conference and he complimented Boris.


This is the guy he was compared to....has half the goals for 4x the salary!

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall



nothing left to say.

Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading


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Unlucky vs Fiorentina, you guys really gave them quite a scare! That away win will go down in folklore. Also honestly a very tough draw for qualifying for the Conference league.

I quite like the look of Varga too, he could even work alongside Boris I would think.

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4 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Unlucky vs Fiorentina, you guys really gave them quite a scare! That away win will go down in folklore. Also honestly a very tough draw for qualifying for the Conference league.

I quite like the look of Varga too, he could even work alongside Boris I would think.

Looking at who made the Group stage of the Conference League, they are among the favorites: Everton, Fiorentina, and San Sebastian.


Varga is going to be used as a change of pace attacker, Mostly as a Target Man who "camps out" in the penalty box to help breakdown buses. 


I still want to play beautiful attacking football, but sometimes you need a Giroud like player when the opposition pulls a Burnley.


He is among 3 players who are playing in Slovakian U-18's and U-19's.

Edited by Hootieleece
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FC Kosice


November 2023: "That Cold November Rain"

Manager's Thoughts

I must admit I was beginning to think we were unbeatable when the month began....then reality set in we played the 3 biggest and best teams in Slovakia within Seven days and all of our flaws were exposed. My friend Boris's goal scoring has hidden them for a long time. We are often a one man team on the offensive end that is a problem. It is because Daniel Rapavy goes MIA at times. It also doesn't help that our midfield was makeshift during that stretch of matches. That means I am not doing my job as GM as well as I think I am.....because we lack depth. When we got back to action after the International Break we played against a team lower down the table with our Strongest XI and bossed them.  The problem is our Strongest XI can play with anyone, but we don't have really capable backups. Most of our backups would be still playing in U-19's and Reserves of Bigger Clubs. THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE BAD! It just means we are doing the best with what we have within our limitations. The central problem that would help alleviate these problems is money. As they say money makes the world go round. 


The month of November would be a true test of our Cup and  Title Aspirations. Within the first week the world would know if we were contenders or pretenders, because we play all 3 of our main rivals, who happen to be the best teams in Slovakia, during the first week, After this "Big Week", we will have a chance to take stock of where we are as a club before the midseason break.


The first match was against League Leaders Ruzomberak!


Going in I wanted revenge...


We didn't play well, but it was closer than score line suggests....

We just couldn't deal with THIS guy's Aerial Ability!




Our undefeated streak came to an end....


The Anaysts did their best to cheer me up, but I was disconsolate about the Dead Ball goals we gave up!

After the loss in Ruzomberak, we headed to DunJska Streda for our Slovak FA Cup Clash.....this would be a tough match.


And it was. Boris scored twice, but it wasn't enough to overcome Dun Streda.


He did everything he could and was named man of the match in a losing cause!


The analysis shows how outclassed we were even with Boris's efforts!


The final game before the break was against Slovan Bratislava....


SB was coming to town....We hoped to be rude hosts at the Cermel.


SB was favored because they were SB. I will always back my boys against anyone especially at home!


We were terrible and it didn't get any better when Simko was sent off...that summed up the day!


Simko  has had a hard time playing well and I am getting fed up with his fouls that put the team in jeopardy!


But I do want him to do better in the future!


The analysis shows how outclassed we were....

At least we went on International Break to give us a chance to break the bad run of form....in fact I held a team meeting!


After the break I went into the match with optimism because I was fielding my Strongest XI for the first time in 3 months!


In a twist, Nitra had no answer for Daniel Rapavy!


and yes, the  analysts were happy with the stats and the results!

and as the month came to an end I got a job offer....


It would be enticing if I wasn't Russophobe....and plus I have begun to build something in Kosice. I hear there are rumblings of a "Special One" is taking over Baltika in the Future. (That is a team I am eyeing for next summer's Career Update)

League Table


Player of the Month

Juraj Kuc


Juraj is probably our best defender and he is young, but I am not sure I will keep him long term. He has a $400k clause and he wants teams to activate it, but so far no interest.

Analysts Report


We are still playing well according to the analysts even if we needed to be more clinical in our finishing in the past month!

Management Report



As always the money is the problem...especially when I have to renew contracts....

Thanks for Reading!





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FC Kosice


December 2023:"A long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last..."

Manager's Thoughts

The victory versus Nitra lifted spirits and I wanted to go into Midseason Break in a good place. The team didn't disappoint going undefeated in the two matches. Now is the time for me as GM to start planning for next season since we are now in position to NOT be relegated. 






The last few matches before the Midseason break started with a visit from Relegation Candidate Dubnica...


I played a strong team only leaving out Boris because he was recovering from a minor injury, but Dubnica came to play.


Young Jozef Mihalik playing in place of Boris scored in the second half and the team tried hard to get another, but were denied time and again by the Dubnica GK. I decided to press for another late in the game instead of killing the game.....and we were caught out and they scored to tie the match.


The press were trying to goad me into providing bulletin material for the rest of the league....I refused and stuck to the cliche....


According to the Analysts we should have won, but we didn't because of my tactical mistake.


I ended up re-signing our GK...spent a little more than I wanted, but I wasn't sure I wanted to depend on a 17 year old between the sticks no matter how talented.


another rival fired their manager because they aren't doing as well as FC Kosice!

The final match before mid season break was a trip to Zilina....

They are the closest competitors behind us in 5th place, but a win would all but assure us or 4rth place going into the Championship Phase....


They were favored due to being at home and the fact that they had just beat Dunjska Streda the week before.


The Zilina boys played hard, but they couldn't deal with the clinical finishing of Boris and Daniel Rapavy!


We just directly got another manager fired...


The Table has us safely in fourth and within 3 points of the lead a title is still possible, but we will have to play much better against the other contenders.


The analysts suggested we should have one this one giving me a nice early Christmas present!


The Team was on break till just before New Year's

That meant I went into the office to perform my GM duties.....



I gave Martin anther contract  because he is a good depth option in the center midfield and none of the U-19 options are anywhere near ready.

Youth Intake Preview


A few players that might develop....definitely interested in a Left Midfielder...and this was after two players had been poached.


and the board said that I am not working within budget....BS!


If either of the defenders with release clauses left it might fix the budget deficit....is that a bad thing?

The team came back to training on the 29th and a player got injured in the first session!'



He is now going to miss most of 2nd Preseason! I'm sure he really isn't complaining about a few more weeks of rest!

We played a friendly before some team bonding on New Year's Eve!


It wasn't the best game but I was mostly glad to see the team didn't forget to play....

After the match Boris and I headed to the Slovak Soccer Awards!


I was named Manager of the Year!


The Boss was happy....

and then for the big snub....


Boris came in 2nd after scoring 38 goals in all competitions!

The voter's were just showing their Slovan Bratislava Bias!

League Table


Player of the Month

Daniel Rapavy


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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FC Kosice


January 2024: 2nd Preseason

Manager's Thoughts

The 2nd Preseason is the time to get the team ready for the stretch run. Since we didn't have any money for additions to the team. I decided on the next best thing friendlies against good foreign talent to prepare us for the battles to come. It would also give us a chance to scout possible opponents during possible European adventures next season.

Since that is now the goal since the team can't really operate without the European Prize Money. 






The month of January started a run of Friendlies against good foreign competition....The first to visit the Cermel Football Klub Sarajevo



We played our starting XI and came out second best....we had an inability to defend Set-Pieces.....


and we lost a key player for the rest of the 2nd Preseason!

according to our analysts we played well and it was our terrible defending on Set-Pieces that let us down.....



after that disaster we then played Lokomotiva Zagreb from Croatia....


That match was a better performance and was a victory as shown by the Analytics....


It also helped when they went down to ten men!

I was also working the phones and negotiating with agents to get players lined up for next season....


This young midfielder will have a chance to make the team next season.....

We then took a trip to Budapest and played MTK.....


They were just better.....and Adam Varga scored showing his promise!


again the analytics said we were the better but it didn't pan out.

We returned home to a visit from another team from Budapest: Ujpest!



We lined up the same old way and won the same old way....the Hungarians were toothless...and it was our subs who provided the goals!



The analysts were thrilled with the results!

As I am also interested in how our youngsters are training....this report came across my desk.



and just before the end of the month Erik Pacinda came to me and said he was hanging up his boots at the end of the season.


League Table


Player of the Preseason

Michal Jonec


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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FC Kosice


February 2024"Who can go the distance, We'll find out in the Long Run....."

Manager's Thoughts

I thought that the 2nd Preseason went well and that the team was ready. Unfortunately they came out flat against perennial title Contenders Dunjaska Streda. The next match was the complete opposite. The team seems to have a "Jekyll and Hyde" performances and I never know which is going to show up. A lot of this is because our Captain Boris Gall is out injured and I miss the steadying influence of his goal scoring. He is the two time Slovakian Golden Boot winner!

His play covers up for the weaknesses of others and hopefully he will be ready for the Championship fight to come!







The month of February saw the Second Preseason continue with friendlies against St. Poltken from Austria and our crosstown rivals Lokomotiva Kosice.

I must admit that the Austrians gave us a scare and it was only Super Sub Boris Gall who rescued a draw for us.....



The team didn't play well and the analysts let me know it.

In a blow to the development of a young prospect....


He will be out until next season and his development is on hold.....

and in a staff reorganization as a reward for getting a Continental Pro License Peter Singlar was given the title of Assistant Coach



and then during practice a few  days later.....


We will miss Boris for the final 4 matches of the regular season!

After that fantastic news We got ready to head over to the village of  Družstevná pri Hornáde  to play the Loky.

Our Rivals are now in the 5th tier of Slovakian Soccer....that is why we must carry the Torch for the city of Kosice.....


The Starters played the first half and the Reserves played the second half ....


It was a walk....We only play these matches to make sure everyone in Kosice knows who represents our city in the Slovak Super League!


Just look at the analytics...It was a final dress rehearsal for the start of the second half of the Season.

As GM, I signed another young talent for next season....


He will initially be with U-19's, but if he develops I could see him on the bench during the second half of next season.

Now it was time to get reacquainted with Competition and we started out with a tough trip to Dunjska Streda.


The hosts even though they are injury ravaged are still the favorites, because we don't have Boris!

If we some how won this match it would be a real marker of our intentions for the league title!


Unfortunately the match was a loss....we played ok in the first half, but Dun Streda was always on the front foot...they eventually scored twice in the 2nd half after making adjustments. Without Boris we were toothless going forward.


The analytics show how outclassed we were.....

Our Goalie was superhuman making 9 saves, but it wasn't enough.....

In a moment of weakness, I admitted I was worried about the impact of this result on the team.....


We had a match against AS Trencin next and it would be nice to win one against them as a bounce back. At least we would be in front of the fans at the Cermel!


We are home underdogs, but I backed us to win this one!

One reason is I ALWAYS expect Home Underdogs to do well if everything is about equal....


A big Victory AS Trencin didn't know what hit them....they looked stunned thought out the match....



Rapavy led the line in Boris's place and had a really good game!


The analysts as always are trying to "Curb my Enthusiasm" after a big win!

After the big win the end of the Slovakian Transfer Window happened.


As one can see Slovan Bratislava is trying to use its financial muscle to win yet another title!


And Juraj Kuc a young defender is no longer looking to leave.....

League Table


Player of the Month

Daniel Rapavy


He is usually Boris's deputy, but has stepped into his shoes well, especially against AS Trencin.

Analysts Report


Management Report



The finances are slowly deteriorating the only way to resolve it is to get to the Group Stage of a European Tournament!

Thanks for Reading!



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43 minutes ago, Sheriff7 said:

Huge league battle!

It is the battle begins in earnest on March after the League Split into Championship and Relegation Divisions, but we will probably end up about where we are now.....unless we get very lucky. Boris carried us this far and our fortunes are tied to him and now he is beginning to be hurt for more games than he plays.

Slovan Bratislava has the Financial backing to have a quality of player we just don't have and Dunjaska Streda is ALMOST in the same league. That being said I will back us against anyone on our day!


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2 hours ago, MattyLewis11 said:

Going to be an scintillating read, given the fact that potentially it should come down to the head to head battles in when the league splits! exciting times! 

I hope so...but I am not sure my writing skills are good enough.

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FC Kosice


March 2024: Regular Season "They drive me crazy..."

Manager's Thoughts

The regular season has come to an end and the team is in position to acquire a European Place. As much as I would love to make a title run I don't think the team has the players necessarry. So our goal is secure European Football while being competitive in the Championship Division. The biggest problem is that I never know which FC Kosice team is going to show up for a match. Even though it has a lot to do with the presence of my old pal Boris Gall.




The month of March would see us play 4 matches and have an International Break. Two of the matches finished the Regular Season and the other Two started the Championship Division. 

The month would start off with a home match versus Sered who were far down the table.


I felt pretty good about this match and was hoping it would be essentially another Friendly.

I would play a strong starting XI with only Boris Gall missing.


The match didn't begin as planned and we let in a goal. The team collected themselves and proceeded to dominate possession and start create Set piece chances. Juraj Kuc scored on one late. Then with time running out a defensive mistake led to Adam Varga scoring a beauty of a goal.

The second half was more of the same, but we couldn't add to our total.


Adam Varga was the Star man with the winning goal and playing a role of Targetman that worked better with his strengths.


The analysts are as pessimistic as ever.....

The team then got ready to play Trnava in the final match of the Regular Season!

I played my strongest XI, but it wasn't enough.....


We just couldn't break down their Bus and I didn't bring Adam Varga in as a "Battering Ram". My fault.

I was a little ill-tempered after the match and sent the Assman to the presser.


He was more upbeat than I was....


The analysts said look we stunk!

The team had now finished the Regular Season!




We will start the Championship Division in 4rth place....only four points from the top!  (I forgot to screenshot the Table)

Now that the league has split we are safe from relegation and am battling for the Title and European places. In many ways we are in the best position already. I don't think we have a real chance at the top two spots but we can consolidate 4rth place and be the Top seed in the European place Playoff that would put us two more wins from Europeean Adventures next season.

The reason I say this is that 3rd place's getting a European place is dependent on the winner of the Slovak FA Cup. Only if the winner is in the top two does 3rd place qualify. This season we would need Ruzomberak to win it and end up in the top two for that to be the case. (The other teams are in the relegation division)

A week later we would get our chance at revenge....


Trnava was considered a favorite, but we were home underdogs....

I changed the plan and used Adam Varga this time because Boris had food poisoning.....

and it led to a Draw 1-1 Draw.


Boris was ready to rejoin practice....

and we lost a depth player for the rest of the season.....


The next match saw us return to Dunjaska Streda once more hoping for a better result. The hosts were favored and I hoped for a better result than our last visit.


Boris pulled a Boris and salvaged the draw for us and the team then went into the International Break!


I was happy to salvage the draw, because as the analytics show we were second best!

Youth Intake


The International Break gave us a chance to have our Youth Trials.

These are the players I negotiated contracts with based on the reports....


another DC to add to the pipeline.....


A decent player that may eventually become our ML!


A decent "little" player will train and look to sell in the future.

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall


having Boris and not having Boris is often the difference that determines a loss....

Management Report




Thanks for Reading!




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1 hour ago, karanhsingh said:

Just caught up. Pretty tight at the top although Slovan do seem to be pulling away a little bit now. Best of luck for the run in. 

It is tight, but Slovan's quality because of their stranglehold ala PSG on Slovakian Football are pulling away....:(

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FC Kosice


April 2024:"knocking on heaven's door"

Manager's Thoughts

The team played well this month except for the "Debacle in Bratislava" or "Bratislava Massacre" which was predictable with the injuries to our team. We need to forget any pretensions about the title and make sure we are ready to claim a European place through the playoff,






The first match of April was against FC Nitra, who were be low us in the table.....


They came to visit us at the Cermel Stadium and we were favored....


It was a decent victory with Milan Farkas scoring his first goal.....and Boris Gall rounding back into form.

Even according to the Analysts we were supposed to win!


Kovacik was a player that was never going to break thru to the first team so we sold him for future considerations....


Ruzomberok was the next opponent and they were a team much like us. They were overachieving, but they were a team we could beat..pDZo0j.jpg

They were visiting the Cermel Stadium and in the Hype for the game the media decided to talk about how well FC Kosice were doing.


There was a chance of it happening, but we would need to win the rest of our matches which was unlikely.


We got a start towards the rcord with a dominant victory over Ruzomberok.


Daniel Rapavy was the hero of the day!


as always the analysts weren't exactly thrilled with our performance....

Then as the big match against Slovan Bratislava approached everything seemed to go haywire.....



We lost these two key players in the days before....


We were set to travel to the capital and were big underdogs...the injuries would leave undermanned...


but before the match the Hype machine went into overdrive....


Kosuda, who people think is playing the wrong role seems to be thriving.....


and I was asked if Dun Streda had a chance to win this year.....I said of course...but the press mangled my words!


and we lose our GK just before the game!


The match was not worth watching...we were over matched in almost every department....

It was such a bad game that I skipped my media obligations after the match....


The Analysts show that we were less than impressive as well...


After the Disaster in the Capital the press wanted to talk about the Title Race....



somehow we still have a chance at a record this season even though our chances of winning the title are out the window.

Thomas Rigo who joined us before the season has bedded in well and has made the DM job his own....



The last match of the month came next, it was against Trnava...


We made the trip and spoiled the hosts party.


Boris found his scoring grove again....


and as always the analysts weren't happy at how we won!


Pacinda, who is now retiring dropped a concern....because Adam Varga is even better!


We had another youth poached I'd hate to see what will happen when we upgrade our youth system!

League Table



several FC Kosice players are in the hunt to be league leaders in several categories!

Player of the Month

Boris Gall


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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FC Kosice


May 2024:"Take it on the Run"

Manager's Thoughts

The end of the season has brought another successful season under my leadership to a close. We showed the world that we are much better than they think and now to really challenge Slovan Bratislava the team must take the next step. We have flirted with it in the past, but Group Stage European Money is the goal. It is that allows Slovan's Dominance more than anything else. We need to expand our youth and training facilities in the coming years as well as make a name for ourselves so that are rivals don't poach our youth players while they are in the Academy.

Another concern I have is how dependent on Boris Gall we are....but at least we have a few prospects like Adam Varga who might allow us to spread the scoring burden around.

Now back to planning Next Season!






The month of May had 4 matches including two against the title contenders Dunjaska Streda and Slovan Bratislava.

Dunjaska Streda came to town and was expected to beat us....


but as always I will back us against anyone especially at home in the Cermel Stadium!


The opposing Manager gave us some plaudits ....


The Starting CM-S will miss the match....

Before this weekend's matches the Slovak FA Cup was decided.



This is the best possible outcome for us I think. Most likely we will get European Football!

After the news about the Slovak FA Cup the team took the field against Dun Streda....


It was a great match both sides wouldn't give an inch in the First Half. After half-time both sides made adjustments but mine worked better as we scored 4 times for an unlikely victory. Cermel Magic!


Daniel Rapavy  playing DLF-S  and he was the "playmaker" today!


We score Four goals and the Analysts complain that we were lucky!

After the demolition of the League Leaders we headed to Nitra for a match....


They were slumping and we were in good form, but there is a reason you play the game.....



The media spent their time trying to hype us up....and I think the players assumed that the game was as good as won.....


We started slowly and Nitra had a couple of chances that gave them confidence....then they took the game to us in flurry. The match settled down after about a half hour, we controlled possession of the ball, but never really threatened their goal. The match was lost late with a defensive mistake....


I definitely don't understand the Analytics we lose and the Analysts say we played well. Last Week we score four and win and they say we played terrible!

The penultimate match of the season saw us visited by the League Leaders Slovan Bratislava....


Just like the Dun Streda match no one gave us a chance....but we were playing at home and just maybe we would pull off a miracle...


More media Hype like we needed more stress....


We didn't lose, I guess that is a positive....and we delayed Slovan's Coronation by at least a week!


Analytics said the match was played equally bad by each side and that the match outcome was correct.


The final match of the season would see us travel to Ruzomberok....a team that was our equal and enjoying a good season if slumping in this final month.



The press were desperate for a storyline continued their campaign of talking about team records. They didn't say anything that I setout a team of Benchwarmer's and a retiring Erik Pacinda in an effort to lose the match, because I thought that would give us the best chance of playing in Europe!


and of course those "Bench warmers" won the game because Ruzomberok was already on vacation!


And this allowed us to give Pacinda a good send off....


and yes the Analysts thought we played badly....but again we won!

In other news the League title came down to the Final match!


With Slovan Bratislava winning yet again.....



and it looks like we get European Football !


and most of the prize money went to well earned bonuses!

League Table


Analysts Report


As one can see we played very well. Good Defense and good offense, even though Boris Gall contributes to it not the system!

Player of the Year


The team had many players play well over the season, but the team was led again by Captain Boris Gall!



Boris is forced to give up his crown.....


Rookie of the Year

Adam Varga


Board Meeting



The team's board has given us enough payroll to pay the bills, but I will probably have to make some cuts for wriggle room!

It also again makes the goal European Group Stage Football....We do it all for the Money!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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FC Kosice


Awards Night 2024

See the source image


The team had another impressive season please follow along with our slideshow:



The most important player to join the team was Tomas Rigo. It took a while, but he beat out Martin Simko for the DM-BWM-D in the team.


We had let a lot of players go....none of them really made an impact on their new teams....


We sent a few players on Loan and Viktor Sulak was the best of the bunch.


As everyone knows we had a good season coming in 8 spots ahead of our preseason spot of 11th!


We made a decent run in the Europa Conference League Preliminaries and gave our Senior Affiliate a scare....but it was ALMOST Heaven for us.


We lost the Czech-Slovak Super Cup.....but then we Slovaks never win it!


We fulfilled our expectations but it would have been nice to go farther in our defense of the  Slovak FA Cup!



Finances are growing and we did better in every area except TV Money!



No Competition Awards for the players this year! Boris Gall is the greatest  FC Kosice player ever!


Adam Varga has already joined the Hall of Fame....

Thanks for Reading!

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FC Kosice


June 2024:Offseason/Preseason 

Manager's Thoughts

I thought the end of an era was here....I thought that the last Foreign born player had left the club.....imagine my surprise that this lost orphan was hanging around.....


What he is doing here I have no idea, but be assured that I am wedded to the Athletic Bilbao Model and will even try to go youth only if I need to due to the lack of funds.

The reason I say an era is over is because I let the Big Serb, Krcmarevic ,go he probably could have played one or two more seasons. Also leaving the Club is former Captain Erik Pacinda who is retiring in a few days. I will try and hire him as coach or scout if he is inclined.

The future is actually bright even if we don't make my ambitious target of Group Stage European Football. I think the team is good enough to remain in the Slovak Super League for several years to come.

Plus I used some of the 2 weeks we had off to enjoy some nightlife in Kosice.....

See the source image






The first email to come into my inbox while I was enjoying my time away from the club was from the finance department....


We had made strides in Sponsorship that should continue as long as we continue to play well....


The scouting budget was approved with no changes I would like to get to a point where we can search ALL of Slovakia.


The Slovakian Super League didn't get any better....


but the club's European ranking increased were now in the top 400!

The team was informed on who we would play in the Europa Conference League Playoffs!



I finished my coaching badges and am now as qualified as anyone to lead the team to glory!



The new season will see TWO new teams in the Slovak Super League!

This is the first time it has happened that the 2 Liga Runner Up defeated the Super League Relegation Candidate in the Playoff.


We have broken into the top 8 most followed teams in Slovakia.....


The team was named biggest Overachiever for 3rd season in a row!

Offseason Board Meeting


The board wanted to spend more money on recruitment analysts....I countered with more money for coaches. Neither happened.


The expanded the staff numbers, but the only person I will hire is another Physio.



All of these are do able with current squad....


The board was excited to announce we had better attendance....we are at barely 30% capacity of the Stadium!

Transfer Activity


It seem our young star is getting noticed by other teams....he has a $400k release clause I want every penny!


This youngster was let go because I thought he didn't have a chance....plus I brought in another LeftBack/Midfield project.



As you can see more out than in.....


This player I hope will eventually replace Marek Vaclav on the Left.


This player is for the starting lineup....replacing Milan Farkas, who moves over to take Krcmarevic's spot.

Highlights Pt. 2


I thought about letting the HOYD go at the end of his contract, but couldn't find anyone better that would work as cheaply.


I hired a Physio, I wanted before and couldn't get......


Our Backup GK, who is a Slovakian U-19, Is part of the team for a little longer.....

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!






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FC Kosice


July 2024:Preseason/Regular Season "Drinking from the Fountain of Youth"

Manager's Thoughts

The team is coming along well I think that going with youth will be rewarded in the long run. I hope for a deep run in the Europa Conference League, but it is probably a "pipe dream". All we can do is play FC Kosice Soccer. A patient Possesion game that includes good defense from a "Mobile Bus" and a Deep Strike threat from Boris Gall if needed...even though he is getting more attention lately.

I want to eventually de-throne Slovan Bratislava as the Kings of Slovak Football but it will be a long hard road.

I do it because I love football and the lovely ladies of Kosice!

See the source image




Season Preview


We had been in 9th place, but the sale of Juraj Kuc dropped us a place.....not that I'm worried.


At least Boris Gall is finally getting some respect and is included on the  potential Golden Boot list!



We are a big young team and I am the Dean of Managers in the League as well. What we give up in experience we make up with youthful vigor.



I was asked if I wanted my U-19's coach to take a manager's job.....I want him to stay of course!


As always I agree to keep the bonuses at a Normal Level.....


A Polish team came for Juraj Kuc and offered $200k at first, but when I insisted on the Release Clause Money they accepted. He is probably our Best Defender but I have some younger but decent replacements available.


We played a Friendly in Vienna in preparation for our trips during European Football. It was a boring affair.....


but according to the Analysts we were the better team.....


Erik Pacinda retired....he was our only International experienced player.....I hope to hire him as a U-19's coach....in the future.


The Transfer of Kuc is complete, the coffers are now full and this is hopefully the first of many player sales that will allow the team to eventually compete with Slovan Bratislava!


The fanbase were upset with the sale of the popular player, but I said it was all part of "The Process"!

We then played our Biannual Friendly with Lokomotiva Kosice to end the Preseason!


It was a romp our rivals are definitely not up to our standard....and it was a perfect end to the preseason.



Even the Analysts were happy for once.....

The team then found out who we would play in the Slovak FA Cup First Round:


This is a minnow we should have no trouble against.....

Regular Season

The Board wanted remind me of our objectives this season


I think all of them are reachable with the team as constituted. About the only player I could possibly want to add is a Set-Piece Specialist.

The regular season was to begin at the Cermel Stadium with a visit from Zilina.


The media and bookies favored the visitors....don't they know never bet against home underdogs!


Milan Farkas won the Game with a Wonder goal just before halftime. Zilina was more interested in physically abusing us than scoring....


The Analysts said we played better than the other team and deserved our win.


The Marketing Department was happy to say we didn't lose any season ticket holders!


We lost our Starting DM and that is a big blow....


Our depth is being tested just before the European Night!

The team then had to travel to Mariupol in Ukraine....


Nobody gave us a chance.....except me!


It took a while but we wore down the Mariupol defense....


and it was another good day on the pitch according to the analysts. I agree because we won!

After the trip to the other end of Ukraine, the team headed to Zlate Moravce for our next Slovak Super League Fixture!


We were in good form, but I had to rotate the squad due to tiredness.


We had 3 goals disallowed....the last was the most egregious and the media agree with me!


I am sure I didn't win any friends with that remark about the officiating, but I told the truth!


Even the analysts believe we were robbed and for once I agree.

League Table


Player of the Month

Robert Valach


This youngster and Academy Grad is steeping into Jaraj Kuc's shoes and so far so good!

Management Report



Thanks for Reading!







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5 hours ago, Carambau said:

Nice money there from the Kuc transfer! And his successor Valac seems to benefit from the match practice a lot. Great win at Mariupol as well, that should clinch your progression already :) 

The money will help especially since I am in no hurry to spend. We keep coming close to the next hurdle of Cash Flow, Getting to the Group Stage of European Competition, but not yet. We are slowly building up, but one of these days we'll do it. Then we can really take on Slovan Bratislava!  

We dominate our Hometown, next we need to dominate Slovakia, Then We can think about World Domination! LOL:idiot:


Vallach was a present surprise in my first Youth Intake. He and several other Youth Graduates will get significant game time this season.

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FC Kosice


August 2024: "Still not ready for Primetime"

Manager's Thoughts

Yes, we had another hectic month that again proved that the team just doesn't have the depth of talent to navigate the preliminaries of a European Tournament AND play our regular league Schedule. This crazy schedule had us play TEN Matches in 32 days! It is almost like the powers that be in Slovakia and elsewhere just don't want us to crash their party....Don't they understand that we would bring them drama and a narrative that would drive TV ratings! Also I plan on being a little more adventurous tactically this season and use all three of my formations to keep teams on their toes.

Yes, we will mostly play the 3-1-4-2 Wide that has become our trademark, but I am also much more interested in a boxy 3-4-3 using Adam Varga as a TM-A to breakdown opponents who are "Parking the Bus " against us with a lot more regularity.




The first day of the month saw us play the second leg vs. FC Mariupol


It was another Foul Fest, but Boris Gall scored late to ensure our victory!

As a reward we are now going to play some of our Czech Cousins....


Next Round....Next Thursday!



As always the analysts were less than impressed....but I had rotated the team. Boris Gall came off the bench to ensure our victory!

That Sunday we had to play Trnava at the Cermel Stadium as well....


The Bookies and media weren't sold on us just yet.....so we would have to show them!


I played my strongest XI to keep the winning streak against them going. They played well and it took "Matus Time" for Kosuda to score the game tying goal!


Ujpest just bought a player I was tracking....even though he is out of our Price Range!


and this guy came out of my scouts mouth's during a meeting.....


Maybe if his father wanted to buy the team....Maybe!

After the Draw against Trnava we headed into our matchup with Mlada Boleslav!


We got the win, but not the margin I would like, but at least they didn't get an away goal!



The analysts are perplexed as to why we didn't score more!

Trencin came sniffing around so I gave this player a contract. He will see some time off the bench this season, but I have a policy if a Rival wants the player, Pay him to keep him out of their hands!


Next we played newly promoted Dubnica, who was playing well with a defensive style...


We were favored, but would need to do a professional job


I played Adam Varga as a Battering Ram..... and Dubnica didn't know how to respond!




The match started close but then eventually after we got the first goal resistance crumbled.....

We then headed to the Czech Republic.....


We were about to go to penalties when Adam Varga got the All important Away Goal! Which became even more important when they scored again minutes later!



The money is always nice....if we could somehow make Group Stage!



I'm not sure we can pull off another upset! So that we could live the dream!

Just one day after our trip to the Czech Republic we made a stop in Bratislava on our way back to Kosice!



I had rotated the squad so the the Strongest XI would face Slovan Bratislava and it paid off. We escaped with a draw!


We didn't play well until near the end when Boris scored in injury time!


We then headed to Denmark for another European Night!



It was an ugly match and we don't have much of a chance....to reach the "Promised Land".

Two days after the chastening in Denmark we played Ruzomberok!



We played well with young Marcel Ilko providing the scoring edge.....


The analysts were happy with the "Benchwarmers" performance....


The media is noticing our League form.....


Yes, we were up against it. I took a gamble. I played my strongest XI in my 3-2-4-1 Formation!


It didn't work the team just doesn't have the quality of the Danes!




The board are happy with the checks they cashed!


I really want to make it to the Group Stage so we can really start changing the fortunes of this team and by extension Slovakian Soccer!


The analysis show we were competitive but toothless in face of their quality!

The last match we will talk about  didn't actually happen in August, but since it was on the first and just before an International Break I included it. It made our tenth match of the month!

Newly Promoted Prodbrezova was coming to town....and I had something special for them....


I decided to use my 3-4-3 formation....with the Strongest XI.


Podbrezova had prepared for the 3-1-4-2 and were confused by the movement of the players in the 3-4-3 even though the principles and roles are generally the same!


Adan Varga dominated the Game!


9 game unbeaten run in the league!

League Table


Player of the Month

Adam Varga


Analysts Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!










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FC Kosice


September 2024:"Take it on the Run"

Manager's Thoughts

The team has rebounded from our European adventures with a renewed sense of purpose. They know that we need to play well to avenge our losses and to crash that party. The team is doing just that creating a record that shows the value of consistency and teamwork. A 12 match unbeaten streak that has people thinking we are title contenders. I personally think it is a little early, but it might not be a bad thing to have on our minds....

The goal going forward is to be leading the table at Midseason Break....

To do that everyone is going to have to "Do their Job" including me!






The first match after the International Break was to be a home match with title contenders Dunjaska Streda.


The international break gave us some much needed rest and and the team was able to start it's Strongest XI for a Big Match!


We made the game ugly and Dun Streda responded in kind but it got them off their game and Boris won the day for us with a placed shot!


For once the Analysts say we deserved our win!


Jonec, a center half, was the man of the match. Proving that the hardworking defense should get plaudits not just the glory seeking Strikers!


Don't look now, but we are unbeaten in Ten league matches dating back to last season!

The next match was a Slovak FA Cup Clash.....


We were favored and to break up the Monotony I played the 3-4-3 and used no OI's....


We won but it wasn't a rout, but no one got hurt and it gives our opponent's something else to think about.....



I just told the reporters "As long as were in it we have a chance of winning it!" We won just two years ago with many of the same players!


Another match the analysts were happy about!

The next match was a trip to AS Trencin that is something of our "Bogeyteam" and for a team that should be in the top four has a hard time beating anyone else!


They were slumping but were still considered favorites even though they were way down the table and we were leading it!


Since were top of the table, I had to field some questions about title contenders. Of course I said Slovan Bratislava was a contender!



This was the most interesting Transfer ....Dun Streda got a new keeper who grew up in England!

They are paying wages we just can't afford!

back to business....the match against Trencin was tough as always....


We scored early that let us set the pace a bit, but after they responded we were unable to get another!


according to the stats nerds, we were lucky to draw!


The media don't care what the Analysts think! We are now officially a story!

The 2nd round of the Slovak Cup was drawn....


We will be visiting Skalica a 2 liga side which we should beat.!


and then the injury bug struck one of our starting Central Midfielders.....


The last match of the month was against Nitra...a relegation candidate. I felt confident....




Boris just had a Boris Game....it is his world and we just live in it!


The analysts were impressed by Boris's goals!


Some how the media were surprised.....didn't they know we were favored!


And we just keep playing the hits.....now if we just did it in front of fans!

League Table


Player of the Month

Boris Gall



Analysts Report



Management Report





Thanks for Reading!


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FC Kosice


October 2024:"A few bumps on a road less travelled"

Manager's Thoughts

Looking back on October a few things conspired to give us a few hiccups in our campaign. First was a scheduling oddity that saw us play NO HOME GAMES all month. The second was my own sense of invincibility excacerbated by the Streak and the fact that I just signed a new contract to keep this project going forward. Even with the two losses we are in a good place just 1 point short of my title winning formula that requires 2 point/game after 13 games. The match against the Table-Proppers was just a day where everything went wrong for us and everything went right for them. The match against Zilina I contend that it was 14 for them vs. 11 for us. When that is the case it is hard to win!

Boris is scoring about a goal a game and Kosuda is a great playmaker the future is bright!


The first thing that happened in October is that the Board offered me a new contract.....

as long as I agreed to these objectives...


I happily signed the dotted line....


a 3 year extension-$84k/year plus bonuses!

I will be able afford fast cars and faster women!

Getting back to football the first match was a trip Senica....who were relegation candidates. It should have been a walk in the park.


The bookies and Media thought so as well....but like I always say beware the Home Underdog....


That day the dawg bit us in the A**! It was a comedy of errors including Boris missing Chip over the GK on break away 1 on 1! One of the only times I have seen that lethal finisher miss a target on the field or at the Club!


According to the Analysts we didn't play well, but they were extremely lucky as well it was just one of those days.

Now that the unbeaten streak was over I wanted to start another against Zilina which should be tough opposition....


Both of our top 2 CM-S's would miss the big match against Zilina!


We only have produced half the top players of Trnava, 11 of our 12 are still with the team and have all come into the team during my tenure!

I plan on turning FC Kosice into a "Football Factory" that tops that list!


Zilina were big favorites!


We played well, but it is hard to win when it is 14 vs 11! Every call went against us and obvious fouls by Zilina were ignored. It was a textbook example of "Hometown Refereeing"!


The analysts weren't as impressed by our play as I was....but that is because I think of Football as an Art not a Science!

The Third match of the month was for the Slovak FA Cup Second Round.....


I was hoping for a good outing and played a half rotated squad against the 2 Liga team.


I casted a few doubts due to the fact we hadn't been winning lately!


My players took it as a Challenge...Skalica fought valiantly, but Boris sealed their fate coming off the bench late. And Martin Simko scored a gratuitous wonder Goal just 2 minutes later.


The Analysts were unimpressed with our winning form are they watching the same game as me?


Were still in it and we were soon told our next opponent!


another minnow to blood the "Benchwarmers" against.....

The last match of the month saw us travel to Trnava!


Trnava were big favorites, but as always I back my team to do well.


The battle against a title contender was tight and meaningful and I am happy we came out on top!


The Analysts were much happier with our play even if we had some moments that would give me a Heart attack!

League Table


Player of the Month

Matej Fabini


I know that we lost twice, but without his play we might have lost all three league matches either much worse or lost the victory against Trnava!

Analysts Report


Manager's Report



Thanks For Reading!



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6 hours ago, 13th Man said:

Good solid season so far. Always good to be in the title discussion especially when you don’t feel the pressure to win it!


3 hours ago, Carambau said:

Glad you bounced back after those 2 defeats in a row. Games like that against Senica do happen once in a while (I know you know that of course), Goalmachine Gall just had a bad day at the office :)

I have played farther....I think complacency and AI taking us seriously is the cause of the blip....The team is playing well just not getting luck or refereeing! I

I personally feel pressure due to how other saves have gone....I have usually been to Group Stages or have a title by season five.....I think we are a contender, but we will need some luck! and we lost some more points while the other contenders did also.

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FC Kosice


November 2024:"These Dreams"

Manager's Thoughts

The team is playing decently and dreams of a double are beginning to dance in their heads I think....The team recovered from the Hiccup against Senica to beat a slumping Slovan, but the boys partied like they had won the title....the hangover lasted until the Midseason break. We didn't lose, but did our cause harm by throwing away points against Relegation Fodder. Our mediocre play couldn't overcome some terrible refereeing against us. It is almost like the powers that be don't want a rag-tag group from Kosice winning the Title! That's my Story and I'm sticking to it!





November started out with a visit from Zlate-Moravce to the Cermel....


We were favored and looked to continue our league leading play!


It was a rout....Boris being Boris!

Four Goals after I yelled at him at halftime....:cool:


almost into the bonus money.....enough for a slow night on the town....


And we have a showdown with Slovan Bratislava in a little over a week!


The Analysts were happy with the results!

The next match was against a minnow in the Slovak FA Cup Second Round....I gave most of the starters the day off and played the 3-4-3!


We were heavily favored against the Lower League team....and since the Slovan match was next I rotated the Squad!


Was really happy with the Social Media response....


It was boring.....


a defender won man of the match.....

even sent the Assman to the presser.....


and he shot his mouth off about winning the Slovak FA Cup.....If we don't win I am withholding any bonus he may earn!


The analysts weren't exactly as happy as I was considering I considered winning and not getting injuries a success!

As a reward we get a step up in Difficulty in the next match....


I may make the Assman manage.....to put his money where his mouth is!

The Slovan Match was next and the Ultras were ready to make the Cermel inhospitable for the visitors!


Slovan was slumping we wanted it to continue.....

It was an ugly match that we won on the one good shot either side took in between fouling each other!


Patrik Kosuda our MR-WP-A won the game midway through the second half!

After the win and celebrations afterward the team went on International Break. 

After a particularly good performance from Vallach with the U-21's his agent came to me and I negotiated a team favorable deal.....


This will keep him here for a long time and to pry him from my cold dead hands it will take $1M!


I am confident because of the clause and our wages keeping player value down!

While one young star's future was assured another's took a turn for the worse.....


Young Hros has the ability to be a great CM for us....but he is always injured and this one potentially career ending even though he just signed a deal....

The Contracts and injury were the major events of International Break week in Kosice....


We then hosted a Ruzomberok team that had just appointed a new coach....


another bore draw....


We played better but just couldn't get the goal.....

I was frustrated and sent the Assman out to shoot his mouth off again....


The next match was against Dubnica a relegation candidate..


We were favored and you all by now know what I say about Home Underdogs.....


They won by way of the referee plain and simple.....


according to our analysts they weren't really better than us.....


checkout the 5.3 ref rating.....

and that match ended November.

We headed into December and the last match before Midseason Break....

We traveled to another Relegation Candidate.....Podbrezova


and the match was to have similar results if we weren't careful!


The press asked me what I thought of Winter Break! I lied....


We were the game of the week on Slovakian TV!



Yes Referee was again the determining factor....


but not according to my analysts....


6.3 on a 10 scale isn't bad, but he blew his whistle on an offside call before the flag went up from his assistant that denied Boris a goal.


and our Goalie kept us in it as well....because of all the Set-pieces!


League Table


Player of the Month

Robert Valach


Analyst Report (Extended)


The Team is scoring even though there has been a bit of a drought lately and playing good defense mostly because of our GK play!


Most Shutouts!


Least conceded!


Boris the old man of the list is challenging for the Goal Scoring title again!

and Fabini the Goalie has the most Shutouts!


and the Backup is also on the list!

Management Report!



Thanks for Reading!







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6 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

You are the best team there this season.

I hope your right....

We are definitely a Team. None of the players are great, but they play their roles well and I haven't had a lot of turnover.

The Financial Situation has demanded that build a team rather than splash cash.....which is a first for me....I tend to panic buy players of equal ability. (Since I almost never have a budget for Wonderkids in any Save)

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FC Kosice


December 2024:Midseason Break: "Pushing Paper"

See the source image

Manager's Thoughts

Now that the Midseason Break is here it is time to take stock of the team and plan for the future. Most of the team are settled and have found roles a good number of players are very young, but will make a great core for the future. It is important to secure that future before it become prohibitively expensive. So that is why I am "Pushing Paper"!



The first thing I did after celebrating the break with Boris and Marek was to plan what I like to call "Second Preseason".



I created friendlies for a "Barnstorming Tour" of Teams in Local countries to finish it off with a friendly against our crosstown rivals!

I set up matches for once a week, but if another team offered a match and money after the list was finalized I would accept, because match fitness will be key to our hopeful title run!

I then was made aware of all the players that whose contracts were running out and I negotiated extensions with the ones I want to keep.


Academy Product is 2nd string DM for now....


The BBM....going to be in the lineup for years.....


Marek is a special case. He is a starter right now and spends a lot of time suspended, but he is the toughest guy I know and great to have backing you up in a bar fight!


I was asked about Marek's contract....I gave a pleasant sounding answer.....but it was just taking care of my drinking buddy.....



Gaspar can play either wing and is our current best set-piece taker!


I put Martin Simko on the transfer block because the 2nd string DM wasn't getting playing time and had been beat out of a job by Sokol!

Youth Intake


It looks like we have a few decent players coming through, but now that the team is mostly settled none of them will probably be "fast-tracked" to the First Team like Pranic and Valach!


Rigo's Agent and the press are trying to put pressure on me, but I only extend contracts in December before they run out! Next Christmas Tomas!

I did make transfer with an eye to the future.....




I signed this guy to be Boris's Heir Apparent.

and I went to an awards dinner and was Susan Lucchied!


but Ruzomberok had a better year because they won the Slovak FA Cup!


League Table


Player of the First Half


Analyst Report


Management Report



Thanks for Reading!




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