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[FM21] Can You Buy A World Cup? Vol. 3 - "I Don't Know Why....Halp.." Edition - Vancouver Whitecaps & Canada [Finished]


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After a slight break I though long about a new adventure.

Every year I try the MLS, but the rules are an absolut mess...


So here we are.:lol:



With one of the worst teams I think I got enough time to learn it.


Be competitive! I think I can do that!


We got some decent facilities and stadium.

But idk if this really matters with the youth setup in Murica.





Canada is the 7th best CONCACAF team and 78th in the world.

There is a lot of room to grow.


We are goin for the usual.

Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal.


With only 3 years a player can be naturalize.

Lets see how many players we can turn.


I think I understand the MLS rules.

 Im already in March and if finished the squad with no f*ck ups!


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I have always wanted to do a Canada dynasty save. I was thinking of being an Canadian Premier League like Calgary and also be Canadian national team manager as well as Canada have some good players now with Jonathan David, Cyle Larin and of course Alphonso Davis.

How come you didn't go for the obvious of managing Toronto ?

I am looking forward to another great career thread by you @Cheez3y

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9 hours ago, Ronaldo Beckham said:

How come you didn't go for the obvious of managing Toronto ?

First, it all about to finally learn the MLS, so I picked a pretty bad side.

low expectation = more time to learn


The main reason for Vancouver was, there current squad.

They only have one DP and had 3 international slots open. So plenty rooms for changes and transfers.

Toronto and Montreal where kinda locked up for the 2021 season.


I already made some transfers and trades.I think we got 11 or 12 international spots next year.

After the transfer window closes before the first game. I will go in detail, what I done sofar.


Lets see if I can make this work.

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3 hours ago, deltablue said:

Go Canada! Oh, and my sister actually lives in Vancouver.

Ohhh Cananda. :brock:


4 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

 Isn't there a strict limit on the number of international players you can sign/ use?


I think you start with 7 or 8 spots for foreign players.

USA players doenst count as foreign for US and Canada team.

CAN players count as foreign for US team, but not for CAN teams.

So almost all CAN players playing at Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.


You can trade those international spots, this is the tricky and interesting part.

You can get a internat. slot for 1-5 season or permanent. (I will show it later, once Im at home.)


Then you got all kinds of contract types, which is kinda confusing.

And ofcause the all mighty salary cap.

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Preseason 2021 Part 1


Transfers - OUT


Adnan is a pretty good player for this league, but beein from Iraq he doenst help to archive our goal.

Couple teams where interested so off he goes to Marseille.




Transfers - IN


One Canadian, one American and three Argentinians.

And yes, thats my boy...KSA World Cup winner...Lucas Necul :cool:



Here comes the weird part.:onmehead:


I think we did a robbery here.

We traded

Egbo, which was a NGA player, which was not very good and was blocking an internat. slot,

the player right for Matias Laba, which is 29 y/o Argentian player in Argentina,

two bad draft picks for the already happend Superdraft,

and one internat. slot for 1 season


600k of the important GAM + one permanent internat. slot!


We traded

a player right, two future draft picks and 1 mio GAM


one permanent internat. slot!


Two player rights + 2022 draft pick 


one internat. slot for 3 years.


And to get the player rights to sign Turner, we needed to pay some GAM to LA Galaxy.


Player rights? GAM?


I will hopefully explain right.

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Preseason 2021 Part 2


With the registration we got rid off Brown, he got waived.

He is mediocre RB which also used a internat. slot. Turner was the replacement.





Rules, rules, rules....but its pretty simple, once you know the drill.


This video or the entire video series helped me a lot.


- squad size 18-30 players

- salary cap of 85k/week (which can be bought down with the GAM)

- 11 international spots, which we traded some

- 2 DP + 1 young DP

- 10 off budget players

- 6 reserve players (min. 2 HG players)



GAM = General Allocation Money

GAM can be used for trades or to buy down contracts.


As you can see, Caicedo earns 6750 per week

This is also his salary cap impact.

But you can buy it down, to roughly the half, with the GAM.


Player rights

Once a player leaves your club and the MLS, you still got the rights for this player.

If a MLS club wants to get this player, which you got the rights, they need to buy the right from you or they cant sign the player.


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15 hours ago, Cheez3y said:



What domestic cup? We played one fn league game.

I also had a board meetings, which i need to reload.

They sacked me. 

Thats must be a bug.


Anyways, if they do it again, I should add a new manager.

This is weird! Hope you manage a way around it.

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44 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

This is weird! Hope you manage a way around it.

The first time I said, give me a chance. -> They sacked me.


The second time I said, you got nobody better. -> I still got the job.:D


Yeah its a bug.

Like I said, if they sack me, I just add a new manager and continue.

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June 2021



Lets see how this turns out.


Despite having 6 players on Canada duty for the Gold Cup, we got 2 wins.



In mid May we made a new signing.

Carranza was release by Inter Miami.

He gives us more options and he already scored 3 goals.


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3 minutes ago, Mordurette said:

Great seeing you back with another WC game. Canada it is! Hopefully Necul can be as good as his time in the KSA squad.

You 2.

I hope so too.

I want to try to bring atleast one more familiar face in. 

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16 minutes ago, Mordurette said:

Bright? Angelo? Torben? Arthur? All of them great young players. 

I talk to Arthur already.

Monaco wants 1,3 Mio, but I cant offer him a contract atm. (MLS thingy)


Torben is also interested in a move.

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July 2021


Despite missin 6 main players, we are cruising in the league.

Great victory vs Toronto!



This should be the final.



The team is really adapting to my 44fn2 formation, which I used in my YC save with Lyn and Wits FC.

Just with some adjustments.

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