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Create A Club Player Values

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I've started tinkering around with the Create A Club mode in FM21 for the first time, trying to build the team I play in in real life, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the 'Budget Value' for my created players. The players I've created usually, but not always, have values way higher than comparable players at the club I'm replacing, and I can't get even close to getting all the players in the squad of 22. Changing their stats, especially ability and potential, is only doing so much and I basically need to make my created players useless to get them in the budget, and even then some of them aren't fitting in. At other times however, my players have ridiculously low value even with stats far higher than they should have for the division I'm looking at. 

Can anyone help with this? Whether it's with how the budget value is calculated (I know wages play a part, but I don't seem to have any control over a player's wage), how to lower a player's budget value without completely ruining the player, or just generally how I can get this to work. Thanks! 

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