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Will clubs ask for bigger price to sell their player if I just sold my player for a big deal of money ?

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In real-life, if 1 clubs (Barcelona, R.Madrid, Man Utd...) have just sold their star for millions, when they ask to buy other players from smaller clubs to replace that stars, those clubs will ask for Higher price than usual.

So will it happen like that in FM21 ? Will the AI understand the situation and ask for MORE MONEY? 

I mean if FM21 have the option to keep the DEAL INFORMATION SECRET (NON-PUBLIC) then it have to mean something  ? 

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Just now, FrazT said:

I suspect that only the coders will know for sure, but I doubt that the code will have been written with this type of scenario in mind as it would bring in too many variables to the negotiations

Yah, surely

But I still wonder what is the option "NON-PUBLIC" deal price when transfer player affect to the game? 

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Not sure the game is that smart. As a related anecdote, I just got offered an interview with Liverpool so I'm quite well acquainted with their current financial position, i.e. they're skint and need to sell to buy this transfer window. I didn't get the job, but I just put in a bid for their second choice 24 year old LW who is valued at £60m. They will sell him to me for £120m, but realistically I could just say to them 'I know you're skint, give me a better price' and yet I don't have this option. :lol:

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I’ve had this happen with loans. 

I’m skint and the club I want to loan a player from says I can have their player for 60% wage contribution. Gits. I can only afford 40%. So I scramble around seeing who I can loan out/sell asap to free up some extra cash. I manage to raise a little more cash, enough to meet the 60% wages asked for. Lo and behold they now want 100% of his wages covered!! All in the space of a week.

This happens frequently. Does seem to point to the AI knowing your finances and making decisions based on that. Which would be great if true.

Would be good if a dev could confirm.

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