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FM21 Shifting the balance

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A few years back I created a file with all Dutch-Surinamese players having the Surinamese nationality. So that means guys like Virgil van Dijk and Gini Wijnaldum playing for the Surinamese instead of Dutch team. The result was a Surinamese national team that became a mainstay at the Gold Cup, qualified for several World Cups and even reached the quarter final in one occassion!

Of course the Netherlands isn't the only country where a lot of players could play for other national teams (looking at you France!), so I am going to go through the database and change those players. Let's see if DR Congo becomes a world power, if Nigeria gets to the heights that were predicted in the early 90s or Morocco and Turkey will profit from all those players with dual nationality!

Since FM22 is on the horizon, this could move over to FM22, but then again, it's a datajob, so should go faster than my previous project :D

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Are you going to make any associated changes to those base nations - so that, say, Suriname clubs actually produce their own good youngsters? See if Robinhood can win the NA Champions League again, lol.

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