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[FM21] Rise of a new force in Madrid, RCD Carabanchel


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RCD Carnbanchel is the third oldest club in Europe's most successful football city of Madrid. But unlike their oldest cousins of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, RCD Carabanchel have no semblance of success. The club's highest position in the hierarchy of Spanish football was Segunda B (3rd tier of Spain).  In order to change the fortunes of the club, lifelong fan rmcf2017 has taken over as the manager starting from the 2020/21 season. 


Screenshot (58).png

Screenshot (59).png

Screenshot (60).png

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Season 1: Update 1 


Season preview has us finish 14th in the  20 man division. We have just 1 staff, an assistant manager who is quite decent for this level. Our best players are Samu Diaz a striker who is very good for this level, alongside Edu Rio a winger and Jaime a centerhalf. The club has no money so to speak off with a balance of 2500, which is less half my of my weekly wage budget and is projected to go in a debt of 300k+ by the end of the season, so we have fun times ahead of us. 


Also this is my first time attempting something like this, so any constructive criticism about my writing style, presentation are more than welcome. 

Screenshot (61).png

Screenshot (62).png

Screenshot (63).png

Screenshot (64).png

Screenshot (65).png

Screenshot (66).png

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With the season underway, we have concluded the first bit of transfer business. After making some budget adjustments, we managed to get about 900 a week more as available budget and you best believe we used that money to improve the squad. Our biggest concerns were central midfielders and left back, so those are the players we targeted first. 1174876580_Screenshot(67).thumb.png.c8c70443580e36daea02ff2305b2dfa5.png

Sergio Canela is a solid midfielder with good attributes in the right area, but most importantly he is only on 90 quid a week, which I dare say is a bargain for a player of his ability. 


Luis Larios is an experienced player as left back, for a player of his age he is amazing physically. His wages are more steep but we needed a leftback badly and for a year long deal he is a good player and a massive improvement to the other options. His determination, personality and leadership are all decent positives to have.



Carlos Monzon is our second midfielder. Despite really poor acceleration,he is a very well rounded midfielder who can cover the CB position if needed. He has potential to grow into, and he is signed on a cheap deal 3 year deal. 


Alejandro Puertas is a half decent attacking midfielder, who can double up as a left winger. 


These are the transfers of the first window. Let's hope these guys can help RCD Carabanchel out of fourth(fifth next season) tier


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Season 1 : Update 2

Well, we have reached the midway point of the first season and fair to say it has been quite good. An 18 game unbeaten run came to an end the very last game we played at the hands of DAV Santa

Ana. But i am happy with the results so as we are overperforming massively and should have a good shout towards making the playoffs this season. For the playoffs, the top 4 make it and only 1 of

the team gets promoted to the next division










Something interesting did however happen during the playthrough. Luis Larios our now 43 year old fullback scored a goal and in doing so became the oldest scorer for the club at the ripe old age

of 43 years and 37 days. The very next gameweek, one of our pre generated regens, Izan Hernandez became the youngest ever player to play for the club, and the youngest goalscorer of the club

history at the tender age of 16 years and 102 days. The difference between the players was a small 26 years 10 months and 2 days. 

1865843908_Screenshot(71).thumb.png.4c1506d022c48794b77e3de75033f359.png 2144563522_Screenshot(72).thumb.png.918a1490b43298352faefff513aaecc3.png









1517649990_Screenshot(75).thumb.png.9efddf64a50d129af8eef9b2e625d1ba.pngLooks like we will have a decent first intake, a lot of wingers and fullbacks which works well for our current 4231/442 systems

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Season 1: Final Update

Well that is it fellas, we have done what was considered impossible. We have managed to secure promotion despite not being favoured to do so. 


The season was almost perfect. We did however finish 2nd by 3 points in the league phase of the season. The playoffs were almost perfect, despite relatively close scorlines


In terms of performances, Samu Diaz was by far our best player. Scoring a brilliant 37 goals in the league including 3 in the playoffs. Alejandro Puertas, the attacking midfielder was the best assist provider, with a decent total of 11 assists.


Financially speaking, we are a bit in the mud to say the least. However the damage was far less than the expected debt at the start of the season. 1091975440_Screenshot(81).thumb.png.de0c166d4d07b8df0cc4e8089840e797.png

Well, on a personal level, I am extremely happy with this achievement. Next season is, however, expected to be a challenge with the board and the players expecting a relegation battle, I do expect a busy summer and i will be back with the transfer update and other details once we play the first game of the next season. 


On a closing note, My youth intake was alright. We had some decent potential players but due to club's financial circumstances, I decided to sign just the one player who seems to have bags of potential 


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A minor yet important update 

I was not planning to come back so soon but it is important that i did. We have solved our financials, Having received a generous grant. From where, we don't know but we most certainly don't care.


This should ensure our survival in good condition for at least another year or so, and as long as we keep getting these grants, i would be a very happy man

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Second season is about to be underway. There was lot of transfer activity as the squad was entirely gutted. 


The Season preview has us finish the heady heights of 12th, better than expected. Atletico Madrid B is the best team in the league, but only just slightly as you can see by the fact that they are the favourites to win the league by small margin and just have 9 players in the dream starting 11. 


The promotion from this league is sort of straightforward, at least for the team that wins the league. 2nd and 3rd enter a confusing playoff system, that i will explain when i can understand it myself. 



Financially we are in the mud again as the club spent about 430k on stadium maintenance, who knew maintaining stadiums was an expensive task. The wages are on the same level as last season, which i am proud of because the team has definitely improved from last season. The projection is bad, but i am hoping for a board takeover/grants being given to help us stay afloat. 


In terms of released players, we have let go of quite a few of our key players from last season, as they were not of the quality required or were simply not worth the wages being paid. 670843558_Screenshot(90).thumb.png.c636f69966a6ea1fe0eed185b79dab2e.png




Now here is the fun part of the save, we take a look at about 10-15 players we signed. 


Jose Luis Recio is a great young CB/CDM/CM signed on a free transfer from Haro Deportivo B. His physicals are great and I am hoping he can develop a lot in the future. 


Inaki Guerra will be our starting left winger for the coming season. He has great pace and acceleration, and good well rounded stats elsewhere. He is definitely someone I am excited for. He was signed on a free from Balmaseda 


Ander Jimenez is a young striker who is signed to be a backup/rotational player behind Samu Diaz, an area we struggled with last season. Bags of potential but he is already decent enough for the main team. He was signed from Escobedo from a free. 


Paco is an interesting signing we made this summer, he has some excellent attributes. My Assistant manager reckons he is a an attacking midfielder but I haven't finalised his final positioning just yet. I think I will give him a run out as a winger first and go from there. He was signed on a free transfer from Simancas. 


Nino is an experienced player who is signed as a backup for CB/CDM/CM roles. He was from Loja on a free transfer. His wages are slightly more but he was signed earlier in the window before we got better options show up. 


Nacho Mendez is our new attacking midfielder. He can also cover CM/ST positions, again a bit of an overpay but he is on a year long contract and he adds a lot of quality across the board. 


Diego was an early signing as we did not have any CBs at the club, a bit of a panic buy ngl, so I am hoping he can make himself useful or he will have to be forced out of the club. 


Victor Segerra is our starting ball winning midfielder, brilliant physicals, team work, workrate and aggression. I was really enamored by his 15 strength and i hope he can bully a few players in the midfield. He joins a 2 year deal. 


I think Chicote is a great transfer, signed on a free at just 35 quid a week. He has amazing technicals and mentals. He will mainly play as an attacking midfielder and will compete with Nacho Mendez for the starting role. 


Angel Mancheno is our new right back, amazing physicals but the technicals and mentals do need some work. 


Carlos Romero is our new leftback, he is definitely more well rounded with brilliant physicals. 


Ibon Ispizu is our new backup keeper, he is decent for his age and has a lot of room to grow into 


Borja Gonzalez is our new first choice keeper. This was by far the toughest position in the team to fill as most of the keepers i had scouted and shortlisted were more interested in joining other teams. Borja is a bit of an downgrade from them but overall he is a good keeper and I hope he has the position sorted for a year or two while Ibon develops further. 


Jorge Modia is our starting CB, he lacks in some areas but at this level sacrifices need to be made. 


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Season 2: Mid season update 

First, I have been getting more busy with other things in my life, so i would like to apologise for future delays in any updates in advance. 

Life in Segundo Division RFEF Groupo 5 could have not gotten off to a better start. Half of the season is played and we are going to toe to toe with Atletico Madrid B and Internacional de Madrid for the automatic promotion spot. The boys have had an incredible first half of the season and I have no complains regarding their performances despite the odd frustrating game here and there. 

We picked up a win and a draw against Internacional and a win against Atleti B, which is important as head to head is the first tie breaker in event of a tie between 2 teams 


6 points separate us from 4th although that can change in easily. Samu Diaz has been good again but he is becoming more and more streaky and I feel he has reached his level, so any further promotion will see him replaced. 


The results so far, it is really weird to play 3 home games and 4 away games but that's how they do it in Spain. A couple of frustrating results as I mentioned beforehand, Villanovense was the most annoying as they didn't have a single shot on target until the 89th minute and they scored from it. Trival Valderas was more hilarious than annoying, 3 times we took the lead, 3 times they scored within minutes of that happening. 


Some Transfer business has been done since the summer and I will show you the 3 players we signed. 


First we have Mauro Lucero, 6'4 well rounded CB who has solidified our backline and has been a threat from corners at the other end. He was signed as a free agent and he has replaced club captain Jaime at the heart of the defense and I could not have been happier with the decision. 


Next up we have Fran, another player signed on a free transfer. He is now our first choice RB. Experienced and well rounded, on an appearance based contract. He can also play as LB and has done so a couple of times. 


Finally, Oscar Rodriguez. 100 scout recommendation, good player for the division above according to our scouts, on a 3 year deal at 200 quid a week. What's not to love about this guy.  He has amazing mentals, good technicals and he is not half bad physically. He should be a certified baller in our team. 


Our best performers so far. Inaki Guerra has been a surprise package and his pace is a constant threat on the left side. Unai Casado our other 18 year old winger is wanted by a bunch of Segunda division side, so I hope we can get a decent pay day for him. 


Another potentially great youth intake, if there are any good players I will be sure to show them. If not, let's just move on haha. 


In other bit of news, the board offered me a new 3 year deal, which means our dream of toppling the giants of Spain continues. 


Financially we are in the mud and thats about it. 

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Season 2: Pre-playoffs update 


The second half of the season saw us regress behind Atleti B who easily won the league. The team was streaky AF, including a 3 game lose streak that knocked us out of the the title contention. But we managed to secure 2nd which was unexpected but deserved. 


Here is the final league table and the promotion playoffs group. The board has no expectation from us but I would love if we can fight for the spot in the 3rd division. I dont expect us to win either but we have overperformed for 2 seasons now and maybe it can continue. Overall, if we don't go up it wont be the worst thing in the world. As long as we don't get a team like Atleti B in the group next season, we should be more than able to go up directly 


This was the youth intake, nothing special but 2 decent player who came. who have been signed and hopefully they can develop well. 


I was going to wait until I play the playoffs, but that would take too long and I think they deserve a separate post, So I will be back later with more updates. 

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Season 2: Playoffs update


WELL, would you believe it? We have made it to the 3rd division after winning our playoffs group. 


After the UD Melila game, I had given up all hope but we won the next 2 games rather comfortably and that was enough to secure a big win for the club. 

El Ejido are the heroes of the playoff win as they defeated Melila on the last day of the playoffs and allowed us to overtake them on the standing. 


I am just really delighted and I hope we can stay up next season to improve further. I don't know if we go pro now, but it would be really nice if we do. If anyone is aware of how the system works in FM, please do let me know


This was our best 11 of the season, I know Samu Diaz was the highest rated player, Inaki Guerra was the POTY for me. His pace and dribbling was a constant threat on the wings and he was the star of our play off run. 


Again, I disagree Inaki should be the signing of the season but Romero was class at left back too. 


Financially, we are in the mud like any smaller division team. 


Now this is an important part and I am hoping I can get some input. Samu Diaz's contract is up at the end of the season, he is a fan favourite but I think the club has outgrown him. Ander Jimenez our 18 year old striker has developed nicely too, but I am sure if I want to keep Samu for another year or let him go, be a little more ruthless. 

I will share both their profiles, please do let me know what would you do


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Season 3: Transfer Update

I think we have done really well to improve the team in this transfer window. There has been a lot of interesting players who have joined the club, but one area of the team is lacking and that is goalkeepers. Borja is a decent player no doubt of that, but I am not sure if he is suited to this level. He will stay on as the number 1 for now, but the chances of that changing once we find a suitable player is very high. Samu Diaz has left the club, he wanted more money than what I was willing to part ways with, so he has been allowed to leave on a free transfer. Jaime our club captain and record appearance holder has also the club to join Tafalla. I am sad to see the two icons of our club leave but it was the correct decision for both parties involved. 


In terms of the league, its a 22 team division with 2 teams going up directly and 4 teams going down, with 3 direct relegations and 1 team going into the playoffs. The club has also turned professional so we can actually train fulltime and help players reach their max potential. 



We are in the same division as our two city rivals, albeit the B teams. Predicted to finish 3rd from bottom, which is not as bad as it can be. Anything above the bottom 4 for the season is a success. The board and the players don't expect much more and I don't expect us to go on a magical run either. The media dream 11 is Castilla and atleti B player with just on La Real B player, Ander Guevera who plays for the first team irl, which is a bit cheating if you ask me.



The Transfer in for the season.

As you can see, Inaki Guerra has been sold to Malaga for 45k, but we added a loan back clause for the season, as I felt he can help us stay in the division and not leave a gaping hole on the wings. We also have a 50% profit of future sales clause, so if Barcelona want to buy him for a 100 million, they should do so. 

Puertas was crucial in our first season, has left the club after he was relegated to 3rd choice number 10, he joins Cuarte on a 5k deal. Diego who was a CB, has also left the club to go party in Ibiza for 5.25k

In terms of transfers in, we are spending 11k on a loan deal, which is a lot but in my opinion it will be worth. So without further Ado lets get stuck in on the the transfer ins 



First up, we have Faustino, our new striker. The attributes looks worse because I upped the minimum threshold. He is more well rounded than Samu and I am hoping he can provide the necessary goals to stay up. He was signed on a free from Munera who are in the 5th tier of the pyramid. Our coaches reckon he is a decent player for the division we are in. 


Jaitteh is our new CB. He is a Gambian player who has good physicals and he has much better mentals and defensive technicals. He is considered a leading player for the division below, which is not a bad level to have. He joins on a free from Tenerife, where he was regular player for the B team in the 4th tier 


Yago Perez is our new RB, a position he is still learning. He is a solid player but he is too short to play CB. He may not be the best attacking fullback but if he can become a solid defensive fullback, I will be happy with him. He joins for a deal worth 4k plus 10% of the future profits from Ardoi in the 6th tier. 


Josu Magunazelaia is a decent young keeper with bags potential who was signed on a free deal. He was signed on a free from Danok Bat, who are a feeder team for Athletic Bilbao. 


Jose Manuel Esnaola is our new Ball winning midfielder, who joins on a free from Urola, who are 6th tier club. He is experienced, is good player for this level and is just a really level rounded player in general. That determination and personality is also great. He is on high wages but he wanted 3k in July, so getting him on 1.6k is a bargain imo. Our midfield was weak, and he improves it massively. Canela is no longer good enough and he has had a falling out with me after throwing a fuss asking for a deal worth way more than his capabilites


Francisco Javier Leal is our new starting Right wing who is a really good player. He joins on a free from Coril who are a 5th tier team. Similar to Esnaola, he is a regen who was added as player to playable teams and similar to Esnaola he wanted way too much money but we managed to convince on a 1.3k deal. He is good at everything a winger should be good and he should help us stay in this division


And now you must be wondering, who the heck is the guy who was being paid 11k a month. Well here he is 


He is amazing for this level, on a loan from Majorca. 13 passing, 18 team work, vision 15, work rate 15, brilliant mentals overall and brilliant physicals. His technique is poor for his attributes but again we are just a 3rd tier team and this guy is just mental for our level. He can player deeper, as a striker or even as a winger but he will mainly be played as an attacking midfielder. He is by far the best player we've had at this club in our save so far. 



These are the board expectations for the season, and just the vision in general. Financially we received another grant, that helped us reduce our debts massively. 


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Well, season 3 is going almost as expected. We are slowly slipping into a relegation scrap which is very annoying. 

We sold our promising left back Sergio Lopez to Girona for 22k plus 50% of future profits. And we have signed a new keeper, who might be very good. 


The league table is like this. You wouldn't think we would be struggling with the top goal scorer in the league but here we are. 


The form since November has been absolute turd. 6 defeats have left us in a deep lurch where we need a good run of form to get out of the dodge and I hope the run starts sooner rather than later


The root of our problem is we have just one guy doing all the scoring, I hope he does not run of out form because i am worried what might happen if he stops scoring. I am hoping Ander Jimenez can step up in the 2nd part of the season


The finances are as good as they can be, and there is nothing that can be done about it until we sell someone for big money or the club has a board takeover


The youth intake looks very decent and hoping we can get one or two good players for the future. 


NOW, this is the biggest signing we have made at this club. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new goalkeeper of RCD Carabanchel Gianluigi Buffon. Yes that world cup winning keeper from Italy and formerly of Juventus  


He is 44 years old and he has the speed of a grandfather but the rest of those attributes are bloody amazing. Maybe I could have waited for a better option but i did not want to miss out on the chance of signing of a legend of the game. 


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Season3: Final Update

Relegation has been staved but it was far too close for my liking 


Faustino was brilliant, without him we probably finish bottom. It was a season of struggle but I hope we will improve a lot next season and move away from the relegation scrap. 


The form was streaky at best but it was enough to get us over the hump


Finances in poor state and the wage budget has been reduced to just 15k. I dont know how that'll work out but I will be back soon with a transfer update and hopefully some good player who will improve the team

Screenshot (150).png

Faustino was just a C- according to my board, poor lad only scored 34 goals in the seaon. 


Mini panic over as board have given us a increased wage budget, enough to improve the team 

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Season 4: Transfer update

The summer went really well. Most of the business was done before the preseason started and we have made dramatic improvements in multiple areas of the team. We also made a big sale and that should help our finances slightly.


The media prediction has us finish the lofty heights of 8th, which is amazing. I agree with this prediction and I hope we can actually overperform this season and maybe sneak a top 2 finish for another promotion. 


Financially we are still in the red and I doubt that changes anytime soon. But we are making a profit so far this season which is great. We have increased our wages budget but we have improved the squad and that extra spending is worth the money 


Some of the business was done before the changeover and thats why I am sharing the older window first. 

In terms of the outs, Sergio Lopez left the club without ever making an appearance for the club. He was sold for 22k + friendly which earned us 10k + 50% clause which was sold for 66k. So almost 100k out a player who never played for us and was signed on a free. 

Borja Gonzalez was sold for 9.5k after he become an unnecessary player who was on too high of a wage for the club.

Francisco Javier Leal was supposed to be our starting winger but he never really did do anything special for us. He was earning 1.3k and as a result he was sold for 9.5k, not a lot of money, but his wages off the books is a big positive. 

Club icon Carlos Monzon was sold for a small amount, but mainly to get rid of his 700 a week wages. 



Jon Ander Munoz was the first of the signing that was done, and he was signed way back in january for 4k rising to 5k. He was important to us staying up last season and he should be a starting midfielder for the season up ahead.


Alex Robles is the new right back and this was a position we struggled with. Alex is not a standout player but he is a solid overall player. He is also by far our most valued player. He can cover positions across the backline but should be the primarily the right back. 


Matias Nunez is just a young player signed based off scout recommendations.


Now this is some player. Eusebio Lucas, signed for 7.5k going upto 8.5k from Salamanca. He is an inverted winger on the right, with great physicals and decent technicals. The mentals need some work but he is young and he should have plenty of room to grow into. His personality is not the best and I hope to change it with some tutoring. 

Thats it for the transfer of the last season, now lets look at the transfer we did for this season. 


These are the released players for the season. Buffon retired, which was great because he was earning too much and he was underwhelming so to speak. Jose Manuel Esanola was also released on a free from his 1.6k a week in wages, he was good for us but he was getting on with age and wanted too much money for his ability. 


The transfers in and you can already see a standout in the outs section. Ander Jimenez has left the club to join Tenerife on a 275k deal. I offered him out for 500k, as there was plenty of interest in him. The board accepted Tenerife's bid and I tried to convince them to increase it but to no available. Regardless this was a big sale for us and I am happy with it. This should cover 6-7 months of expenses. 


Juan Carlos Ortiz joins the club on loan from Mallorca, we are paying his full wages. He is good solid around midfielder, with good physicals and mentals. His technicals are alight in the right areas too, but he is mainly the ball winning midfielder and he should do well in that role. 


Jack Cardona is a gibraltarian attacking midfielder, who joins on a free from Perines. He has amazing mentals and that is why i signed him. Good dribbling, first touch and free kick as well. He has a lot of room to grow into, and I hope he can become a superstar in the future. 


Trilli joins us from Deportivo La Coruna, he is listed as a right back but he is our starting centerback for the season. The defensive positions were the thinnest to find in the market and Trilli has solid attributes for a centerback. He should be a massive upgrade to our previous season's centerbacks. 


Jose is an attacking midfielder who has joined us from Real Zarazoga and he is brilliant. He has brilliant technicals, mentals and physicals. He can cover multiple positions but he will mainly play as the creative number 10 of the team. We are paying his wages but I think they are worth it. 


Roger Escoruela is our new leftback to compete with Romero, who had a middling season and definitely could do with some competition for the position. He is just again a solid all around full back, his crossing his poor but thats acceptable. 


Patrik Cigut is a Slovenian left winger signed on a 30k deal rising upto 60k from Llanes who were in the 5th tier. He has average mentals and technicals but amazing physicals and at this level physicals are king, specially for wingers and strikers. 


Luca Perrin is a french CB, released on a free from Marseille and he joins us to bolster the defense and form the starting defensive pairing with Trilli,. He is a solid player who can play as a ball playing defender, which is important as they are rare at this level.


Stanley Tela is a good young Cameroonian striker with good physicals and mentals and he can finish. He is signed mainly to be backup to Faustino and maybe take over the spot in a season or two, depending on how well he develops. 


Last up we have Alberto Varo, who is a solid experienced keeper. He is a good player for our division and he was signed on the deadline day. I hope he can be good stop gap options, while we wait for our younger keepers to come good

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Season 4: Mid season update

A faster update than usual, as we have run through the first half of the season. The form has been brilliant, the only concern is why the heck are we not playing in the Copa Del Rey. 


Faustino continues to be the true successor of Samu Diaz with his brilliant goalscoring form. 1 defeat in 19 games sees us fighting for the title against our old nemesis Atleti B, whom we beat earlier in the season, and a 7 point gap to our other local rivals B team. 


Fairly consistent results so far, with that one weird FM defeat to bring us back to reality a bit. I am particularly happy the defensive solidity on display. 


In terms of individual performances, you can see most our regulars have done extremely well so far. We are going a little of the boil but I am hoping the midseason break will rejuvenate the boys and we can secure promotion, because boy do we need as finances are...


...well and truly in a dangerous slide, I am spending big and gambling on a promotion push, so anything less than that will be a major disaster and can send the club down in a dangerous plunge. 


Speaking of finances, we spent big on getting Javi Ros on a free transfer and so far he has justified that spent with 10 goal contributions and a 7.56 average rating. He is 33 and if his physicals don't fall off a cliff, I will give him a new contract for next season. 



We may secured the long term future of the goalkeeper position with the signing on Giovanni Gennari, a San Marino native, who will join us on a free next year. Bags of potential and I am hoping he is the next great San Marino player. Interestingly enough, he has not played a for a single club but he did generate somehow, which I find weird.


So that's the transfer and mid season update, hope I will return to you with a positive note on our progress. Also if anyone can help me solve my Copa del rey exclusion, conundrum it would be greatly appreciated

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Season 4: Final update

Just unbelievable, for the first time in the history of the club, RCD Carabanchel is going to play in the 2nd tier of Spanish football. We almost won the title too but bottled that at the end with an unexpected defeat, not a fuss, we are going to be playing in the second tier next season and I am genuinely scared of the prospect. 


The league table in all its glory, 80 points from 38 games to go up as the runners of Primera Division RFEF Groupo I. Faustino was amazing once again but I think just like Samu Diaz, this might be it for him. 


Results for the second half of the season, march was iffy and I was starting to get worried about our ability to turn wins into late draws. But a brilliant run in that saw us win 6 out of the last8 games secured the unexpected promotion. 


The board have decided to invest in a new 8900 capacity stadium, we are leaving La Mina, our home since 1916 to the new stadium in 2026. The board decided against expanding the current stadium and instead decided to build a new one. With more money coming in, this should help us grow in the future. 





Some other season review stuff, but can we just talk about Javi Ros. The 34 year experienced midfielder joined us on a free transfer a few gameweeks into the season, I honestly didnt expect a player of his caliber to show up at the doors but he did. 


Just stare at the amazement that is Javi Ros. This man is the best signing I have ever done, and he carried our midfield. 11 goals and 9 assists as the ball winning midfielder. It really cannot get better than that. We will be opening up negotiations with the big man to get him an extension and he will be made club captain for next season. 



Signed a couple of free transfers for the future, one of them has amazing physicals and the other has amazing mentals. 


in terms of transfers out, Paco was the biggest move. Aside from the transfer fee, we retain rights to 40% of any future free plus a friendly with Sporting de Gijon. 


Well thats about it, a big big season and I hope we can consolidate in the second division. See you at the transfer update 

Screenshot (183).png

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Congrats on making Second Division. Some good progress up the leagues, and needed throwing that much finances around. 

A stadium upgrade was part of the second division rules I bet. Helps the finances though!

I hope you’re using Javi Ros in the mentor set-up! Top personalities can be helped along with him. He’s played well.

Sounds like your going to get a new forward to lead your front line again.

That youth intake is hard to make out who’s good. Could be your coaches/scout ratings abilities is not good enough to judge them.

On to Second Division!

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51 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

Congrats on making Second Division. Some good progress up the leagues, and needed throwing that much finances around. 

A stadium upgrade was part of the second division rules I bet. Helps the finances though!

I hope you’re using Javi Ros in the mentor set-up! Top personalities can be helped along with him. He’s played well.

Sounds like your going to get a new forward to lead your front line again.

That youth intake is hard to make out who’s good. Could be your coaches/scout ratings abilities is not good enough to judge them.

On to Second Division!

Thanks I am really happy with the promotion. It has pretty much wiped out all of the debt within 2 months. The stadium upgrade was a part of the the promotion yes but we definitely needed a bigger stadium. 


As for Javi Ros, he was asking for too much money and had a falling out with me because of it, so he was released on a free. I am genuinely disappointed because I was hoping to keep him around as part of the staff after he retires. 

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Season 5: Transfer update 

Promotion has done wonders for our club, we have gained a half a star in the reputation section. Our financial problems have been solved and I hope to get some facilities work done soon. We have improved massively all across the club, from the players to staff to the other miscellaneous stuff like finances


6 million in TV money, thank you very much. 


Season preview has us finishing bottom, the 3 B teams don't get a rating but I doubt they are worse than me. 


Finances have improved massively and we should have enough money to do some upgrades around the club 


In terms of transfer, we paid decent money of Inaki Imaz and sold Jon Ander Munoz for 70k plus 50% future profits and a loan back. 

La Liga and La Liga 2 has a rule where the clubs have to pay a minimum wage to the players, for La Liga it is 3.1k a week and for La Liga 2 it is 1.5k a week. SO the wage budget is going to be inflated once we start renewing contracts to the current wage lower limits. 


In terms of released players, Faustino and Ros have left the club. Faustino just peaked in the 3rd tier and Ros had a falling out over contract negotiations. 


First signing is Zaccaria Bove, an Uruguayan/Italian midfielder, who was signed on a free transfer from Peralda. He is already a very good player with plenty of room to grow into 


Diego Prioste is another midfielder but he is more of a central midfielder who was signed for a grand total of 0 from Ponfedirrana. He will be playing as a Mezzala for me


Inaki Imaz is a young attacking midfielder/Striker. He has 9 finishing which pushed me towards attacking midfield position


Maxim Gullit, a Suriname international is signed to be our new signing on a free transfer after he was released by AZ Alkamaar, where he was regular squd player. His marking and heading is towards the lower end but overall he is a great CB, especially those physicals. 


Julio Insa is our Faustino replacement, he has good dribbling, finishing and first touch. He cant head the ball but he is absolutely rapid. 


Julian Buitrago is our Jon Ander Munoz replacement, although he is not a like for like replacement. He has great physicals, good technicals for his role and decent mentals. Some work to be done but plenty of room to grow into


Andoni Lopez is our new leftback, a position we have struggled to fill up. 


Ruben is a good young winger, who is signed on a loan from Zarazoga for the season 


La Liga 2 also has VAR, so we should have reduction in the ******** refereeing decisions. 


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Season5: Mid season update 

Hello once again, we are midtable in La Liga 2 and things couldn't have gotten better at the right point of the season

The division is really tough but our boys have held up well


We are 10 or so points away from guaranteed safety. I was once again worried by our ability to turn wins into draws and our ability to hit the post and crossbar. But we have stepped up, won 4 games in a row now and we are looking at least another season to grow and stabilise in the league. 


In terms of performances, its been a bit down this season but we seem to be picking up form. Our wingers have been our best players and the strikers have started to perform. Inaki Imaz was given the La Liga 2 January player of the month and it bodes well for the future. 


The board are as happy as they can be. 


We signed experienced English keeper Marcus Bettinelli on a free and I give a lot of credit to him for our uptick in form. 


We are losing 2 youngsters on frees as I was unwilling to give them 1.5K a week in wages 


In other important news, we finally played in the Copa Del Rey. 


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Season 5: Update 2

Remember that form uptick from last update? well that has continued and we have done really so to speak




8th in the table, which is the last position for the playoffs due to B teams and I couldnt be happier. But we have a tough run in up ahead, where we face we face 6 of the top 9 teams. So our mettle will be tested. 

Board is delighted and why wouldnt they be, they wanted to fight relegation and we are fighting for promotion playoffs


In terms of performances, Inaki Imaz has stepped up amazingly since the turn of the year. He has started attracting interest from La Liga teams, so he signed a new 4 year deal with double the wages, but more importantly a 5 million release clause 


In other news, I was scrolling through some African national teams and during my scrolling of Congo, we might have signed a potential superstar for 30k with 10% sell on for profit. 


Marvin Kalonji is a young right sided winger, who has decent physical, can run for days with great mentals and a great personality. 


The season is long and I am actually exhausted by the number of games that place, and they take place with a week in between them so plenty of time to kill off.



Screenshot (214).png

The intake is meh but I will sign Tomas Vega simply because my DoF rates him

Edited by rmcf2017
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Season 5: Final update

What a season for RCD Carabanchel, they confirmed their stay in the 2nd tier and they did it in style



Losing in the second leg of a really close playoffs semifinals was heartbreaking but it did not dampen the mood,


Well I guess one could say that Gijon sneaked past in what was a fairly even game 


team  of the season was fairly accurate. Jose is leaving the club after 2 successful loan spells and Ruben is also leaving after a decent season. Robles will leave on a free as his contract is not being renewed. 


5.75 Million, thats it 


Jose was our player of the season and he deserved it. Bettinelli winning the signing of the season is deserved too


2nd half of the season was absolutely spectacular. If he had the second season form through out, we might have gone up automatically, thats how good the second part was. 








Yes, I am bit of a transfers expert. What gave that away? 

But seriously, this was by our best window and it has potential to be even better as we continue to evolve the team further and further 


James Norris of Liverpool is joining us soon on a free transfer. He is a left sided player, I haven't decided if he will be the winger or the left back, but I am definitely leaning towards winger. Mainly to utilise his pace well and poor tackling and marking,.


SO, that was a great season in the second division, I will be back soon with some transfer updates. 

Screenshot (227).png

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Here we go Season 6

Transfer Update

We are ready to go for the 2025/26 season. 


Season preview is as expected. Espanyol seems like the strongest team in the division and I expected them to win the league relatively easily


We have done some decent Business. We sold Cigut for his release clause, and Recio for 50K less than his release clause but with a 50% profit clause. 


Experienced keeper Joel Robles has joined us on a free transfer to replace Bettinelli, whom I did not want to replace but I will explain below why he will be replaced 


And this is the reason why he was replaced. Jeremias Gomez is a 19 year old Argentinian CB, who is our best centerback. Since we can have just the 2 non EU players at the club, Bettinelli had to make way for Gomez. 


Igor Garcia is our new striker option, his finishing is low but I am hoping he can make up for that with more well rounded solid game 


Flavio Castro is our new rightback, he needs some work on the technical aspect, but is on cheap wages and on loan from FC porto. 


Now this is a guy I am really excited about. Luis joins us on loan from Atletico Madrid. He is just an amazing midfielder overall. He is mainly going to be used as a box to box midfielder


Diogo Travassos is our second portuguese loanee and he is joining from Sporting. He is a rapid left winger who will replace the loan departed Ruben


Largie Ramazani is our new right sided winger option. He is just a rapid player whos job is to beat his man and created chaos in the opposition backline


Financially we are doing well and we should get a boost next season with the 8900 capacity stadium opening up. We are filling our 2000 seater stadium every game and I hope we can do the same for the new one.


Board decided to upgrade the facilities and that was really cash money of them. We will finally have an actual training pitch, instead of a shed to kick the ball about. 


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Season 6: Update 1

We started on fire but we have slowed down a bit recently, every season we have a poor month or two and I hope we can curb that issue sooner rather than later 

I have a lot of FM in the last week or so, and I feel like I need a day or two off from it. The save will continue and I'll be back soon with updates but I do need a bit of a break. 

Also the loading time is getting longer and longer as you go deeper in the save. 


15 games and 23 points is very good haul, but the league is uber competitive rn and a couple of bad results knock you down places. Still I hope we can challenge for a promotion playoff spot over a relegation battle 


Results were doing well until they weren't but I am happy with the start to the season. 


Youth facilities have been upgraded, so I hope we can steal a good regen or two from other bigger Madrid based club, the new stadium is coming along nicely and the addition of 6900 seats should help the club grow even more. 


Igor Garcia has done well so far, but for me Diogo Prioste is becoming a favourite due to his game in the middle of the midfield 

Travassos and Norris have been the biggest disappointments, they have rendered our left flank useless, so they might get dropped for a few games 

In other news, we loaned Bettinelli on the deadline day with the club paying 70% of his wages. His contract finishes at the end of the season, so he will leave then


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Season 6: final update

sorry for the delay guys, I was having bad migraines for a couple of days

We survived the season but barely, it was a season of struggle 


Still one game left but its pretty much pointless for us, but has a lot of value for teams still in the scrap. I am overall very disappointed with the performance of the team. 


We had a decent intake, a few high potential players. I have signed 6 of them so lets keep an eye out for any that might develop


Defense was the big issue but I dont think we defended particularly badly. The goalkeeping situation needs a bit of clarification as Robles had quite a poor season and was replaced by our young San Marino star. I think I'll give him the fulltime role and let him develop as he plays, unless a proper quality keeper shows up on the radar 


The attack was wasteful and that lends into the issue of defending, there have been games where we miss 5-6 sitters only to concede and collapse, while not the entire problem, I do reckon poor finishing puts unnecessary pressure on the defense, which then collapses. Maybe I need to add more leadership in the back as well, so that's something to an eye out on.


Again, quite poor and there needs to be something done to resolve this matter 


The 4231 is the formation that we play the most and concede the most chances to. 

I have never used this analytics portion before but this is fascination and it gives a lot of useful input 


Team performance for the season, the fact that our CBs have the highest ratings despite the **** defensive stats says a lot to me. Diogo Prioste is my son at this point, couldn't be happier with the lad. Igor Garcia is misleading, he had 10 goals in 11 games and then has 4 in 19. 


In terms of signings, i signed Lolo Correa from Malaga in january for a deal of upto 200k. A bargain if he develops well, still only 18 so I am not that bothered by his lack of performances just yet


Finances are doing well and with the opening of the new stadium, there should be an increase in the revenue for the club


Overall my thoughts for the season are that we overperformed last season and this is closer to what is expected of us. I am happy to stay in the division and I hope the club can keep growing, this league is very competitive and it will hard to get out of it. 

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Season 7: Transfer update 

Progress a lot of it. 


Predicted to finish midtable, which a massive improvement from last 2 seasons 


We made a couple of signings before the season reset day. Diego Garrido signs from Malaga for a total fee of 155k and Odubeko joins us on a loan from Sevilla 


Garrido is our new right winger, he is rapid and he has a lot of room to grow into. The mentals arent the best but he is fairly young and that can improve 


Odubeko is the new striker and he is fast, he can play some football but did i mention he is fast and oh he is strong too


In terms of transfers out one standouts. Yep, 4.5 million on 3 yearly installments and a loan back for Inaki Imaz from Almeria. Lucas and Norris had poor seasons and they have left the club for another 100k. 

Then, as you can see quite a few loans, I really appreciate Porto for existing. 


Luis Martins is a right back, he is on a 550 a week deal. Cheap and Quality he imrpoves the right back position massively 


Forte is a brilliant leftback, who joins on a 6.25k deal from Napoli, another massive improvement from the previous fullbacks 


Ben Holmes is a decent young player who will sort of act as a 3rd choice midfielder 


Tiago Antunes is our starting CM alongside Prioste and he also joins on a loan from our defacto senior team of Porto


Sergio Llanes is a rb/cb/lb who is joining the club in october. He is either footed and he will backup leftback this season. 

Screenshot (275).png

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Season 7: Mid season update

Things are going really well. Like superb


Keeping up with the automatic spots so far, is a massive dub. I don't expect it to happen but playoffs would be a nice level for his season.


Jack Cardona and Odubeko have been brilliant upfront. The 2 young spanish wingers have done well too, even if they can be a bit hot and cold. Prioste has been his usual best and Ben Holmes has been the surprise package of the season. 


Finances are good but I fear we are approaching a point of stagnation rather soon. 


We signed another player, 16 year old french midfielder, Stephane Luce from US Colomiers. He is decent and has plenty of room to grow into. 


Once again we are performing above the league average in all categories except goals conceded. 1072414624_Screenshot(285).thumb.png.7e06ab25c737a3e823109d8f5af57779.png

The attack has improved a lot from last season and that is very important 


Defending once again has been a problem. Giovanni Gennari is not ready for this level but I could not find a good keeper to take over from him, so he continues as number 1 and that aids his development 


2nd best xGA in the league is a quite big improvement but ...


...we are underperforming the xGA by 9 goals, which is a bit of a concern. 


in terms of attendance we are averaging a 61% show up for homes which turns out to be around 5500 people, decent but room for more to come in. 


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Season 7: update 2

Good form continues as we sit atop the La Liga 2 table


Odubeko has been brilliant, as have the 2 young spanish wingers. Prioste is ever reliable to perform and show up.


Jack Cardona(who was sold to Almeria for 5 million) has been brilliant even if he doesnt have the goals and assists at the same level. Garrido and Correa have been amazing on the wings. 


Board agree to upgrade the facilities that will cost around 2.7 million in total.


We played BArca at home for the Copa del rey tie and it was honestly a good performance by the boys


We just lost out on individual quality and I honestly fine with that


Matthias Feiler joins on a loan from RB Leipzig and he is honestly a beast at the CB position


Best attack in the league, which i am a huge fan of


The defense is trending the right direction too as the season progresses. 


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That is a really nice header isn't it? 7 seasons and 3 promotions later, we have reached the promise land of La Liga. Unexpected so have been our other 2 promotions. 


Decent Wages and transfer budget, but going to rely on loans again to carry us to safety(hopefully)


Very disappointed, he only average 1+ g/a per game. What a waste of transfer.


Unbelievable season, just disappointed to finish 2nd, once again. Filling out 72% of the stadium, expect that to go up next season. 


Surprised to see the reduction in TV money but the reputation is very welcomed


The striker partnership and CB partnership was extremely crucial to keep us up, Odubeko is coming back next, not sure about Cardona and Feiler.


Agreed with all these, Lola Correa misses out on the assists record


Best 11, surprised to see some of the players still in. But nevertheless here it is


Best players of the season, no surprises there 

Screenshot (302).png

Screenshot (308).png

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2 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Congrats on promotion to LaLiga!

Will you need another new stadium to meet league rules?

I see another rebuild of the squad again too.

Now the real work begins with your Madrid aims :D

Thank you:p


Yes, the stadium requirement is around 16k, so that will need to be sorted.


The squad is in the process of a rebuild, my aim is to go for good players on loan even at higher wages and have some younger players behind them to allow them to develop 


The gap between me and the top 3 is massive that will take a while to overcome, but for now I hope I can stay up this season. 

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Welcome to the big boys league fellas, the promise land has been reached but can we overthrow the mighty Madrid duo and the Catalans, that is ways away. For now we will try our best to stay and establish in the league. 


The odds as expected are not the nicest, but we've been in these situations before.


Lowest wage in the league, you'll never sing that. For context Real Madrid has the highest at 252 million per annum. 


Financially we are already richer than ever before, and the club is working hard to upgrade facilities, youth recruitment and youth coaching.


Significant investment has been made in improving the club, and I will keep adding more and more scouts as time goes on. 


It took a last minute equaliser to deny us a historical win but no worries, Valencia was dispatched with ease(not really!!). The schedule lightens up a bit until we play the big 2 and thats when I plan to be back for a mini update.


You get a loan, you get a loan, everyone in the building gets a loan. I would love to get some transfers but this is the best way to quickly upgrade the squad, from last season Odubeko, Forte and Feiler have returned on loans as well. 


Kouadio is our Cardona replacement, and we can cover on the wings if needed. Good player overall and a great personality for the squad.


Bryan is our new right back and he is quite the player, possibly the best in our squad. I might retrain him for a midfield role as he has all the attributes for a BWM, except aggresion.


Bizasene is our new starting midfielder, another liverpool player who is a great player and improves the midfield massively


Freddo is another striker option, great player overall and another good personality. He has already scored and I expect him to fight for a striker starting spot.


Tatli is a Turkish right winger, who is learning to play left winger as well. Another Liverpool loanee with great ability and potential to grow into.


Pinto is our new backup keeper, he maybe slightly better than Gennari but I would rather have the San Marino international and now club captain to continue on as the number 1


Ramos is the 3rd choice keeper, who earns more than the 1st and 2nd choice keeper combined but he has been signed mainly as a mentor for the young keeper


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I asked the board to upgrade the stadium, they did and its still below the la liga requirements... great decision making by the fellas on the board.


Brilliant start, still just aiming for 40 points, but a granada/getafe esque season would be great. 


Real Madrid the biggest club in Spain and Madrid? oh please next joke, Barca the second biggest club in spain? next joke, this is RCD Carabanchel's world and they just exist in it


One might say we are a bit of loan fc, gracias Liverpool for giving 3 of the best 4 performers. 


Screenshot (326).png

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Very nice start, and at this rate, Champions League football could be calling. Especially if you beat the lower table teams along with the odd underestimating giant along the way :thup: :D

Who’s the awesome looking 17 year old Boco striker?

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17 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Very nice start, and at this rate, Champions League football could be calling. Especially if you beat the lower table teams along with the odd underestimating giant along the way :thup: :D

Who’s the awesome looking 17 year old Boco striker?

The striker is someone my scout found and is someone I am trying to sign. I accidentally shared the screenshot haha, but I am glad people are able to see a regen of his quality. 



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The January transfer window has ended and the season is going rather well. 2 points away from the 40 points mark and challenging for europe. I would love a top half finish



The results are great, including a 4-1 win over Atletico and a 2-1 win over Barcelona in the cup. 

Due to the fixture congestion, injuries did stack up a little 


Jose Luis Aleman joins the club, and he is quite good. He is one of the 3 Colombians joining the club.


Camilo Benavides is a young CB, he joins us in the summer and he is quite good for his age and plenty of room to grow into


How could I not sign a player called Starlyng, but he is a well rounded player, who will mainly play as a striker for me. 


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What an end to the season


First season in the top division, turns out to be a massive success. 


The league position was quite consistent, with steady improvements across the season


Valencia won the league, which was a pleasant surprise. The big teams struggled a lot this season and I dont expect that to continue next season.


The 2-6 win was unexpected but it was a great performance.


That jump between the tv money is bonkers. 


The team will stay, well at least the midfield and strikers will. The defense will see a bigger shake up.


The attack was once again creative and clinical, which paved way for a strong season.


The defense was weak but it wasnt Real Madrid weak at least.


Tatli was the runner for the player of the year vote and he will be back next season to play on the right wing role.


Odubeko had another great season and I hope he can continue that next season when he joins permanently




Also stadium expansion yay, kinda pissed our first european season wont be played at our stadium. 

Screenshot (351).png

Screenshot (352).png

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Congrats on finishing 6th and qualifying for Europe?

Is the first time in your save that Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid didn’t win either the league or cup?

Was losing to Real Sociedad the reason you didn’t qualify for EUL? :eek:

How big is your new stadium going to be? I guess your board is on the conservative side.

Is your shirt sales only for players who hold club contracts and not on loan?

Also, what happened to Messi?

Mason Mount :idiot:

Are you bringing in lots of players to help with Europe next season? :lock:

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Congrats on finishing 6th and qualifying for Europe?

Yes, we qualified for the new conference league. 

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Is the first time in your save that Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid didn’t win either the league or cup?

Yes indeed, this is the first time this has happened. 

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Was losing to Real Sociedad the reason you didn’t qualify for EUL

They won the copa del rey and the cup winners gets preference for UEL, instead of the league position. 

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

How big is your new stadium going to be? I guess your board is on the conservative side.

They are upgrading it to 15000 capacity, which is the minimum capacity required for the league, I am not sure if they expand it any further 

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Is your shirt sales only for players who hold club contracts and not on loan?

I never paid attention to this, but i will from next time, but looking at it, it seems that loan players dont count

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Also, what happened to Messi?

Mason Mount

I'll share some bios of players if you want, just let me know which players you are interested in. Mason mount joined barca a few seasons ago for 120 million, alongside his best mate declan rice. 

20 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

Are you bringing in lots of players to help with Europe next season?

I am, i've signed some good players, i'll show the lot later today. Trying to move away from my dependency of loans as I can afford better players and maybe use the lure of Europa conference league. 

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  • 2 weeks later...


Well here we go, a new season a new hope. A hope of European success, a hope of better things to come.

But first we must get the transfers sorted


Plenty of business happened before the season reset date. And a little after that...


2 big sales, Marvin Kalonji the congo man was with us for 3 years but he's now left for Alaves in a 2.5 million deal, a hefty profit after being signed for 20k.

Joel Sanden never really kicked off and after Alaves made a tempting offer I was more than happy to sell.


Starlyng Penaranda, not the best player signed but by far the best name. Great personality, and otherwise a well rounded 18 year old. I plan to use him mainly as a striker.


Yeiner Carrillo, another Colombian, i know what a surprise. A solid left back, but I plan to retrain him as box to box midfielder. 


Dorde Milosevic, a prospective Serbian midfielder, only 19 and he should improve by a lot hopefully


Camilo Benavides, another colombian, 18 year old and already a La Liga quality centerback. He is staking his claim as one of the 2 CBs this season, but with european action there should be plenty of rotation and he should get fair amount of time.


You know him, you love him and now he's our from this day until he is replaced by a better striker. I hope he can atleast breach the 100 goals mark.


Alex Coufal, a Czezh midfielder signed as a prospect/flip for profit. I dont ever expect him to become a regular but stranger things have happened.


Petr Cihak is the 3rd choice striker. He is Odubeko lite, but with an amazing personality. Personality is something I pay a lot of attention to.


Radek Vitak, another Czech player. He will be the back up keeper. 


This is another guy I am excited about, 18 year old Finnish international. Next Jari Litamenan? 


Frank Stockholm is a young Danish striker signed a prospect. 


Ivan Jeremic is a young serbian signed on a free transfer and he is expect to cover for multiple positions, but mainly CB and LB


season preview has us 20th again but we all know this is irrelevant. 


Finally the main event, a relatively easy looking draw in the conference league. How easy will it actually be that remains to be seen. But I hope i can get into the knockout rounds. 


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Bit of an early return but I wanted to share something important


Odubeko has officially become the highest league scorer in the club's history. One of my favourite players in all of FM21 and it couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke. I hope he can cross into triple figures. 


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5 hours ago, rmcf2017 said:


Bit of an early return but I wanted to share something important


Odubeko has officially become the highest league scorer in the club's history. One of my favourite players in all of FM21 and it couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke. I hope he can cross into triple figures. 


He’s done well for you.

He doesn’t strike me as a top striker, but certain skills leap out along with that pace.

Does he have a second nationally? That name doesn’t strike me as Irish. Does he know Spanish yet considering he is Irish.

I wonder if you’ll get a big offer for him before he hits triple figures. Better if it happens after, as that’s more likely the end of the season.

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11 hours ago, Sonic Youth said:

He’s done well for you.

He doesn’t strike me as a top striker, but certain skills leap out along with that pace.

Does he have a second nationally? That name doesn’t strike me as Irish. Does he know Spanish yet considering he is Irish.

I wonder if you’ll get a big offer for him before he hits triple figures. Better if it happens after, as that’s more likely the end of the season.


He was born in Dublin to Nigerian parents, he's played for both the manchester teams and currently is at West Ham. 


As for being sold, he has fully peaked so I don't expect massive offers for him.

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Mid season, and it has been going well. League going well, cup started well and conference league is going brilliantly


The status quo has been returned and barca/madrid are back challenging for the league again. But the key is that tiny team in 5th place.

We are still the lowest wages in the league, 9 million less than 19th placed team, which is Real Sporting who are also 19th in the table.


The group stage was brilliant, 6 wins out of 6 and 0 goals conceded. 


Excellent group of players, but way more negatives


Plenty of transfers done as we look to strengthen the team and keep adding players for the future. 


Eric is a young brazilian winger, who will be the long term successor Tatli on the right mid position


Kone is 18 years old keeper, who is signed as a potential competitor for Gennari. Resolute personality and I hope I can find him a good loan


Would you look at that? Another Colombian regen, brilliant midfielder for his age and he has a lot of room to grow. He will be the backup next season, but he might be starting next season. 


leonardo is another brazilian winger, backup at LM this season with a future potential role as starter.


De La Hoz is a young CB signed on a free, and he will be loaned out for the upcoming season. 


We are also on our best run of form, with 10 wins in a row. 


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A season of success and heartbreak, we finished 7th again and qualify for Conference League as league winners Real Madrid  won the domestic double. We also got to the Europa league final and lost in extra time to Wolves, which makes it 9 years without a trophy, something I hadn't realised until that. On paper this seems like a success but...581756957_Screenshot(405).thumb.png.8d1ee7fa31b02d11a7f48557b22eaefb.png

The board wanted to avoid relegation and we did that successfully. Odubeko is 18 goals away from crossing the 100 goals mark for the club. It was a close race but we stumbled to 7th


We were competing for 3rd an 4th spots until the end of March and then it all went to the ground. 6 defeats and 2 draws in the last 8 game which is made worse as our 5 final games were against teams battling relegation or already relegated teams like Getafe.

I have decided to be ruthless with the squad in the summer window so expect some gutting and some recognizable names will be let go, as I want a few more experienced players in the squad, who also meet the squad registration rules. 


Biggest win was 8-0 and we could have genuinely scored 10+ in that game.


Conference League gave 20 million in broadcast revenue which is absolutely massive for the club. I hope our reputation will go up slightly after the season reset day.


our starting 11 was brilliant, we were however led astray due to poor performance of the depth players and injuries + tiredness due to a long season. Freddie Davidson and Blazesene won't be returning next season. I do however hope to get Tatli back as he has been brilliant consistently and by far the best winger at the club. 


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Wonderkids dreaming 


Some people may say that is an overkill of wonderkids but IDK. What do you say?




A lot of movement but it is slowly and slowly moving away from loan dependencia. 


First up, Lucas Jara on a free. Brilliant finishing, first touch, passing, technique. Physicals are meh but he's only 19 so he can become better.


Next up is Facundo Bandini, on a free again. 6'5 ball playing center back. Not good enough currently but he can grow into a baller for the future.


Now this guy is a bonafide start. How he doesn't have a Serbia cap is beyond me, no real weaknesses in his game aside from finishing which some might say is important for a striker. But he is the DLF so his role is more about linking up the play.


Branko Panikvar is another wonderkid. I've had this guy in my shortlist for about 4 years now and i think it was the right decision to pull the plug on him. Another brilliant centerback in the club.


Another player i've tried to sign for a few years and he finally joined. Steve Marques is a south african midfielder. Yaya Toure vibes anyone?


Gavi is a good left midfielder, signed on loan from Osasuna with an option to buy in the following summer. 


Brea is the new backup keeper, mainly signed because he is Spanish and meets homegrown requirements. 


Ismet Brkic is just a potential RB for the future.


The group is for conference league looks straight forward, Hope to get 1st again so I can avoid the 1st knockout round.


We are no longer the worst squad in the league, although there's big gap between us and Real Madrid who are just too OP in this league. 

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Unfortunately guys, real life happened and I just started a new job. I will try to give updates but chances of that happening are not very high. Not for the next couple of months. 

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