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Transfer suggestions for Birmingham City FC (mid level championship side)


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Recently started a save with Birmingham and I'm really struggling. I usually disable the first transfer window however this time I didn't so I'm not used to spending my first season scouting players, as I usually have entire season to build shortlists. I didn't struggle nearly as much in my Hamburg save I finished a few days ago, most likely because that Hamburg team had Bundesliga level players from day one. 

I was given 1 million at the start and by trimming the squad I've somehow got 8 million. I'm about 2 weeks (game time) into my save however I cant seem to find players that are cheap or good enough. Every relevant player is either to expensive or by the time my scouts have scouted them, are already signed up. A lot of the free agent signings that are often recommended have bids on them on the very first day of the save so there is simply not enough time to scout them( have 4 scouts btw). 


Tactics : Big fan of Zealand's (Youtuber/Streamer) asymmetrical formation, I also  love to play gengenpress. 


                                              WB       BPD        CD      WB


                                                          BBM           MEZ


                                                                   AF          CF

Goalkeeper:  have a decent goalkeeper but he's on pretty high wages , replacing him is not high on my agenda

Defence: have got 1or 2 defenders with 13 pace need two defenders like them if I want to play a high line

Midfielders: my midfielders are very technical  but literally cannot press. Very low stats for (6-9): work rate, teamwork, aggression, bravery, pace and stamina. some of the lowest in the league. Surprisingly as a collective they have good dribbling(14) however they don have to pace(11-12) or stamina (

Wingers: i usually never buy wingers early on in saves usually loan them in however, I have a very good right winger who has a lot of stats in the 16's in key areas. I only plan on using 1 winger in my tactic.

Strikers: this is the biggest problem sold all the old guys so I have no one left. I plan on using 2 strikers hopefully both playing as advanced forwards. Looking for pace dribbling and finishing  


My first thought before starting this save was not to rely too much on loan signings however I can barely even find any decent loan signings to begin with. My aim is to get promoted in my first season, any suggestion are more than welcome.

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