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Broken U-18s After New Coach Added

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I've been trying to figure this out but can't. The story starts when I accidentally deleted my save and only had a save game from 2 in-game years prior, so in an effort to recover it, I bought the in-game editor and advanced two years into the future, replicating the signings I had made each window to recover the game. However, during this advancing, I retired my coach to holiday so that I could start with my team again at the end of the simulation time (though I'm not sure if I had to do this).

Anyways, upon returning to my team, I set my responsibilities, and as someone who likes to take a ground-up approach to training I wanted to control my U-18s. However, since starting with this new coach, I can't set my first team tactic as the team's primary tactic.


Also, I can't control any aspect of tactics with the U-18s.


I can still modify training, but I don't get U-18 training emails though I've asked for them, even though I do for my first team and U-23s.


Also with emails, I get emails asking me which players I want to set available for U-18 games, even though I have set under responsibilities to never receive emails asking this (as for match fitness I use U-23s)



I'm not sure if this is a bug caused by introducing the editor into the game, or whether it's because of adding a new coach, but wondering if there is a fix or not.

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