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Config file when loading created kits.


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Hi I wondered if anyone is able to help out.

I have been creating my own kits for a few games and had no issue getting them added.

I recently created some kits for Swindon Town who already have kits on the game and had issues loading them, the real kits were removed but the ones I created wouldn't load. I assumed this was down to there being real kits in game.


Now I am playing a seperate game and this kits have loaded fine (the third kit I had to add manually on the in-game editor so it wouldn't load on the different save,



Now on this seperate save where the Swindon kits load, I have created kits for that team too. For some reason they aren't loading. I have checked the config file two or three times.... and in the end Deleted the whole config file, to try and re-write the whole thing.....

I deleted the config file and the above Swindon kits are still loading. I have saved the kits and config file in the same folder.

Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics\Kits

However I don't understand how the game is still loading the kits with no config file....I have reloaded the skin several times, but it makes no difference

Am I missing something, is the config file duplicated somewhere and that's where the kits are loading from?

Anyone got any ideas?


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