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UEFA European Cups Fix (No away goals)

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(From my FMScout Page)


Fix for teams from same nation being drawn against each other in qualifying rounds for both the Europa League and Europa Conference League.
Also changed fourth qualifying round name to playoff like in real life.
Changed fixture priority to high for every fixture.
First season higher seeded team plays at home

Update 1:

Made compatible with files that edit/add German leagues
Fixed(added) prize money for champions league qualifying rounds



June Update:
Changed prize money (changed it to what I've seen on the UEFA site).
Removed away goals in qualifiers and knockout stages.
(not 100% this one works) !Armenian and Azerbaijani clubs can't be drawn against each other in qualifiers!
1st qualifying round of the Champions league is split into 2 groups of seeded and unseeded, instead of just seeded and unseeded.
The ucl preliminary rounds are now always played on a different neutral venue. (doesn't 100% work as intended, but it's better than always playing in Gibraltar)

July Update:
Group Stages don't use away goals for H2H matches anymore. (still used for later tiebreakers, but this is also so irl)





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