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Impossible board objective for Swiss super league

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there is an issue after 4 seasons into the game, the board of FC Vaduz have asked me to qualify for European champions cup (ucl) through the league, this is actually impossible with fc Vaduz as they are from Liechtenstein and are classed as a guest team so therefore even if win league we can’t qualify for ucl as we can only represent Liechtenstein in European competition and as Liechtenstein don’t have there own league the only way to qualify for Europe is winning the Liechtensteiner cup which only grants entry to euro cup 2, the only way to qualify for ucl is to win the Europa conference league and then the Europa league consecutively and then if I lose in the ucl I have to go back to conference league and start again, need this sorting as means as it’s a required objective im likely to get sacked 


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Hi Mate,


Where you able to solve this somehow? Did you went through this without being sacked at least?


Im on 2030 with FC Schaan so it's been a long journey and my board was angry because I didnt reach Conference League via league and they want me to achieve Champions league now, I'm afraid they'll sack me even if I win the league.


Got 2nd place last season and got this disappointed board which is amazing

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No I didn’t and I’ve had no reply as you can see, this is clearly an issue they haven’t thought of as it’s impossible to quickly for the champions league through the league for any of the guest teams from Liechtenstein as only way is to win each European comp to qualify 

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