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Extremely important setting option is needed for the creation for user file in the FM Editor and FM Game for German league !!!!


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I found the following on the DFB website.


If the B team in the third division is on a non-relegation place at the end of the season, but the main team plays  in the 2nd Bundesliga and at the end of the season is on a relegation place and is thus relegated.

Must the B team relegated to the Oberliga (5th Division).

Because: The statutes stipend that B teams of third division main teams may not play in the Regionalliga (4th division).

Quecke DFB.de: 



Thus, two extremely important setting options for the FM Editor are required. For Germany Nation 771.

1. Setting option:

If a B teams main club in third divison, don't allow promotion.

<record enum="check_third_division_up_for_b_teams" enum_id="...">

<translation id="name" translation_id="...." type="use" value="If a B team's main club is in  third division, don't allow promotion[COMMENT: advanced editor competition rules, league setup details]" />



2. Setting option:

If a B teams main club relegated from second Bundesliga (second Division), must relegate to Oberliga (5th Division).


<record enum="check_third_division_up_for_b_teams" enum_id="...">

<translation id="name" translation_id="..." type="use" value="If a B team's main club is in  relegated to third division, must relegate to Oberliga (5th Division)[COMMENT: advanced editor competition rules, league setup details]" />


Please include these settings in the game and in the fm editor in basic rules and advanced rules. 

Or is there a possibility. 

That I put it myself in the respective .xml files 

i am using macOs 10.13.6 and Xcode version 10.1 (10B61):

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The problem is. If the main team relegate to 3.Liga and the B team play in the 3.Liga must this B team  go down to Liga Niveau 6.

But it isn't a option to choose. Because between the 3.Liga (level 2) and Liga Niveau 6 (level 4) is the Regionalliga (level 3)

and there should this " B/Reserve teams must relegate one division down if main team in 3.Liga".

Theese  Option  "B/Reserve teams not promoted if main teams within 2 division levels above"  use I for Liga Niveau 6 Sub Divisons.

A other problem is no promotion for B team is the limit is reached "Max Number of B Teams" does not really work for sub divisions

Regionalliga B teams promotion to 3. Liga. Or all users there are spend time to create custom fmf files make is mistake like me.

A question is how can I block b teams from promotion if the limit reached of b teams in 3.Liga?

A other question is. How it works if the board ask me in game if I want to build a b team to active leagues in Germany? 

Liga Niveau 11 or Liga Niveau 10 sub division because these parent comps are the lasts Divisons in these file Liga Niveau 10 last Divisons in Local region Nordrhein-Westfalen and some in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and some Liga Niveau 11 sub Divisions.

Because these local regions haven't reserve leagues.

and in the reserve.xml says these 

        <translation id="name" translation_id="494085" type="use" value="What B Club type should be created for clubs in this nation?[COMMENT: AREA: Editor; SUB-AREA: Reserve Teams; FR-BN: n/a; TONE: Informal; CHARLIMIT: None; NOTE: advanced editor competition rules, setting up required reserve league details for a competition]" />


so i tested the "LEAGUES WITH NON-OTIONAL RESERVE TEAMS"  and filled them with all the leagues. test the file and start the game but on 19 jun the b team lands in Amateurliga.

So i tested with a test file and delete in editor on nation tab from division levels Liga Niveau 8 test the file and start the game the board ask me if I want create B team, and I says yes .

so now on 19 jun the b team is in Liga Niveau 8 but not in sub division Landesliga Schleswig.

How can we like me for Nations without reserve leagues...to create B teams in game to the last active sub division? Or choose the Division.

And Importent In Germany is allowed in the last lowest league can play Main ,B team C team D team!!!!

It should be a "tab for those nations who have no reserve leagues. With option the uses the lowest leagues of the main team".

"And the game should look in Club Competitions regional Divisions".

"And setting up these leagues as required leagues details for competition".





Germany File.png

Dont allow Promotion.png

B team created.png


So I found a mistake if the B team created. Affiliates  section -PLaying in the same division will terminate the link between Club and Club II.


It should stay -The terms of this deal will prevent Club II from playing in the same division and main club. and...

-The terms of this deal will allow Club II playing in the same Lowest division and main club.

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