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Setting up short corners and freekicks

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I am starting a game with Ajax 5 years in and things are a MESS!!! All the CBs in the academy have been trained to be Liberos, their superstar RW has the preffered move to hug the left flank the list goes on. I'm trying to rebuild the team but at the end of my first window I realised I have no one with corners above 12 and free kicks above 14 plus I have one of the shortest squads in the league. Because of our reputation even though we haven't won a trophy for 4 years I am still regularly seeing 6 or 7 defensive players on the pitch in most league games so I need to make set plays work.

I've never used short corners/free kicks before and totally at a loss on how to set them up so be great if there are any examples or general principals I should be following

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