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Can only make 2 subs


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I only make 2 subs and then can't do subs anymore.

I think it is glitch if I accept the assistant old recommendation where the players probably already subs out, and the subs count is taken (probably)

Or I accept it and do the subs myself but for other people (example my assistant suggest player A for player B, I accept but the game still on and the subs not happen, then I sub player A for player C)

Already having this kind of situation more than 5 times


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  • SI Staff

Hi @saintrainhard,  If you have a save game from before a match can you please upload it here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support#text

Please let us know the name when you have done so. Also could you please clarify what you do before this issue occurs.

Do you accept the advice from your assistant manager and wait for the sub or do you attempt to make it yourself while ignoring the advice from the assistant manager?

Thanks for being patient with this

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I finally found the culprit, it is the on highlight suggestion, the flow :

1. Klik "Do It" for assistant suggestion about substitution (the one on the below left side when there is highlight [pop up])

2. It is showing that the subs already done in the player panels (players with green and red arrow)

3. But in tactic screen the players still like before the subs have been made

4. After some highlights still no changes in the tactic screen, then I do the same subs manually from tactic and subs menu

5. With this action the subs process will be count as 2 subs already happen for 1 same  subs

6. This can happen in almost any games with the same flow, because it have already happened for more than 5 times for me

Right now my solution is always ignore assistant subs suggestion, and do the subs myself from tactics (even with exactly supposed  same subs)

My save file name is Daniel Fersbeanto - FM Career.fm (not exactly before that game, but as this can happen in every game. Maybe you can even check using your game too with above flow) 

Thanks for the assistance

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