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AFC Richmond (Ted Lasso Season 2) Football Manager 2021 Database Release/Update!AFC Richmond (Ted Lasso Season 2) Football Manager 2021 Database Release/Update!

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The time has come for YOU to take control of season two of Ted Lasso once again!

After the heartbreaking relegation, AFC Richmond really has rallied around their manager (You) and stayed together ready to take on the Championship and get promoted as quickly as possible. Ted Lasso stepped back to work with the youth players at the club. Join in Beard, Nate, Rebecca and the rest of the club staff to work out signings, tactics and TRAINING, MAN.

Of course all players are not 100% accurate as we don't see exactly their full name, position, age, etc. so personal liberties have been taken to make the team feel like a real team with enough players in each position!


Extra Flavor

  • Jamie Tartt back at Manchester City

  • Full roster, every name in the locker room represented with a player, with what sources I could find.

  • League's set to what teams relegated and promoted in real life.

  • Added a league history (Made up back to 1999) for Richmond, for a little more added depth.

  • Players have /partial/ histories completed, perhaps at a later time they will be fully flushed out.

  • All teams have updated rosters through JUNE 2021, no later.

  • Extra staff contributed and filled out by fans!

  • Previous Richmond players still in the database

The database is update through Episode One only, no further to prevent spoilers for others that may not want it, post-season version will include changes through the show's season, and into the next game. Unfortunately the Kit wasn't able to be made due to issues, but it may be created and put here if one is made!

Download w/ logo pack here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_D7yb9CWb6JFz7LW9mSh8rFJmLvp8V7T/view?usp=sharing

Thank you to everyone that contributed, to Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly and Brendan Hunt for creating such a wonderful show!

r/TedLasso - AFC Richmond (Ted Lasso Season 2) Football Manager 2021 Database Release/Update!

Most of the squad!

If there is any feedback, feel free to leave it and it will be considered/implemented for the next release!

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Good effort. I wouldn't put Ted Lasso in there because most people would probably want to play as him and having another one in the game is weird. The club could use a bit more history - except for the league positions there's nothing there. Dani Rojas doesn't have a work permit at the start of the game. I would also make Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent hate each other.

A corresponding facepack would be useful.

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