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Who set the min/max wage allowed for a player/staff?

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For instance, I made a shortlist of staff that is interested in joining the club, the wage they request is too high, and that's okay (although, maybe they don't want to join the club after all?) but my question is: who decides when a wage is too high? The board? Based on what?

Even more confusing: I made an offer for a player. Offer accepted. He wants to be a first-team regular (btw, if I change to "star player" his agent gets angry... okay...) he then asks for 130k p/a. The max I'm allowed to offer is 80k p/a. But, at least three or four of my players earn way more than that. Also, I'm offloading a lot of deadwood and I have no problem with wages. So, why can't I offer more than 80k? I remember there used to be a screen with a min/max/avg wage for each type of player (star, first team, youngster...) but I can't find it anymore. Maybe you could also ask the board to make an exception for a player? (I'm a bit rusty... :)  )

Side note: If I delegate things to the DoF the genius offers 30k and a role as a promising youngster or something... The guy currently earns 100k... But, at least the DoF seems to offer the contract so that the player can reflect upon it, when I negotiate contracts is always "okay, we are moderately satisfied, we'll call you back" or "that's outrageous! You idot are wasting my time! I'm storming out". Can't I just propose terms for contracts the same way I do for bids to clubs? Maybe the player will refuse, but at least they won't abandon negotiations like I'm insulting them! 

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MAx. Wage is set by the board. It changes over time, depending on your financial status. Its a summary of a lot of things (debts, balance, success, CL yes/no, etc.).

At some points in the game you can ask via board interaction to increase salary caps. 

I started with Austria Wien where the max. wage is around 50k/month. After 4 seasons and success (sport and finance) the max wage is now around 200k.

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I don't know who sets the maximum salary (maybe some Director or the President?...), but you can offer a higher salary by moving funds from the transfer to the payroll budget, as below:


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