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Can you order your team to keep the ball on the ground?

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My forwards can't always win aerial duals but that isn't the main problem it is my midfield and wing backs who play lofted balls between each other during possession and while the ball is in the air they managed to lose to an aerial dual from a midfielder/winger that has poor heading stats sometimes the pass is made and the opp midfielder has all the energy in the world to win the ball back. And this is all happening in the lower leagues. That being said some of my midfielders are quite small.

Anyway I want the ball to be on the ground with out sacrificing the attacking mentality to push forward and therefore have decided to use slightly shorter passing style with a slightly higher tempo so majority of the highlights we can keep the ball and have meaningful attacks.

I am not really bothered by the centre backs they usually pass shorter when necessary and clear when in danger so thats fine.

I can't risk playing shorter since that's not good for us in the lower leagues and we do tend to fold under pressure  same thing for playing on a lower tempo as we take way too long.



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A lot actually comes down to the techical ability of the passing player (high technique = more likely to keep the ball on the ground), as well as the demand of the receiving player. A striker for example, that is making runs behind the defensive line, may demand lofted passes to be played over the top into the space for him to run at. Also the actual distance does have an effect to this. If you have many close passing options, its unlikely for the passer to loft the ball as its not nessecary. If your team is spread out and the ball needs to travel long distances, its more likely for the ball being lofted to avoid possible interceptions. 

So in that sense, shorter passing does somehow cure it, but its a toxic solution as you give up on vertical/diagonal passes for "cosmetic reasons". Better look to sort out players with low technical abilities (compared to the league) and slightly adjust your roles to offer more close passing options (both safe and vertical) and maybe avoid roles that are trying to stretch the play excessively like an AF or Wingers

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