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The new chinese plan to conquer the world [Oriental Dragon/China PR]

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Founded in 2014 by Chinese Chinese Qi Chen's Wsports Seven - and Carlos Gomes, former Benfica B coach as football director, Oriental Dragon emerged on the national football scene to promote and enhance the development of athletes from the eastern country.
In FM2021, Oriental Dragon has 90% chinese newgens, all of them really bad ofc, but you can improve the youth cap and get some newgen beasts!

The aim
Take Oriental Dragon and the national team to the top, by winning the champions league and the world cup.

Starting up
You can add the level 4 of China, to load up more regens and activate the lower leagues, to try new affiliate clubs and future deals with top chinese teams;
Start a manager with no coaching badges (you can and should obtain them along the way and sunday league footballer reputation;
No use of in-game editor;
Any database size, any start date.

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