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[FM21] 21.4 Scotland Reimagined

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We've just gone into another lockdown in Melbourne so I thought I'd use my time to create an alternate Scottish system - after a while the normal structure gets a bit boring (playing each team 4 times, only one relegation etc.) so.........

I present Scotland Reimagined! 

Premiership (16 teams - 3 relegated)
Championship (16 teams - 2 auto promoted plus 1 through playoffs, 3 relegated)
League 1 (16 teams - 2 auto promoted plus 1 through playoffs, 4 relegated)
Highland/Lowland League (16 teams in each - 2 auto promoted plus 2 through playoffs)
* Every team plays each other twice, so 30 league games.
* Start in September after League Cup group stage

Scottish Cup (100 clubs)
* pretty much as per current

League Cup (80 teams)
* all 80 teams in structure entered
* initial phase is 16 groups of 5 teams who play home and away (this helps make up for less league games)
* group stage runs from mid July to end of August
* top 2 in each group qualify for knockouts (32 teams)

Challenge Cup (64 teams)
* every team in structure outside Premiership - no youth teams like real life
* Simple knockout

Other Notes
* I've tried to add realistic tv money and prizemoney
* Games moved for TV added as well
* League games require at least two u/23 in matchday squad
* Simple reserve and u/18 league added
* Scottish Cup and Playoffs end mid May 
* Season update day remains June 10

All tested and working well.

Hope you enjoy it! 


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9 hours ago, Crazy_Ivan said:

Thanks so much. I took a stab at making this myself but was horribly out of my depth so this is brilliant.

Hope it's OK. I'm enjoying it, with nothing major out of place so far as far as I can tell! Making Scotland a bit more enjoyable.

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