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Board refuses to create team B

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I'm playing carrier in polish division. I've started from te botton (4th league) in season 20/21. Now i'm having 2029 year, club balance is +20kk. Reputation my club in my nation is the best. Youth building are the best. Board always refuse to create second team. What should i have to do to change their mind? Is there any best time to apply this request? Like end of season (but it doesn't change)? I'm trying request every time i can.

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when i get my LL team promoted and ask for U23 team, they give it to me. but i get no team schedual, just a team to store kids. i have to schedual all freindlies to keep them in shape and improving. i also wait till i have millions in bank ( i dont know how much 20kk is)

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