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newb question re training level

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hi all sorry for the newb question have very recently jumped from FM13 to FM21 

in my second season in VNL and started to notice some trends when the season gets really busy game every 3 days or sometimes even less my players start getting orange arrows against their attributes. 

also most of my squad is very young but the few older players i ahve always seem to be losing their attributes. the physical i understand when they are over 30 but even younger players like 26 start getting orange arrows mid season. is this because my coaches are not good enough? (new signings they came to us with those attributes) my coaches are all very average i have highest rating of 14 and 13 in two attributes but everyone else's coaching attributes are 10-12 in their speciality

my main question is what level of training to have in the 3 days gaps between games

my usual set up is 

day 1 recover and match review maybe some extra curricular - bar on <25% dark green

day 2 some tactical or set piece training two block bar on less <33% dark green

day 3 match pretp tactics or team work + match preview < 25% dark green

should i be putting them on more training on day2? maybe bright green bar. can i also include a slot of physical or will that be too much for a 2 match week?

i'm really worried about injuries and not having players available but i'm starting to think i'm hurting my players with so little training. moved all my bright prospect to U23 squad to get more training. had moved them to senior squad to get get more mentoring affect.

also should i just go general training later in the season instead of focusing

thanks in advance

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This is a very common question and one that should be made clearer in game.  It has been previously raised with SI.

TL;DR - there is nothing at all wrong with your players.  Orange arrows which point diagonally down are simply part of the natural ebb and flow of player progression.  A slight dip of 0.1 of an attribute is enough to show an orange arrow and it's quite normal for a monthly trend to be 12,12,13,13,12,12,13,14,14,15,14 for example.  So dips and gains but overall an upward trend.  Note that a movement from 12 to 13 (or whatever) could be nothing more than an actual change of 12.4 to 12.5, as the numbers are rounded up or down.

(There is also a more technical explanation to do with game mechanics and calculations but that tends to get confusing).

It's the red arrows which point straight down and/or an overall decline over at least a 6 month period which may be cause for concern.

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ok that's reassuring I've only seen red arrows on physicals of over 30's so its to be expected i guess.

also my coaches are advising that a couple of my first team players need experience at a higher level to progress (rollseyes) i guess promotion is the only answer

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