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Palermo to Glory - FM21


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 Palermo... A club... A legacy... A problem. They find themselves stuck in the 3rd Tier of Italy and it is my job to take them back to there top flight days, and hopefully take them to a Serie A title! I know there is only a month until Football Manager 2022, but I want a challenge before we start the Journeyman, which we will start with Edinburgh City! I'm glad to finally announce it on here, but for now we will be mostly talking about Palermo, and taking them to glory! I will give updates often and hopefully it will get a good response.


 We started pre-season off with high hopes of promotion to Serie B, which would ultimately (hopefully) end up in promotion to Serie A, a few years down the line. However this save goes, I want it to last until we at least get Palermo back to the top flight of Italian football, which they were in back in the 2016/17 season. Coming off a promotion from Serie D, we were wanting back to back. I searched, and searched, and searched for players, scouting then offering, scouting then offering. But clearly not a lot of people wanted to come down to third division football. We needed to promise people promotion, a way that we would be certain that we were going to get promoted without a doubt in everyone's minds! Let's start off, at the big 7 of Italy, and try to bring in some loans...


I will see you all next blog with more new about this save with Palermo!


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