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Prize Money and TV Money. An idiots guide?


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Is there an idiots guide for how to set this up in a custom/edited league? I think I know the basics of it, but I get seriously lost when it comes to following seasons. Basically, what I would like to know is:

  • Will the prize money AND/OR TV revenue increase each season or will it remain the same each season?
  • When allocating the prize money, is it best to have a total amount and then divide it amongst the teams, with a decreasing amount for each position?
  • How would prize money be allocated if the league has a playoff for the title? For example, if the overall winner actually finished 2nd and not top, would they get less or the most?
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To answer the first, it will increase or decrease with changes in reputation for the competition and nation. Because reputation usually doesn't change so much the changes are usually minor. Except when you would take Andorra to the CL final for instance.
Second, yes. I am not sure how you would do it differently?
Third, check if you can set price money for playoff as well and what determines your final final standings.

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Advance rules ....  then money section in your league , then go to final ranking money , Then click calculate cash for place value .

As an example i have put 7000 and this is how it set out the winnings .... I think 100000 is the highest you can set and i think it takes the size of the league and the reputations into considerationmoney.thumb.png.489be4659dbce5db03d0d19e6f6969b7.png

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