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Manager hires you always see in your save?

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I apologize for the weirdly worded title.


For me it's always Sean Dyche becoming the manager at England, Marek Papszun becoming the manager of Poland and Stanislav Cherchesov getting hired at FK Rostov, any other managers you always see getting hired at a certain club/nation?

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Not names per se, but what I saw a lot on FM20 (didn't play 21 that much) that annoyed me a lot was too many high profile manager moves in the middle of the season, from one club to another. 

You could be top of the league in Portugal or Holland with a few games to clinch a title, but when 15th placed Valencia or Everton call, they make a switch. Found that completely off. Hopefully in 22 managers won't abandon their clubs halfway for a better salary. Which is another issue, their salaries were too low in the game. 


As for names, Ancelotti to Barcelona is a common one. Klopp at Real Madrid another, otherwise it's Conte or Allegri. 

Zidane to Juventus and Simeone to Inter are two likely changes irl. 

I've seen Guardiola go to Atletico Madrid many times to replace Simeone who either goes to Inter or Argentina NT in case his City fails to maintain a leading spot.

Pochettino to Manchester United is also something I frequently saw. 

Arsenal had a tendency to hire Eddie Howe in my saves, as well as Henry and Vieira. 

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