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FM 2021 editor question

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Hi. Yes it is possible. I assume you've already downloaded the pre game editor. Once your in the pre game editor first of all decide which team your going to swap out to put your team in. Once you've entered the team you want to change under clubs in database ,you go to the competitions tab. You will see it says the position the team finished last season in last seasons league and also the current teams league. Now what I would do is for example,if the team finished say 15th in championship last year and you want to put them in the premier. Leave the last years league as the championship but change the last position to first or second. You then change your current league from championship to prem. Now the team that got promoted last year in the place you have changed your team to finishing needs their current league position last year changing to th where your team you have changed finished, so in this case 15th. So change current league on team your swapping with from prem to championship like they have not been promoted and put their finishing position last season to 15th  which is where your current team finished before you changed them to 1st or 2nd place last year. You must do this as if you dont swap the change wont verify in nation rules. You can do this same thing for any league change. Just find a suitably last seasoned positioned team to take away a promotion from or vice versa. You get it?

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Search for the competition you want them in, click on the "teams" section, choose the team you want them to replace, click "Swap" at the bottom right, search for the the team you want there instead, click Ok, save the file and you're done.

It's as simple as that. No need to edit finishing positions or anything like that.

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