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[Suggestion] Match Plans


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I had never used match plans before, but with the stamina changes in FM22, I think it has the potential to be a very useful tool. After playing around with it a few days ago, I noticed a few things which I think can easily make it much more useful and easier to use.

  1. No 'standard' option for the sliders.
    • If you're starting with a high pressing tactic, and want to drop back into a standard defence in a certain scenario, there is no option to do this in the match plan. Only the other way round (standard -> higher / lower)
  2. No 'or' statementsd
    • it would be useful to have an option to create the same match plan for if you're drawing 'or' losing by 1 goal in the first (let's say) 20 minutes. Instead of having to enter the same instructions for both scenarios.
  3. Grouped / common instructions
    • I think the most effective way to use matchplans, and what is done most in real life, is to use them mostly to adjust intensity based on the time and scenario. For example, as a default match plan that will run across most of the season, I won't be changing the passing directness or focus play or width so much. These are instructions I use more based on our strengths / weaknesses against the opposition's. What's more useful is to change things like tempo and pressing. Since if you're a high pressing team, there's never much point to continue pressing high and spending energy if you're 3+ up in the second half. And if you're a defensive team, there's little point sitting deep if you're down 1+ goal in the last 10 minutes, no matter the opponent. Same with tempo, up the pace and instensity either at the start of games when you have more energy, or if you're losing late on. As well as slowing the game down and taking a breather or playing keep ball when you're winning by a lot. My point is that the pressing and tempo instructions should be at the top of the list, rather than having to scroll down each time.
    • Secondly, If I want to press higher, it's likely that I'm going to want to change my line of engagement + defensive line + pressing intensity all at once. There should be some kind of option to link them or make it easier to change these instructions in one go, rather than the tedious process of scrolling down the list three times for every scenario. Another option could be, rather than have a list of instructions, have the scenario open up the tactical instructions page, and adjust the instructions from there.
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  • SI Staff

Thanks for taking the time to raise this here. This is something which has now been documented and is part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM.

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