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Official CMELClan Team Report thread

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This is the official CMELClan team report thread (delete other one please, no more deleting them then). Each member is required to post at least 1 team report each week in this thread or post a team report after every sesson. Failure to post at least 1 team report a week will result in a caution (unless a decent reason is given).

For all of you members who dont know the clan now has 14 members (no more will join), the game is ran with medium data and full detail is not on so the game should run real smooth and it shouldnt take too long to actually get into the season and start playing games.

All rules still apply in the clan and the clan website will be updated still at the end of each week ready for the new week

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This is the official CMELClan team report thread (delete other one please, no more deleting them then). Each member is required to post at least 1 team report each week in this thread or post a team report after every sesson. Failure to post at least 1 team report a week will result in a caution (unless a decent reason is given).

For all of you members who dont know the clan now has 14 members (no more will join), the game is ran with medium data and full detail is not on so the game should run real smooth and it shouldnt take too long to actually get into the season and start playing games.

All rules still apply in the clan and the clan website will be updated still at the end of each week ready for the new week

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Originally posted by ChampHolic:

Each member is required to post at least 1 team report each week in this thread or post a team report after every sesson. Failure to post at least 1 team report a week will result in a caution (unless a decent reason is given).

So does this mean that you will arrest us if we do not post again after our caution? icon_biggrin.gif

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Below is where each team stands in their division below. There is a table for each divison. Don't forget members next session is on tuesday.

English Premiership


English Division One


English Division Two


Also dont forget to post team reports members and see you all next session

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Plymouth Argyle appoint Lee Owens as manager

Today Plymouth Argyle has announced Lee Owens as their new manager. The board expect a fairly tough season but to end up around mid table ish overall and think that they also have a good chance of gaining promotion from division two and maybe playing division one football next season.

So far manager Lee Owens has been easy going with the transfer budget that he has been given to spend for the whole season which is 140k.

The players that have caught manager Lee Owens eye so far and he has signed for Plymouth are:

Peter Van Vossen - 4k

Peter Weatherson - 35k

Mark Bosnich - Free

Tony Thorpe - Free

Also Andy watkins signed for blackpool for 70k which got Plymouths transfer budget back and gave them even that little bit more to spend on new players.

Opening day of season

After purchasing a few new players Plymouth squad looked stronger than ever before and they were ready to take on the whole of division two and perhaps conquer it. A list of all of the games that Plymouth have played before are listed below:

Plymouth 1-1 Notts County

The opening game of the season started off well as it was mainly plymouth that done most of the attacking. Just after the kick off for the 2nd half Plymouth grabbed a well deserved goal with frilo scoring a great long range effort from outside the area. It was looking as if Plymouth could get off to the best start possible with a win until notts county scored a lucky goal in the 78th minute.

League Cup - Port Vale 2 - 1 Plymouth

Plymouths first defeat came quicker than expected and ended Plymouths chance of getting far in the league cup for yet another season. Overall Port Vale just edged it by having more shots than what plymouth did. Weatherson getting his first goal for plymouth since he joined though.

Plymouth 2-0 Barnsley

Plymouths first win of the season and it was well deserved. Marino keith scoring two sensational goals to move plymouth up the league a few positions.

Stockport 2-2 Plymouth

This was a very close game and for most of the game Plymouth were losing. A few tactical changes at half time and Plymouth were a changed team in the 2nd half. Jason bent scoring one goal and weatherson getting another goal.

Hartlepool 1-1 Plymouth

Plymouth walked away from this match thinking that they should of won this game by more than 3 goals but due to hartlepools keeper keeping them in the game the score finished 1-1. Weatherson netting his 3rd of the season.

Plymouth 1-0 Rushden

Plymouths early unbeaten form in the league looked as if it was gonna dissappear after rushden nearly scored severally times. Luckily weatherson was fouled in the area and wotton scored the penelty.

Oldham 1-0 Plymouth

A disaster for all home park fans as plymouths good early start came to an end by the underdogs oldham.

Plymouth 1-0 Brighton

After the dissappointment of Plymouth's last game plymouth needed a to get a result to lift their players morale back up and give the supporters something to cheer about. This was done when weatherson scored an early goal to put plymouth back on track.

Luton 2-0 Plymouth

This by far was the worst game that plymouth have played this season so far. Bad defensive errors gave luton many of chances and they eventually scored 2 goals to give plymouth their worst defeat of the season so far

Plymouth 2-1 Wycombe

For nearly all of the match it was looking as if plymouth were going to get a point in this game but due to a 90th minute goal by aljofree they won 2-1. Weatherson scored the 2nd goal.

Tranmere 0-1 Plymouth

Manager Lee Owens declared himself extremly pleased with this result as he though his team were going to lose this but a 79th minute goal cleared all those thoughts from Lee's head. Weatherson scored the goal.

Plymouth 2-0 Brentford[/b]

This game was all over in the second half as Voseen scored his first goal for plymouth this season since joining them at the start. Keith then scored the 2nd goal to take plymouths unbeaten run now to 3 games.

Sheff Wed 1-1 Plymouth

First half in the game was appauling as keith wasnt up to playing his best which allowed sheff wed to take advantage of this and open the scoring. After a 2nd half teamtalk and keith being replaced by stonebridge plymouth looked a lot sharper in the 2nd half and weatherson scored one to get plymouth a point.

The season is already looking a promising one for the Pilgrims and because of results of the last few games plymouthn currently find themselves in 9th position and very close to playoff's. More team information to come when more games are played next session so stay tuned

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Cardiff City Appoint New Manager

Despite getting Cardiff City promoted at the end of last season, Lennie Lawrence was sacked as manager last night. Within 12 hours his replacement was named as James Cale, his only qualification being 11 years playing the highly rated Championship Manager game. Fans and Players alike were shocked at the news, and despite the 24hr Hunger strike by the majority of fans they have now decided to back the new manager.

At a press conference Cale's main aims were

- Top 10 Finish this year

- Unload the 'has-beens'

- Bring in fresh new talent

- To be in the premiership within 2 years

Hopefully the new manager will be able to fulfil those aims and take Cardiff to their rightful spot in the Premier league.

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Strachan Leaves Southampton

After all the media hype Gordan Strachan has quit Southampton though not as expected to join Leeds. Instead he has taken up an offer from channel 5 to present a home improvement show called "Painting the town red with Wee Gordan".

He has been replaced in the St Mary's hotseat by unknown quanity Matthew Le God. Le God set about a reign of terror at the club by releasing 13 youth players and putting half the first team squad up for sale on his first day.

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in our games we use a medium database as this is basically the same as large and runs a lot faster than when its on large also not full detail on english leagues and no division 3. Also all our members are usually quite quick so thats how we get through games at a steady pace icon_smile.gif and t+t time is allocated before each session to speed in game action up

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it is with some regret that i would like to resign my position from within your clan, I find it unexceptable that clan times are not adhered to and i have massive problems with the speed of the game and the number of players that play in it, rules seem to change or be expanded at the drop if a hat. all that being said you do have some very good players and i wish you all the best.

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ok mate its your loss and im sure we can get a 14th member to replace you no problem. Im sorry you got annoyed by the rules changing and the time running over in the first session. Wish you all the best in finding another clan

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just to let all members now clan games will always finish at 11 now (unless gaming times change on website) even if other members can play for longer. This is just to avoid upsetting members if they miss part of their teams games

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David Pleat announces Hoddle's replacement.

David Pleat today has announced Unknown manager Mike Law as his new number one at White Hart Lane.

Mike Law released a press statment today declaring that he aims to bring glory to tottenham both in demestic and european competions. Law said that he was looking to impove some of the areas of the tottenham squad, Mainly GK and middfield.

Law has signed tree young talented players to the club, LMC Damian Luna, GK Andreas Isaksson and SC Hjalmar Porarinsson.

Law has bad start to season.

Law has started the season badly losing 3.0 to Newcastle. Tottenham put in an abismal performance and they looked quite happy to let Newcastle walk all over them.

Law comes out on top in close game.

Law wins his second game beating Middlesbrough 2.0. Middlesbrough started the game on top creating lots of chances, but Tottenham showed good defecive abbility to hold out and they managed to take there chances, with Kanoute as their best attacking outlet.

Tottenham do well to come back from behide.

Tottenham started their home game very badly conciding two goals agaist Wolves. Tottenham did well to ogganise them selves and scored an early second half goal and a late equaliser, in a great game to watch.

Law draws again in close forght game at Villa

Tottenham ave drawn 0.0 at Aston Villa today. The game was uneventful with both teams finding it hard to hit the target.

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Monkey Hangers appoint Lee as manager

Lee promises not to hang any french monkeys unless they "really annoy me"

In a move that has stunned the footballing world, Hartlepool United chairman Ken Hodcroft has sacked Neale Cooper for undisclosed reasons, and appointed rookie Michael Lee as the new man in charge. Lee, deadly at twelve paces with a knife and fork, said of his appointment:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I'm incredibly pleased to have been given the chance to manage the club I supported as a boy, and I hope I can bring the glory days back to Victoria Park. And I promise not to hang any French monkeys. Unless they really annoy me.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


Due to Hartlepool being declared a no-go zone by the FBI, no-one has been allowed to leave or join Hartlepool.


All matches played at Victoria Park, Hartlepool will be played wearing radioactive suits, due to the close proximity of Darlington.

Division 2 - Matchday 1

Grimsby Town 1 - Darren Barnard (18)

Hartlepool United 1 - Paul Robsinson (61)

A tough opening day fixture away to Grimsby saw them take the lead early on, only for Robsinson to equalise midway through the second half for a share of the points in Lee's first game in charge of the club.

See next post for Live Coverage of the League Cup first round match

Division 2 - Matchday 2

Port Vale 1 - Marc Bridge-Wilkinson (88)

Hartlepool United 2 - Eifion Williams (66), Steven Istead (77)

A rousing second half display after a dull first half saw Hartlepool take the points from a poor looking Vale side. Lee can be pleased with his players, as they put in a great performance to win 2-1.

Division 2 - Matchday 3

Hartlepool United 1 - Mark Tinkler (3)

Chesterfield 2 - Marvin Robinson (45), Caleb Folan (84)

A very depressing result. Mark Tinkler gave Hartlepool the lead early on, finding space in the box from an Istead free-kick. But Robinson equalised with literally the last kick of the first half, and Hartlepool never recovered. To be fair, they lasted until 5 minutes from time before Folan popped up with the winner, but that just made the defeat a little harder to take.

Division 2 - Matchday 4

Hartlepool United 1 - Steven Istead (13)

Plymouth Argyle 1 - Peter Weaterson (58)

A lucky draw for Hartlepool, although they had the majority of the play in the first half. Steven Istead netting his second of the season. However, once Peter Weatherson equalised for Argyle 13 minutes into the second half, Hartlepool had to withstand heavy amounts of pressure to come out of this one with a draw. A good result.

Division 2 - Matchday 5

QPR 4 - Danny Shíttu (12), Damian Spencer (41), Kevin McLeod (54, 73)

Hartlepool United 1 - Martin Rowlands (og 61)

Ahem. The less said about this the better. Completely outclassed, and had to rely on them to get us on the scoresheet. Not good.

Division 2 - Matchday 6

Hartlepool United 1 - Eifion Williams (25)

Barnsley 3 - Brian O'Callaghan (1), Tony Gallimore (75), Stephen Carson (78)

Another defeat for Pool, this time to Barnsley, who were always the better side on the day and deserved to win the match.

Division 2 - Matchday 7

Stockport County 4 - Aaron Wilbraham (44, 60), Rob Jones (58), Marc Goodfellow (90)

Hartlepool United 4 - Adam Boyd (18, 22, 45), Ryan McCann (55)


4-1 up after 55 minutes and cruising against ten men. Should be an easy win, no? Exactly. 2 goals in 3 minutes, then an injury time equaliser left Michael Lee seething at his players, and Hartlepool had snatched a draw from the jaws of victory.

Division 2 - Matchday 8

Hartlepool United 0

Notts County 3 - Paul Heffernan (13), Simon Baldry (70), Jon Ostembor (90)

Aha. Ahahahaha. No.

League Cup - 1st and 2nd rounds to follow

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Hartlepool United's League Cup Extravaganza

LIVE and EXCLUSIVE from Victoria Park, Hartlepool

It's the League Cup 1st Round match between


Key Highlights and Reaction

First Half

4 - Matty Robson throws the ball into play from the right, Richard Lee punches clear and Gavin Strachan has a volley just wide for Hartlepool.

10 - Anthony McNamee puts Heidar Helgusson through, who lays the ball off for Danny Webber to shoot, and Jim Provett turns it wide.

11 - From the resulting Paulo Vernazza corner, Marcue Gayle heads Watford into an early lead. Hartlepool 0 - 1 Watford.

14 - Matty Robson plays a long ball down the left to Richie Humphreys. Humphreys plays a low ball to Mark Tinkler on the left edge of the Watford area, who has a shot just over the bar.

38 - Neal Ardley throws the ball into play from the right, finding the feet of Heidar Helgusson. He finds Danny Webber just outside the 6 yard box, who scores with a right footed volley low past Provett. Hartlepool 0 - 2 Watford.

40 - Gavin Strachan lays the ball off to Robson, who finds Humphreys down the left. Humphreys centers it for Paul Robinson, who has a smart left-footed drive well saved by Richard Lee in the Watford goal.

41 - Gavin Mahon puts a shot well wide following a long ball from the Watford defence.

Half time score - Hartlepool United 0 - 2 Watford

We'll be back in a moment with the second half

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Second Half

47 - Strachan plays a long ball forward which Eifion Williams manages to keep in play on the goal-line. He crosses for Istead, who has a shot well saved by Lee.

49 - Matty Robson plays it long to Humphreys on the left once more, who passes first time to Paul Robinson in the penalty area. Robinson crosses for Eifion Williams to head home from the 6 yard line. Hartlepool 1 - 2 Watford.

51 - Mahon plays through Helgusson, who squares to Webber 25 yards from goal with only the goalkeeper to beat. However, under pressure from the defence, he skies his shot.

54 - Istead challengs McNamee on half-way and wins the ball. He plays it square to Robinson, who passes back to Istead, now on the right wing. Steven Istead cuts into the penalty area, and angles a low drive across the keeper and into the bottom corner of the net. Hartlepool United 2 - 2 Watford.

59 - Robson on half way passes forward to Humphreys in acres of space again. Humphreys controls well, gets into the penalty area, and puts across a beautiful cross which Eifion Williams head home for his second of the game. Hartlepool United 3 - 2 Watford.

60 - Substitution by Watford. Paulo Vernazza is replaced by Paul Devlin.

61 - Chris Westwood hits forward a free-kick for Hartlepool, which again finds Humphreys unmarked down the left. Humphreys gets to the byline, and puts in a cross to Robsinson. Paul Robinson turns his man, and fires into the net for Hartlepool's fourth goal in 12 minutes. Hartlepool United 4 - 2 Watford.

71 - McNamee plays Danny Webber through, but after being forced wide and challenged, McNamee puts the ball over.

72 - Watford make another substitution. Heidar Helgusson goes off, to be replaced by Bruce Dyer.

80 - Richie Humphreys swings over a corner from the left hand side, which Steven Istead nods in from the near post. Hartlepool United 5 - 2 Watford.

82 - Paul Devlin puts a cross in from the right, which Anthony McNamee has a shot from, but Provett saves well.

85 - Mahon plays it forward for Webber again, but once more the young striker puts the shot over the bar when a goal looked more likely.

90 - Istead wins the battle in the air for the ball, and nods it forward to Eifion Williams. Williams plays in Paul Robsinson, who puts the ball in, only for the goal to be disallowed for offside.

92 - Steven Istead picks up the ball on the right wing, and runs down the line with it. He swings a cross over which eludes everyone in the box and falls to Humphreys at the back post, who turns, knocks it in for Paul Robinson to get his second of the game and Hartlepool's sixth. Hartlepool United 6 - 2 Watford.

94 - Referee Barry Knight blows for full time.

Absolutely AWESOME. We ran them ragged, and the goals were well worked and we fully deserved to go through. 6 goals in the second half - I couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif out of 5 on the Thuppometer. icon_biggrin.gif

League Cup 2nd Round

Wigan Athletic 4 - Chris Brandon (3, 39), Nathan Ellington (9), Jason de Vos (71)

Hartlepool United 0

Blah. After the euphoria of round one, we go out a bit weakly here, outclassed everywhere. Unfortunate, but we can concentrate on our poor league form now.

Next - Can Hartlepool pick up in the league, or are they destined for a relegation struggle? Find out here!

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With just under a month left before the premiership kick off, Aston Villa's fans were left shocked when it was revealed David O'Leary had been sacked after he was found guilty of match fixing.Villa quickly appointed unknown manager Fran Cochrane, who vowed to sort the club out and bring back the respect it deserved.

After assesing his squad the new manager dipped into the tranfer market looking to streghten.

With little money to spend Cochrane brought in 3 new faces, David Bellion on loan, Jan Kristiansen for 1.5M and unknown Romanian center half Radoi who he hopes will make a good patnership with mellberg in the center of defence.

In his first league game of the season in charge Cochrane won 2-1 against Liverpool with vassell grabbing both goals and a m.o.m display.

Next up was southampton, the score ended 1-1 in slow game with little chances.

Villa lost two of their next 3 games going down 1-0 to man utd, drawing 0-0 against spurs and losing 2-0 to fulham with Ronny Johnson recieveing red early on.

Things got better in thier next game with a 3-0 win away to Leicesterwith radoi grabbing his first goal.

With the league cup next Villa hosted Swansea where the home side won 1-0 in a game that could have gone either way

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god luck guys, sadly i dont think i can join you lot as i missed thursday and the seasons too far underway now. good luck with it though and hopefully brighton will still do well!

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Some rules have changed and been updated on clan website aswell as all the other pages. Also if you havent submitted a manager profile yet then please do. Members who havent submitted a profile are listed below:

ali el morssy

paul curtis

haska teruji

and stephen madill

please send me them over msn as a text file, thank you

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ChampHolic:

ok mate thats kool and joakim (is fast) is now back in the clan to make it 14 members again<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

What is Joakim exactly fast at? icon_biggrin.gif

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Cardiff City Update

Here is a brief update of City's progress so far. I missed a lot of the last session and so the Asst Manager must take credit for our rise to the top of division 1 (although i appointed him).

So far...........

Burnley (H) 3-1

Hull (A) 2-1 League Cup 1st Rnd

Wimbledon (A) 0-3

Preston (H) 2-1

Crewe (A) 3-1

Wigan (H) 2-1

W.B.A (A) 1-2

Reading (A) 2-0

Tottenham (H) 1-1 Cardiff win on Penalties League C 2nd Round

C.Palace (H) 1-0

Ipswich (H) 1-0

Coventry (A) 0-2

Sunderland (H) 0-0

Some good results there but also some dissappointing ones. Although losing to some of the "better" teams in Division 1, i see Cardiff as one of these top teams and so still should be getting results away from home against these teams. So some positives and also some negatives to take from the session.

With regards to transfers, so far -

Players In :

Sam Parkin From Swindon £375k

Jonathan Tuffey from Coventry £130k

Robbie Stockdale from Middlesborough £400k

Mike Duff from Cheltenham £500k

Isaac Osbourne from Coventry £475k

Players Out:

Gavin Gordon sold to Darlington for £240k

Im happy with players brought in but to mount a serious challenge i think i definately need 3 or 4 more players to increase the squad as already injuries have deprived me of Gabbidon and Earnie for last 2 games. Fingers crossed some wheeling and dealing can be done soon.

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Manchester united today appointed an uknown manager in Matthew Besant to lead the club to future success,

Although the young genius is only a laughable age of 13.Manchester United say that he was the best free agent in the world,and that in 5-6 years there will be no-one better.

Manchester United fans are shocked at the cheek of the bored to appoint this uknown manager,but the recent signings have gone some way to re assuring them .

Manchester United are currently not doing too well despite siiting 2nd of the league,but mattehw besants pre-season expectation was to be top of premiership but there still is a long way to go in this title race he says. he also says he will report back on thursday to explain in more depth how things are goin.

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middlesbrough appoint murphy

maclaren rumoured to to be wanting to return to coaching

after the resignation of steve maclaren who has decided to focus on becoming the worlds best coach, boro today unvieled simon murphy as there manager

keith lamb the boro chief executive stated 'murphy has been given a remit of reduing our horrendous wage bill, and freshening up the team with youth. at the same time i expect us to be finishing in the top half'

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boro boss murphy looking forward to the challenge

after his surprise appointment, simon murphy explained his reasons for taking the job and his strange transfer policies

'how could i refuse, the finest team in the north east are a team craving success, from the best training facilities in europe to the supporters and the fantastic chairman, this club is desperate for success, and i am the man to provide it'

i have taken on board keith lambs comments and i fully appreciate the need to liven up the team especially up front, and to replace our aging defenders

over the coming weeks i will achieve this and you will be the first to know

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Lee in big trouble after being accused of neglecting managerial duties

Pools boss in hot-water over allegations

Hartlepool United boss Michael Lee sensationally left first team duties to assistant manager Martin Scott while he went on a holiday. Responding to these allegations, Lee said:

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I had the full permission of my Chairman to go on a short break to recover from a very serious medical condition. Now will you all leave me alone? I have a team to manage and some annoying french monkeys to hang.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hartlepool United 2 - Gavin Strachan (40), Paul Robinson (89)

Wrexham 0

Rushden 5 - Onandi Lowe (3), Rodney Jack (38, 54), Gary Mills (72), Adny Edwards (74)

Hartlepool 0


Hartlepool 3 - Eifion Williams (53, 80, 90)

Oldham 0

Brighton 1 - Leon Knight (23)

Hartlepool 0

Vans Trophy North Round 1

Morecame 1 - Stewart Drummond (82)

Hartlepool 4 - Mark Tinkler (5), Eifion Williams (25, 72), Steven Istead (37)

Hartlepool 2 - Gavin Strachan (26), Paul Robinson (63)

Luton 0

So those were the matches Martin Scott took charge of. Some fairly decent results, not least 3-0 over Oldham. Very kinky.

Wycombe 2 - Gavin Holligan (65), Keith Ryan (85)

Hartlepool 4 - Eifion Williams (5), Richie Humphreys (11), Paul Robinson (46, 89)

A good game for Hartlepool, who within a minute of the restart had suyrged into a 3-0 lead away from home. Wycombe did cause a little bit of panic in the last 5 minutes, but Robinson put the points in the bag. Good result.

Hartlepool 2 - Chris Westwood (13, 55)

Tranmere 0

Two goals from the unlikeliest of sources gave Hartlepool a good 2-0 win over fancied Tranmere. Central defender Chris Westwood opened his account for the season with two clinical headers. Very good result.

FA Cup First Round

Hartlepool 1 - Paul Robinson (15)

QPR 2 - Paul Hayes (38), Kevin McLeod (56)

Thought we had this one in the bag when we took the lead, but wasn't to be. Unlucky loss against a decent side. Not too bad a result.

Vans Trophy North Round 2

Hartlepool 0

Notts County 1 - Mark Stallard (43)

A match we should never have lost. Never performed at all. Crap result.

Brentford 3 - Eddie Hutchinson (10), John Piercy (27), Peter Thorne (79)

Hartlepool 0

The less said about this the better. Absolutely terrible result.

Next : Will Pools boss Lee get to hang his monkey? Find out next week, only in : "Monkey Hanger Weekly"

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New formation proves to be the gift to success

Plymouth are currently in 5th place after some good form of late leaving Plymouth unbeaten in 7 games in the league. However manager Lee Owens has now sorted the problem out and his team are now using a new custom formation that is working real well so far. Here is a list of all of Plymouths current game results that were played in the Thursday session.

Plymouth 2-1 Blackpool

After the formation change Plymouth started off really well against 2nd placed team Blackpool at the time. This win however knocked blackpool down a bit and plymouth movd up. Most of the best chances came from plymouth. Weatherson managed to score a decent volley early in the 1st half. Weatherson's great pass led to the 2nd goal which was scored by marino keith.

Colchester 3-3 Plymouth

This game was near enough an evenly matched game but had plymouth buried more of their chances they would of won. Colchester took the early lead and were up until about the 20th minute where keith scored. Keith then scored a 2nd moments later and weatherson got a penalty late on to get a point from this game.

Plymouth 3-0 Port Vale

This was an amazing display by the whole of the plymouth squad and showed what they really were capable of. Beresford scored a good goal early in the game from a tight angle. Weatherson then made it 2-0 then keith scored yet another to make it 3-0.

Chesterfield 0-2 Plymouth

This was a game Plymouth really needed to win and they managed to do it but it wasnt an easy game. Chesterfield started off the game real strong and it took quite a while before Plymouth could open the scoring. Weatherson with the first. later on in the game weatherson grabbed a 2nd and made manager Lee Owens a very happy man.

Plymouth 3-1 Grimsby

Coming into this game Plymouth were on great form and wasnt expecting to lose to grimsby in relegation. Plymouth were on fire in the first half and worrell got his head on the ball off a corner to put plymouth ahead. Keith then added to that 1 to make it 2 by scoring a nice volley. McGlinchey then got the last just before grimsby got a consolation goal right at the end.

Wrexham 1-3 Plymouth

Plymouth's good away form continued in this game and an amazing hat trick from marino keith gave plymouth another 3 points that they needed. Plymouth had near enough all the possesion in this one sided game and it ended in plymouth's favour.

Barnsley 5-5 Plymouth

This game was a very exciting match and is one of the highest scores i have seen in quite some time. The game started badly by barnsley scoring right at the start. Barnsley then added another goal to make it 2-0 to them. the game was already looking very disappointing until marino keith opened the scoring for them. Weatherson then scored to make it 2-2 and keith scored again to give plymouth a chance of getting a point. Barnsley then took the lead again but the lead didnt last long as keith made it 3-3. Paulinho then hit one in off a freekick but then barnsley scored again. At this point it was a very exciting game and it didnt look like even more goals were gonna be scored. Until plymouth scored another one (keith getting his 2nd hat trick in 2 games). It was at this point looking as if Plymouth were finally gonna win the game but barnsley scored another and the game ended 5-5.

After the recent form of plymouth and manager Lee Owens' new formation and player instructions used the season is looking up for plymouth and if they can continue on like this they could be playing division 1 football next season. Lee Owens also recieved manager of the month for this team change and keith recieved player of the month for all the goals he has scored to help get plymouth into this position.

Stay tuned for more great reports in the thread of results

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Rushden & Diamonds today confermed that Rookie

Banach was taking control of Rushden & diamonds.

My first Game in charge of Rusden was a success 2 minutes into my career as boss Rodney Jack fired Rusden in front, another 2 minutes later the veteran kitson put Rusden 2-0 up a great start for Banach Jack put a third in just before the break.

2nd half rusden still sharp, Lowe fired from 20 yard in the back of the Brentford Net 4-0 and 5mins from time Jack wrapped up the present for my 1st win a manager, and what a win it was.


Shef Wednesday Vrs Rusden & Diamonds

Not as convincing as against Brentford but Rusden still got the job done, a penalty and a free kick gave rusden 3 points..

A late conselation goal for Wednesday, the only misery for rusden


Luton vrs Rusden & Diamonds

Rushden fired in a quick opener 10minutes in, In the FA Cup 2nd round.

But John Daly equalised for Luton just after the break but Rodney Jack gave Rushden the win 5 minutes from the end

FA CUP FT Luton 1 - 2 Rushden & Diamonds

Peterbourgh Vrs RUSHDEN & DIAMONDS

A great performance by Rushden to keep there 100% league record under Banach 2 goals from Lowe and 2 from Jack secured the 3 points for Rusden

Good Performance by Rusden Just 4 points away from colchester (leaders)



Rusden allways knew this would be a tricky fixture, and when lee miller put bristol city ahead 4minutes in Banach knew he had his work cut out chance after chance went begging from Porarinsson(on loan from spurs) and Lowe. Disapointing way to end Banachs 100% record

FT Bristol City 1 - 0 RUSHDEN & DIAMONDS


Boring Match until last 10 minutes, Jack scored on 82nd minute and then mooney equalised on 90 for swindon.



Rushden's sticky match continued with yet another home draw.

FT RUSHDEN 0 - 0 Bournemouth

FA CUP 3rnd Colchester vrs RUHDEN

Burgess put rushden in front and with 2 late goal from the league leaders colchester advanced to the 4th round

FT Colchester 2 - 1 RUSHDEN

RUSHDEN VRS Colchester

2nd match in a wekk 4 the 2 sides this was in the league.

rushden clearly the better side in this match and the score showed it.


This Left Rushden 3rd with 23 games gone 5 points behind Blackpool and 8 points behind colchester.

I have brought in 4 players on loan, until the end of the season

Foley Sheridan ( liverpool)

Porarinsson ( Spurs)

Murphy (middlesbourgh)

A few hard fixtures coming up




all after each other!!!

Thanx 4 reading!!


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just thought i'd let all members know because one member quit the other day because of family problems and because simon riding has been kicked from our clan we now have 2 new members starting on sunday. Igor kavalar who is another member from croatia who is being blackburn and nick page who is being west ham united

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until my pictures become available again i will however not be able to post the updated league tables on this our clan thread. However this is still the official team report thread so dont forget to post your team reports icon_smile.gif

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boro struggle to live up to expectation

after a mass clear out of players simon murphy was taken ill and the assistant took charge for 10 games, in this spell boro went from safe mid table to 2nd bottom gaining only 3 points in that period.

with confidence at an all time low in the squad, the only thing was for murphy to return to the helm and recruit a couple of more experienced players to help the undobted talent available to him (although the loss of juninho for 6 months was devastating to the club)

luckily murphy's return coincided with the transfer window and players with the stature of kasey wehrman were added to the team.

eight games futher on and boro now look a lot more secure, climbing out of the bottom three and reaching the 5th round of the fa cup (although defeats in the last 2 games away to portsmouth and birmingham have kept them closer to the drop zone than is comfortable)

on the pitch, oskarsson continues to delight scoring the majority of boros goals and being one of the higher rated players in the division, hopefully the signing of olisadebe (on a bosman in the summer) will take some of the pressure of this talented young scandinavians shoulders

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