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Set-piece help?

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Hello everyone,

hope you've been enjoying the new FM so far! I was just wondering if anyone had found any good ways of defending and scoring from set pieces? I've found a tactic that works well for me so far but I've struggled with making the best use of my attacking set pieces and have found defending corners particularly really difficult. I've just left them on default for now but if anyone had any ideas that seemed to work quite well for them so far I'd be all ears :) 

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When it comes to attacking corners, having your tallest CB attack near post and crossing it to him seems to work wonders. Probably a bit of an exploit though, since I've seen people posting screenshots of their CBs scoring 15+ goals a season that way. Personally, I leave delivery to Mixed.

As for defending them, I only make sure I have my CBs covering near and far post respectively. Those seem to be the most dangerous areas and they're not addressed in default routines.

I leave free-kicks on default, as there's just way too many different routines to stay on top of and I simply can't be bothered. I never found them to be too much of a problem anyway, corners seem to be more important. Signing a good free-kick taker is definitely worth it though.

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