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The Triple DP Ballon d'Or Challenge


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Warning this might be to weird to be even considred a Challlenge to some it might not be funny or even durable what do I know had never made a Challenge before just some weird idéa that I wanted to share should anyone feel up to trying out some thing alternative to the ussual you most win this and that challenges who seems to dominate, the Forums so anyway got an Idéa and here it is.

This  can to some degree be Combined with other Challenges or simply be a goal within the normal game and might be a good Idéa as it main goal only are transfer based and may take along time to complete.

Never ever had any football Club (as fare as I Know ) had 3 former Ballon d'Or or Fifa world Footballer of the year , winners playing for theme in an official match

(edit: in the same official match that is )

A few had been kind of close  Real Madrid with Kopa and Di Stéfano  in the 50´s  and Dynamo Kiyv with Blokhin and Belanov in the 80´s had 2 but this Challenge 

is Primarily inspired by what happened on a entire different continent  the USA´s NASL had in the 70's two teams who came kind of close to forfilling the target of this Challenge,  The New York Cosmos. :Pelé played his last game for the Cosmos the same year as Beckenbauer was signed and only one year after a certain  Johan Cruyff played a few unoficial trial matches for  the team.  But as Pelé sadly never won any of the rewards we are after in this challenge never played at the same time as Cruyff who by the way never played an official match or signed a contract with Cosmos it was only kind of close.

the other team.  Los Angeles Aztecs actually ended up signing Cruyff instead of him joining Cosmos and the all ready had George Best on their rooster at the time

(he left the same year), but for a short time they had 2 former Ballon d'Or winners in theire team.

any way enough of me rambleling on to the Challenge:

it is quite simple you start with nothing but a dream of having a team containing the best of the best

so no exprience and no bagdes: your goal is to end up in the American MLS with 3 players in your 3 Designated Player Slots who are former Ballon d'Or winners

(named world Footballer of the year in fm )

the MLS is allmost as designed to this challenge with the DP slots made to atract the best player possible

you most buy all 3 of theme ,signing on a free transfer counts ( if you feel like going easy on yourself so does a loan in ) but they had to have allready won the reward as you buy theme in (non of the former mentioned players won the reward playing in the USA, in fact no one ever had )

they players can have won the rewards before your game starts in real life or win the reward in game but you most have 3 of theme (placed in the 3 dp slots)

and they most all play in the same official match for your club before the challenge is completed.

at the start of the game the following players that are still active counts Cristiano Ronaldo,Lionel Messi , Luka Modrić, Robert Lewandowski

if you want to make it harder / have a time limit you can rule that at least  one of the original 4 that have won the trophy irl most be among the 3 players you sign and field in the team so when all of theme have retired you have lost the challenge (purely optional but if you want a time limited challenge / save here is the option )

Remember it dos not matter if the player is any good any more just if he had at some point won the Award.

you could sign a 46 y.o Messi who can´t hardly move any more should he choose not to retire before it is all about the prestige in having those household names that have been recognised as the best footballer of the world. and those making the ultimate use of your 3 dp slots (or maybe not from a purely competive point of view ) by filling theme with those star players that MLS are so grazy about.

As an alternative:

it can ofcourse if you really want to be done in another country I just feel the Mls an the US. is just right for this paticulare Challenge

You can also rule that players theire win the trophy while at your club count as well , and you can start with whatever exprience and badge and at whatever club you want

I just fear it may be to easy if you do this with a big european club and allow players that win the trophy in your club. and or start in a big club with lots of rep an education  but it might not be they case, and it is only your own game and enjoyment (or lack theire of ) theire is on they line so do as you find best.

Anyway let me know what you think is it even posible (I have personally never done it right now it is just an idéa will ofcourse try should I ever end up in the Mls from the unemployed starting point with no badges ) 

does it qualify as a Challenge

anyway if anyone end up trying let me know if you sucseed or comes close.


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