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10 games in and 1 goal conceded

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Hi all,

So I have started a Rochdale save on FM22 and we were predicted to finish 16th in league 2. I have decided to play a 433(2dm) system pressing tactic which focuses on bursting runs from deep and crosses to a big man in the middle. However we are literally winning every game. I have conceded one goal in the league in 10 games and that was a penalty. I am feeling like I am doing something game breaking and I feel like I am cheating the game in someway and making me not want to play, I have only 3 scorers which are my IF my SV and PF. I am playing Kyle Hudlin at ST and with his aerial ability it may be game breaking at this level as he is only 1 and a half star current at this level. This doesn't explain the lack of XG against me as I would not describe this as a defensive system even though we have 2 in the DM position.

My Tactic is





W(A)   IF(S)


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Excellent tactic for underdogs, hitting teams at the break.

Enjoy while it last!

At some point the teams will park the bus against You and you will have to evolve your tactic to win without that much space. Wait for Jan / Feb to find out.

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I do not want to brag I have played this game for years and been incredibly average usually selecting a tactic online. But I wondered whether this tactic was something in which other users had found worked and why it was so comfortable winning. Rochdale are recently relegated so I suppose they would be aiming for high-up in league 2 I have just never had everything go right when I have just made a tactic up myself. Having a 6'9 striker with 20 jumping reach might also be a factor as I am aware heading is quite good this year.

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