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FMM 2022 - really disappointing

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After looking forward to this version with its new features and the better transfer market etc, I can't help but feel underwhelmed and really disappointed

I have purchased every fmm since the very first one and generally they have improved with every installment. and never felt disappointed with any except this version.

Example, I love the fact it's streamlined to be played fast but still would like it to be fairly realistic.

I start as unknown manager, no coaching badge etc, and manage Dundalk in Ireland, after 1 season, win league and League cup. 

Season 2 my rep is continental and I get offered the west ham job with 80mil budget. 

That just simply would not happen at all, if any job offers, it would be a league 2 club or equivalent, and no way should my rep be continental as manager.

The transfer market is just ridiculous, the new feature where A I clubs buying younger players has been massively overdone, - Liverpool, Chelsea , Man city buying multiple 2 star rated players for £30+ mil. (Yes I know some transfers happen in real life where clubs over pay for bang average players - but not at the rate it happens in football manager mobile)

Lots of details have been missed out, like Barcelona having a large transfer budget etc. When they have massive money troubles 

Typical match engine behaviour, all predictable, boring. Seems barley any improvements


Overall, just a disappointment, and think this will be the last one I buy. I apologize to the Devs if I come across rude, not my intention.


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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated and no issue at all with it.

I'll look into reputation progression when at a smaller club, there is a balance to be found in this sort of thing and we might be a tad 'over-easy' with it at present (in the last few issues quite a few people had complained they couldn't step up from smaller clubs so perhaps we've gone too far the other way).

With regards to AI club's buying young players - I'd argue that many large clubs snap up youngsters on the off-chance, although if they are paying 30m+ then that is a tad excessive (so I'll check that, but I don't think it's 'that' common at those levels).

Barcelona's transfer budget is reduced the first season - however as in real-life they can make transfers and offer competitive salaries despite their financial issues, especially if they sell a few players.

Anyway thanks for the feedback, as indicated not a problem at all - I actually appreciate people complaining as it helps me know where to tune and focus improvements :)

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Thanks for the response mark 

Hopefully in the future an update could rectify some of this, if not then maybe for next year's version.

I didn't mean to come across over critical, just normally really enjoy the mobile version, always have, i think in part I may of expected too much from this version when I heard about the announced new features and improvements. 


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