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Qualifying best lower league teams from one cup to another.


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I am trying to set a cup with this format:

Round 1 256 All 2nd tier teams (32 teams) all 3rd tier teams (96) and best teams from 4th tier divisions (all together 128 teams)
Round 2 128  
Round 3 64  
Round 4 32  
Round 5 32 Top tier teams enter (16 teams)
Round 6 16  
Round 7 8  
Round 8 4  
Round 9 2



Now, there's another cup that should get the two teams from the 3rd tier or lower that went the furthest in this cup, played just before round 9 of this cup. Any idea which set of stages, fates and/or hidden stages I can do to make this work. My first try was with an hidden stage getting the results from the cup to see which teams were the top ones but a league stage with over 200 teams just crashes my FM, even if the editor validates it.


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