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Need help to tweak Spain fm 21 tactic by Boroboy to work in fm 22

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Hi! I really like Spanish style of play, and really loved to watch them dominate every match in Euro. I loved this tactic in fm 21 but it doesn't work in fm 22. Can someone help to tweak this tactic to somehow work?obraz_2021-12-13_183158.thumb.png.641edba35c8b78ef2ce37ecc14ea8e94.pngobraz_2021-12-13_183210.thumb.png.b54ca20c5807ac38a89bee32f3656588.pngobraz_2021-12-13_183220.thumb.png.a6439ff5e7b170520384b6814c488daf.pngobraz_2021-12-13_183220.thumb.png.a6439ff5e7b170520384b6814c488daf.pngobraz_2021-12-13_183229.thumb.png.edda2e1ddce01dcf671572f193413940.pngobraz_2021-12-13_183235.thumb.png.0274eee08b3c9fc0b9c0460e5e067a8d.png


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12 minutes ago, crusadertsar said:

If it's a downloaded tactic then you should ask this in that part of the forum. Not here. And maybe would be even better if you asked the original creator of the tactic.

I tried but isn't responding for over a month. :(

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What is your main problem? Conceding or scoring?

I would really strip down instructions to only what you really need. A few thing just right off the bat:

  • Your team is playing with a lot of fluidity already due to that many support duties. Do you really need to Be More Expressive?
  • With 3 defend and no attack duty players your team is shifting quite into a more defensive style than a positive mentality would usually imply. I would remove the HB and use a Support Duty player in DM instead and make one of those Wingers or a Central midfielder an attack duty. That would at least create some more balance.
  • You use Much Shorter Passing in a 4-1-2-3. I dont think its necessary to use play out of defense. Passing directness is alreay very low and with 6 Players utilizing the defensive third (GK, both FB's and CB as well as the DM) i will usually have numerical superiority to play out of defence by default. Also players on a positive mentality wont be clearing the ball that often anyway.
  • I would have one of your central midfielders better utilize the half space to open up space and not have them get into their way. Maybe use a Mezzala here if possible. Preferably on the RCM position so the Fullback can cover for his aggressive movement.

I would say thats a starting point. From there on you can make further decisions. Also remember that just playing sideways against deep sitting teams will often lead to nothing. if you remember german national team under jogi low in the last few years. They were really struggeling from time to time to create anything simplay because there was no directness in their play.

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