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Identity crisis

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Hello all, 

I am wondering, whether I would be able to find some advice here. 

In a nutshell, I am currently in my fourth season in Croatia trying to challenge Dinamo Zagreb for the title with Hajduk Split. Overall, I am playing a 4-3-3 with two inverted wingers on both sides as well as a pressing forward, all of them on attack duties. My midfield consists of a BBM and a Mezzala with support duties and one Half Back and in the back I play a line of four with support/defend duties depending on the opposition. 

I have though the feeling that the AI is catching up with my system. What concerns me most is the fact that I am underperforming my xG by around nine goals. I have played 20 games and scored only 24 goals. I am wondering, whether there is any advice in actually shake things up. Defensively, I look strong only conceded eight goals so far (xG here: 11). Would that indicate that I should overall more attack or would it mean I have been unlucky at the front and lucky in the back ? 

I have tinkered around with the mentality and I have tinkered around with the tempo and distance of my passes, but I am struggling to score the football. 

Any ideas on how to overcome such a crisis ? Any ideas on what would be stats I should also pay attention ? 


Thanks, Michael. 

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Maybe post a screenshot of your tactic, so people can have a look.

If you are looking to increase the pressure, you might switch one additional defend duty player to a support or even an attack duty. to either increase the fluidity of your squad or an overall more attacking structure

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