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Traits- Ignore them or be dictated by them?

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This is one I’m confused with, for example at City KDB attributes are well suited to MEZ or attacking roles, the game also puts MEZ as his best role, BUT his player trait ‘comes deep to the ball’ conflicts with this, so I usually play him as DLP but then his ‘shoot less often’ trait is annoying aa he has great long shots and finishing!

So my question is..

A) Ignore traits and go with attributes even if they conflict?

B) Pick a role based on traits so they don’t conflict, when if this means not maximising there attributes

Thanks in advance 


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I take it case by case. Some traits completely ruin a players role playing abilities (ie ‘dwells on ball’ means that player shouldnt under any circumstance be given a ball-magnet role) while others help to compliment them (‘dictates tempo’ = great playmaker, ‘curls ball’=set piece specialist). I would never play a holding midfielder with a “gets into opposition area” trait or similarly I will always try and get the ball to a player with good vision who ‘tries long range passes.’ 

Sometimes traits can be preferable to attributes for a particular role. ‘Comes deep to get the ball’ makes for a great link-up player, whether he be a forward or a midfielder like KDB. Same with ‘curls ball’ as previously mentioned. 

But to answer your questions, I think the higher a players skill-level the better they can deal with player roles that conflict with their traits, so KDB can better sort out his role vs his traits compared to a semi-pro. 

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Thank Kepz, and good points well made, see all 3 tactics I feel are pretty solid (ignore Rodri in no10 it’s Dybala) and tactic 3 he’s DLP/S)

But this year I’m REALLY struggling, compared to FM21 where I was Liverpool and went unbeaten for the 1st time in any FM (I’ve played since CM days) 


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To be fair though does it really matter when he's that good? I mean is it affecting the outcome of your games? I doubt it is. If you had this issue with the best player at the club and no others came clsoe then yeah it'd be annoying but in that line up you've got there I don't think it'd make much difference

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I never take too much care over the traits and never had a problem with it. For example, Pogba has a dwells on ball trait and he still performs like a beast in a playmaker role, so the notion that he should never be given a ball magnet role because of his trait is nonsense.

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