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Need tips for improving barcelona tiki-taka tactic

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this is my first time creating a tactic so i am not sure if i got something that conflicts with each other or just doesn't balance out well but what i was trying to make is a high possession tactic that controls the game and plays nice and brings all players into play similar to what u expect from barcelona 4-3-3 classic formation


so far 6th in the league with 17th points from 10 games and i am averaging 68% possession but some games i am really lacking goals or specifically goals on target and i am not sure if its because aguero and depay were injured or its a tactic problem?


i posted a picture below of my tactic, on all positions I have personal instructions "pass it shorter", "shoot less often", "tackle harder", "mark tighter". 


any suggestions?





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2 hours ago, fc.cadoni said:

- Remove "Pass Into Space"
- Remove "Be More Expressive"
- Remove "Take Fewer Risks" if you have in Player Instructions (PI)
- I will increase the Tempo

ok i will try removing pass into space and expressive, i do not have take fewer risks on anyone


how much tempo should i do? i just put it down the middle and it says "slightly lower" on tempo

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You have a very attacking system with too many instructions, i think you have to make the tactic more balanced. I see 5 players attacking roles and 3 playmakers, i think that is overkill and you should make it more simple.

Start asking questions about ypur players attributes, their roles and how do you want to play.

Why do you need 3 PM roles in the same spot? Why do you want 2 BPD looking for long switches of play when you have a PM defensive midfielder that wants to get involved in the build up?

As you answer questions in your head you start to see what is important to tell the players to do and how can their "autonomy" as players help you get to your desired style of play without having to force them to do so many things.

I personally with this team would play like this


On possession, Play out of Defense, Work Ball into Box. //(Play with Tempo/Be more expressive depending in what you see in your games)

In Transition: Distribute to CenterBacks //(Counter-Press is good, but against really good teams that can beat the press it can leave you really in a bad shape, use it against lesser opponents and try how does it change your team against stronger ones)

Out of Possession: Higher line of engagement, Higher defensive line, prevent short GK //(You can use more trigger pressing, but i think Positive mentaility + higher lines will be enough for the pressing without wanting too much from a squad that doesn't have the legs to run 90 minutes, but you can still try it) 







Your players are good and intelligent enough to make good decisions without you having to give them so many instructions. 

And from there, i would see how its playing out and adjust based on a couple of games and if you make important signings. 

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