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Weighing importance of attributes for roles, team instruction and player instructions

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Hi guys, I have found myself in a small bit of a conundrum.

When I normally scout new players for my team I go off key (green) and preferable (blue) attributes for specific roles. E.g. Lets say key attributes are worth 4 more than I think preferable attributes are worth. So If I was looking for an advanced forward I would look for 12 minimum in key attributes and 8 in the others. But now I have begun to include attributes that benefit the team instructions and also the individual player instructions. What I'm trying to figure out is how much those attributes are worth in comparison to key attributes. I'm going to assume key attributes are the most important, but how much less are team/player/preferable attributes worth in your opinions?

If you want a visual indicator of what I'm trying to say here it is:


Green background = Key attribute

Blue background = Preferable attribute

Yellow text = Attribute required by team instruction

Pink border = Attribute required by player instruction 


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I think you are overthinking it. Ideally we all want players with 20 in all, but as they don't exist we want players that play at their best in the roles we want to develop them into.

The more specific you go into this, the less and more expensive players you will find.

So all depends in how big is your checkbook and team reputation of your save, with how specific you want to be.

I go for green > blue numbers > player instructions, normally TIs are linked to roles and player selection falls again in the green / blue numbers.

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In this table you can see the attribute weighting for each position according to Pre-Game Editor.

From the manual as well:

Some attributes have a higher ‘weighting’ towards a player’s overall ability as they are fundamentally important to succeeding in any position. The majority of Physical attributes, as well as Anticipation, Decisions and Positioning are the most heavily rated for any position, while each position carries appropriate weightings for attributes crucial to performing to a high standard in that area of the pitch. The ‘Highlight Key Attributes’ button on a player’s profile offers an insight into what each of these attributes are per position.


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1 hour ago, WannabePulis said:

Don't let other people discourage you! I've seen lots of interesting stuff about this and you can absolutely identify some key attributes for specific actions. Let me see if I can find any articles about it later

We’re not trying to discourage him, just making the point that the game isn’t as scientific as that. A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to break the code of the game when there really isn’t one.

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I agree with @WannabePulis.  The game is as scientific, or non-scientific, as you want it to be and the game is based upon combining and comparing numbers to determine outcomes.  And in real life, teams have become very scientific about it.  It's your fun.  Ignore people who for some reason are annoyed that you want to play the game differently from the way they want to.

Your method is interesting.  For each league, I do figure out what I think is the general minimum attribute level for key attributes -- for example, now managing SB L2, for each position/role's key attributes, I generally want around '12' for physicals and some mentals but '11' is ok for most technicals and other mentals -- but I've not thought about exactly how much lower non-key attributes can go.

My off-the-cuff reaction:  I think that for the attributes which you've already stressed (green/blue), you don't need to go much higher, and maybe no higher, but I'd keep track of related attributes.  For example, if you go higher tempo, counter-press, higher LOE, more urgent pressing, etc, I'd be more aware of stamina and natural fitness than whether a player has that extra oomph on aggression, acceleration, etc. 

For the attributes which are not green/blue, I'd would require a bit more depending upon the instruction.  I would not have a player 'tackle harder' who has weak tackle/pos/ant.  I would not let a CD with low-ish acceleration/anticipation get further forward or bring the ball out of defense, etc.

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