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Difference between Regista and Roaming Playmaker?

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Could someone explain where the differences between the Regista and the Roaming Playmaker roles from the DMC position are? I do understand that both roles are supposed to be your main creator from deep and both are supposed to be free-roaming around the pitch to find space to influence play (which is the difference between these 2 roles and a DLP, who is more static in the deep centre of midfield).

REG and RPM seem very similar to me. Where are the differences between these 2 roles?

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vor 42 Minuten schrieb Hilly1979:

Have a look at the role descriptions and compare them, also look at the different instructions that come with them

Already did that before posting the question. According to the descriptions they should (in theory) play quite different: The RPM is basically described as a box-to-box playmaker, while the REG is described as a 'more aggressive version of the DLP'. Looking at their instructions, I found out both are completely identical (RPM and REG both have 'Roam from Position' and 'Take More Risks' hardcoded, nothing else).

I've tested my tactic with the DMC in both roles and just didn't find any major differences (data was also almost identical in a lot of categories). My initial thought was that the RPM was a bit more middle-of-the-field based, north-south-running and the REG would have more freedom to drift to wider areas as well. But that doesn't seem to be the case in-game. Thus my question: Where do these roles differ?

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