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Inaccurate club and head-to head historic records

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As part of the research for the game every year, is it possible you can add richer club history?

Two scenarios come to mind: 

1) The main club history page. It'd be useful to have accurate real-life stats for the records on there rather than the records just starting when the save game starts. For example, in the game I'm playing, Sergio Aguero has Barcelona's record for most goals in a season with 11. Similarly their highest league win is a 3-0. 

2) History of derby head-to-heads. Spurs have played Arsenal 204 times in the past but an in-game news item I saw recently said that they had only had 6 historic meetings. That sort of discrepancy really bugs me. 

All this data is available on the Internet (I just checked Wikipedia), so should be fairly straightforward for each club researcher to obtain. 

I just feel if the data isn't accurate, it's kinda not worth having in the game. 

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