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Can not find teams


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I'm currently creating a world league. When trying to verify I get the following error message:

"Need a minimum and a maximum of 80 teams when organising teams in Superliga 6 - found 77 teams."

Superliga 6 has 4 sub-divisions with each 20 teams. Still while verifying 3 teams can not be found.

Any idea what I should look for in order to identify the teams that pose a problem?

I added the fmf-file in case anyone wants to have a look.

Superleague 22 v13.fmf

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I was able to verify the data file after reverting back to basic rules. When loading the editor data into the game I saw that the following three teams were greyed out:

- Austin FC
- Inter Miami
- MacArthur FC

While holidaying the game there didn't seem to be an issue though. These teams were in their respective leagues, had all their players and fixtures were generated. However I want to edit some advanced rules for the world league, hence I need to be able to verify the leagues in the advanced editor.

These are all relatively new teams. I thought maybe there was an issue with dates and changed their year founded to 2010, but that didn't help. Anyone has any other obvious ideas? If not I'll just replace these teams with others although I would really like to see how far Inter Miami can go if I give them a sizeable budget. 

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