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Hitting my head against a brick wall with my 4312

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Hi, I'm currently managing in the Vanarama South and I'm playing a 4312. I'm predicted to finish 2nd on the season preview pane however I'm currently lying in 14th. Can somebody offer some advice on why I'm struggling with this tactic thanks.


Occasionally I change settings depending on if I don't think things are going well and on the quality of the opposition for eg. regrouping and countering against teams I think are superior to mine.

The MCL and MCR have close down more and tackle harder to help protect our flanks and my AM has roam from position to help play build up from the flanks. I face a lot of cautious teams from what I can gather so sometimes I attempt to camp in their area by adding shorter passing, higher tempo, work ball into box, up the line of engagement and counter press, change pressing forward to DLFs and change AMs to SSa but still the majority of matches I really struggle to create CCC from open play. After 21 games I've scored 16 and conceded 15, whilst I'm happy conceding so few my team just does not create and finish enough chances.

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Just had a quick look @Kuchiki

Just a few pointers to consider:

- Playing wider will really stretch your team, Positive adds a certain degree of width already. 

- The Wingback will add more width (stay wider PI), I'd maybe just have him as a FB(A)

- The lower LOE isn't really needed, I'd either remove that or the higher DL, I'd be more inclined to remove the lower LOE out of the two  

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You have a lot of players attacking the box and not enough width on your right side. I'd consider making your BBM a more conservative role like a Cariello or CMsu and make the FBsu a WBsu. This should give your team more varied penetration on the left and more width on the right.

You should also consider switching up the two striker roles. They essentially do the same things.  Maybe like a poacher or a TFat or a DLFat or something. Just to add more variety. 

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