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Problems with Player Ratings

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Seems to be a huge problem on this game where It's not possible to get over 7 rating for most of your players no matter how they actually do? In my first season I finished second in the table, only my wingsback and cf managed to get over 7. Even despite my cf scoring 20 in 26 games, he got a 7.10. I looked around in my league, and only 2 of the top 8 teams managed to get a cb over a 7 rating, with one of the cbs scoring 8 goals and assisting 6, which is why he has it. So my second year in I'm having more trouble than the first, but I can't figure out who's at fault because the ratings are so inconsistent and bad in this game. There have been matches I've played against the top teams, conceded 1 goal and my cb's get a 6.0 rating, which is ****ing crazy you'd assume they would have shat the bed for a rating like that. I think there was a game I didn't concede any goals, and both cb's got a 6.2. And again this season, only my wingbacks and cf has an above 7 rating.  Cf ofc has 24 goals in 31 games and only has a 7.05. I have a cm with 8 goals and 8 assists in 36 and gets a 6.9 for it. A winger of mine has 5 goals and 7 assists in 30, 6.65 average rating for that. I checked their stats to see what my cb's are doing wrong. Most of them have a 100% pass completion, 100% tackle rate, and at max 1 mistake leading to goals. 


So instead of asking if they're going to sort this out (cause they obviously aren't or they woulda done it already), how are we supposed to now judge if someone is doing well when they stats are all looking good, but they get terrible ratings?

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7 means plays above expectations and doing well. 6.5 is ok. 6.8 is average. 6.2 is time for sub.

Also, let's take an example of AMR which deliver the ball from set piece to the head of center back and score. Your AMR will be rated high, but it is possible to not perform well across the entire match.

Another example, if a center back do a bad tackle at the start of the match; will be rated low and from that point will be difficult to start play well (know he did a mistake).

So, player rating takes a huge amount of factors. Take it with a "pinch of salt". 

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