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Possibility to create custom substitution rules


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I am working on the Iron Curtain mod for FM22 which is a 1988 re-imagination.

The 1988 sub rules can't be done as the game has no 2 from 5 sub rules. If the 2 from <number> rules could be added, that would be awesome for me obviously, but it wouldn't work for others.

So can a custom substitution rule added where you can add

  • Number of players subbed on
  • Number of possible subs
  • Max allowable subs (similar to the max 5 subs from 3 sub moments)
  • Moment of sub, 1st half, 2nd half, extra time
  • Amount of foreign/EU/etc players subbed in
  • Setting specifics around which players are foreign (for instance based on regions or nations) is another request if I am correct.

I know it's niche, but please consider it ;)

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