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Bug in swap deals

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Hi guys, this is my first thread so I hope I will not do so much errors.

I would like to report a bug, that I have experienced 3/4 times.

Both in a career with Inter Milan and Galatasaray I tried to send players on loan in swap deals (in order to save money) but even if the player accept the place and I get the player from the other team, my player doesn’t go to the other team. This happened when I tried to send Marcao to Porto in my inter career and also with Gunok to Fener and other player to Borussia Dortmund.

So both in national swap deals and international swap deals. I play FM on my Mac, while in Inter career I had 5 leagues available, in Galatasaray one only Superligue (even if the database is quite the same)

So it happens only sometimes and not so often, after it happens sometimes I can find in transfer history that there was this swap deal, (with Marcao for example the loan to Porto was present even if the player stayed), while with Gunok it isn’t present even if when I tried to send him to an affiliate the screen reported that he already accepted an offer of loan from another team and I also could not add him in any other swap.

I hope that it was clear and that this could be helpful

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