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4-4-2 with 2 DMs

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I've been looking to play a flat 4-4-2 on FM for a few versions now but always struggled with getting the balance of my midfield right. They all would run forward on counter attacks and leave gaps in front of the defence etc.

I started to play a defensive midfield (defend) and Segundo Volante (support), this coupled with player traits and a couple of player instructions gives me a much better balance in transitional phases. 

I have protection 'in the hole' in front of my defence and my Segundo Volante will also get in the box to support attacks. 

I also instruct my inverted winger and wide playmaker to sit narrower, set my team to never mark the fullbacks or wingbacks but always press them. That means the centre of the pitch always has 4 midfielders to close down the opposition. The ball goes out to the full backs then the trigger press kicks in and the team pushes across to the full back. I don't have screen grabs just now but I'll put them up for everyone to see.

My team are flying in the first season and are averaging 4 goals per game.IMG-20220302-WA0010.thumb.jpeg.3c33571e430d9be8f9f20cc029b3b4b9.jpeg


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Transitions are good. Going forward on a counter, I have a front 4 (my strikers and wide men) and my Volante sometimes joins in.

When I lose the ball, i have my 2 centre backs and DMs. I can sometimes get caught out down the sides but that's a consequence of the way I want to play with wide men tucking in and full backs overlapping high up the pitch.

My pressing forward comes back into midfield to press and help out. I have a balanced mentality and flexible fluidity so the gap from my defence to forwards is usually quite small. 

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i would personally be swapping your DMs over. my expectation from the image would be that the SV and IW are moving into the same space. meanwhile the right-central space on the right is largely vacant.

With the DM-D in there opens up the option to tell the WB on that side to push on. WB-S still gets pretty advanced as is, but you have an avenue there if needed.

The only other alternative if you find your gap between midfield and attack is too large, is perhaps the PF to a deeper role (F9?) to help the link.

you're scoring 4 a game though on avg, so its obviously working. i guess the quality of opposition needs to be considered when looking for potential weaknesses? nice build tho :thup:

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What is happening is my IW is pushing up in line with my 2 strikers and my WP comes inside creating 3 centre midfielders. My WBs create the width when they push forward. 

Ive always got at least 3 players in the box/making forward runs for a cross or through ball.

Im playing in Scotland so I'm always going to be on top of most teams so 4 goals AVG is probably still a wee bit more than expected but my results in Europe are still quite good. I got into the champs league and finished 3rd in my group. Beat Dinamo Zagreb 5-0 in the first knockout round in the Europa, just beat Napoli 1 nil at home with the 2nd leg to come. 

Im only 3 points clear at the top of the league but I play Celtic at Ibrox in a couple of games before the league splits. 

I just managed to sign Onguene on a bosman for next season from Salzburg. Debating whether to sign Bazoer on a bosman aswell and he is interested. 

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Is it possible to untick overloap instruction? 

I never use this instructions cause i never know if it efficient or not. 

And with wingbacks on line up, I think they do the job to provide width naturally. 

And maybe it will increase the speed of your offensive transition. 

Is it possible to show how it working in game? But not with your phone... Not enough good quality.

Cause your idea would deserve more attention. 

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