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[FM21] struggling to improve Finishing attribute

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hi i have a side in the English Championship. started in VNL and worked our way up. its our 3rd season in the championship. 

my issue is with my strikers IF's they seem to score really nice goals in one match then disappear for 4-5 matches when they cannot score open goals or keep hitting the bar. even the games they don't score they have high XG  i understand why because they don't have very high finishing 10-12mostly. my problem is whatever training programme or individual training i use they never improve this att. even while everything else keeps improving.

my coach is 4.5 star in attacking tec. and workload light to average. there is another 4 star coach also working on att tec. attacking tac is also 4 star. i have resorted to having one chance conversion slot 4 days of the week to see any improvements but have not seen any yet.

please point me to any advice already on here. i'm sure its been covered before

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