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FM22 - Leeds - Excellent until new update, now dismal.

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Hi all. I have a Leeds save that is going pretty well. 4 seasons in, with some pretty respectable Premier League finishes (), an FA cup runner up, a league cup and heading into the EC2 cup final at the end of the season. All was great, until the latest update when something changed and my tactic went to pot (in the league at least).

I was in-game around the end of Feb when the update came, and then I started with a couple of draws but then I started losing to teams I really should have beaten, as well as being trounced by teams I'd expect to lose to. The attached screenshot shows my current tactic, which admittedly has been tamed a little in the second half of the season to attempt to get some semblance of defensive structure. Previously, the left CM was a BBM and the AM was a SS. The LB was also a IWB(S) but now that I've got a DLP(S) they were occupying similar spaces so I've put them back out as a FB(S). In terms of style, I want to play high energy, fun attacking football. I don't mind conceding as long as I score more.

Datahub wise, I've gone from lots of possession, great tackling and clinical shooting, to pretty much the opposite. Watching the games, my strikers appear to be missing a ridiculous amount, and I seem to concede a lot from the opposition just playing the ball around in my box. I'm not really being torn apart with clinical counterattacks or anything.

My last two games have resulted in conceding 11 goals (admittedly against invincible-elect Liverpool and 4th place Arsenal) and I'd like to stop the rot before I get into the EC2 cup final, and I have one game against Man U (against who I have lost every game) to get the ship back on track. I'm willing to take any suggestions!




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Well, after losing 3:0 to United in the last game of the season, admittedly resting a lot of my 1st teamers, I tweaked my tactic a little for the final. Sutalo is not great at FB as he has poor crossing, and is much better suited to the IWB role I originally bought him for. This freed up JWP to be more attacking, so I thought I'd experiment with him as a Mezz. James is awful at finishing and whilst I appreciated him getting into some good positions, I was fed up with him missing sitters, so I thought I'd bring him inside as a IW(S) instead, freeing up some space and taking markers away from where I hoped JWP was going to run into. I switched my RWB to S from A for a bit more defensive stability, so I switched my right IF to A instead of S to keep some threat on that side (particularly with the LW now on support).

Played the final and trounced Hoffenheim 4:0. Very happy. 

Now, whether the tweaks were valid, or whether my EC2 form carried me through (which was always pretty good anyway), we'll find out after the summer break.


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I think the second tactic might provide a bit more variety but it's diffiult to see the real issues without match screens. The Premier League is so difficult so that will always play a big part. I mean there are constantly 6-7 teams that are better than you and makes it harder to gain momentum. 

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