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Contract offer bug?

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Hey all,

I'm trying to sign two CB. One is on trial (25 yr old Iranian), the other (25 yr old Central African) was, it ended and immediately got an offer from another club. 100% knowledge on both. Both are asking for regular starter contracts, 1 year (Jan-Jan). For some reason my Board will allow me to offer up to $190k p/a to the one the trial, but will only allow me to offer $38K p/a for the one not on trial. I am just over my wage budget (about -20K).


Any reason for this board discrepancy??

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Have you already made the offer for the first one at 190k p/a? If so, then the next one will have a much lower limit, since you're already over your budget.

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Nothing has been offered. All contracts are just in negotiations and don't have any offers on the table for anyone else. Been running tests with different players and it's always the same; players on trial I can offer $190k but players not on trial I can only offer $38k.

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