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Dynamics of the Champions leagues

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Are the different Champions leagues dynamic, so that in theory the Asian or the libertadores could develop to be the biggest competition in the world in terms of prize money and reputation?

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I'm pretty sure they're not. Leagues are dynamic based on coefficient rankings in the Champions Leagues, that effectively means that leagues from other continents can't really ever catch up to the reputation of European leagues due to their continental competitions having much lower reputations. I don't see where continental competitions would get a dynamic rep from either, they obviously can't base it on the leagues since the leagues are based on them, the club world cup is the only real possibility since it's the only club competition that includes teams from the whole world, but there aren't any rankings or anything for the countries/continents that appear in it.

Plus, even if their reputations were dynamic enough to catch/exceed Europe, prize money seems to be based on a % increase. The % is low enough that other competitions won't match the current top ones even if they exceed their reputation. That's true in Europe as well as outside it. eg. the Scottish Premiership will most likely never beat the German Bundesliga in revenue even if it consistently beats it in European competition rankings. It would take an absolutely massive collapse from Germany (like they'd need to be ranked 20th-30th, or lower, in the UEFA coefficients) for Scotland to even get close to them even if Scotland had been #1 for decades. So countries outside of Europe catching up... it's just not going to happen.


That said... if you were to adjust the reputations of the other continental competitions and the starting prize money of certain leagues using the pre-game editor, them catching up, or even surpassing, the top European leagues could be possible. I spent a fair bit of time adding African leagues and trying to balance them so they could be competitive. In some of my early tests they were a bit too competitive and I believe the Ethiopian league ended up as one of the wealthiest in the world. But yeah, it definitely requires a bump up from the default values to do that.

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